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Our guide to event space rental in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is definitely a dynamic, fast-growing metropolitan area that retains its southern charm. It’s a popular filming location and we can see why: its walkable neighborhoods boast many historic buildings and iconic locations, while numerous urban parks make the city bloom with lush greenery.

With a booming economy, Atlanta is one of the best places in the country to do business. Its shiny skyscrapers house the headquarters of major companies and offer sleek and modern meeting spaces. But it’s not all serious matters, Atlanta definitely knows how to have fun, too! Get ready to discover an abundance of fantastic restaurants, lively bars and other venues that will make your occasion one for the books.

Thinking about hosting an event in Atlanta? Here’s why that’s a fantastic choice.

Rich in diversity

Atlanta is a very diverse and eclectic place. The city is closely associated with the Civil Rights movement and is the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. Apart from being a multicultural metropolis, Atlanta is also referred to as the “Gay Capital of the South,” and is home to a large and vibrant LGBT community.

Amazing food scene

With such a rich diversity comes a plethora of phenomenal dining spots and bars. Atlanta is home to creative chefs and their award-winning restaurants. There’s something for everyone: from elegant eateries perfect for formal dinners and special occasions to casual spots ideal for parties and laid-back gatherings. When it comes to beverages, the choice is just as broad – there are fancy wine bars, cocktail lounges and breweries with amazing craft beer. And the best part, dining in the city is relatively affordable! An average dinner for two in a neighborhood bar will cost you around $45, total.

Great for outdoor events

Many people enjoy Atlanta for its subtropical climate. The area’s mild weather makes it perfect for organizing all kinds of outdoor events. Whether you want to have a dinner party at a restaurant patio, book a lush garden for your wedding reception or enjoy some drinks at a rooftop bar, the city offers plenty of choices. And if you’d rather have a picnic, there’s also an abundance of public parks and green spaces! Just remember that summers around here get very hot and humid, so make sure your chosen location offers a little bit of shade or, better yet, an air-conditioned space to take refuge in.

Served by one of the largest airports in the world

The award-winning Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ranks as the world’s busiest airport, offering nonstop US and international flights. The airport is connected to the city by MARTA’s Gold and Red rail lines – transit to Downtown Atlanta takes around 24 minutes. This makes it super convenient if you’re expecting guests from different cities or countries to show up for your event.

Fabulous nightlife

The city’s nicknamed Hotlanta for a reason! Okay, yes, this refers to the area’s incredibly hot summers, but trust us when we say that Atlanta is also one of the hottest places for nightlife and entertainment! For starters, the music scene is absolutely fantastic. So, if you enjoy partying to the accompaniment of live music or maybe you’re in a band and looking for the perfect space for your next gig, you’ll be stunned by the city’s selection of concert venues, such as the legendary Tabernacle in Downtown Atlanta or The Basement in the Eastside.

Want to go out for drinks? You’re about to be spoiled! There’s everything – breweries with beer gardens and patios in the Westside, rooftop bars with sweeping views of the downtown skyline, trendy cocktail lounges in Midtown, and so much more! And if you’re itching to get onto the dance floor, the city offers an abundance of nightclubs where you can show off your moves.

Great cultural offerings

Atlanta is also known for its rich arts and culture scene. From a broad variety of museums, such as the High Museum of Art or Atlanta History Center, to colorful street art that adorns many of the city’s neighborhoods, there are plenty of inspiring places to discover. There are converted lofts and warehouses that are home to some of Atlanta’s most prominent galleries.

Renowned theaters such as the Alliance Theatre or the Fox Theatre entertain locals and visitors with Broadway performances, comedy shows and concerts. Music events also take place at famous venues such as the Variety Playhouse or the City Winery.

If you’re an artist looking for a space of your own, there are plenty of neighborhoods that boast a creative vibe and are ready to make you feel right at home. And with such a broad cultural offer, you’re not about to run out of ideas and inspiration anytime soon!

Access to nature

Another of Atlanta’s nicknames is a “city in the forest” or “tree haven.” For a large metropolis, it is, in fact, a surprisingly leafy place. The lush tree canopy is a lifesaver during hot summer months, helps to filter out pollutants and is another reason why Atlanta is an awesome location for outdoor events!

The city boasts many public parks, such as Midtown’s Piedmont Park or Downtown’s Centennial Olympic Park, host a variety of festivals, offer great picnic spots and are great for other types of alfresco happenings. Nature lovers can also escape the city’s hustle and bustle in one of the nearby forests or the green areas surrounding the famous Stone Mountain or the Chattahoochee River.

Where can I find great event spaces in Atlanta?

If you’re planning an event in a big city such as Atlanta, it’s a good idea to narrow your search for the perfect venue to a specific neighborhood. Unsure which part of the city best suits your occasion? Check out our brief guide to Atlanta’s five main areas and their highlights.

Downtown Atlanta

Welcome to the city’s beating heart, always buzzing with activity. There’s a little bit of everything – sophisticated restaurants, world-class art institutions, industrial lofts, and so much more! Whether you’re planning a business meeting, preparing a theatrical performance or throwing a laid-back dinner party, you’ll surely find what you need in this part of Atlanta.

  • Castleberry Hill – Formerly an industrial area, now the neighborhood boasts a smart and stylish vibe. A popular filming location, it has been featured in major film and TV productions, such as The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games or Driving Miss Daisy. This is also where you’ll find spacious lofts and independent art galleries. And if you’re into eclectic cuisine, there’s an abundance of restaurants ready to take you to foodie heaven.
  • Fairlie-Poplar District – A business and entertainment area, featuring historic buildings, vibrant murals, studios and small performing art venues. Whether you’re into theater, dance or music, you’re bound to find your spot in this part of town. The district’s tree-lined streets are also dotted with casual eateries.

Midtown Atlanta

A popular destination for young professionals and creatives, the Midtown area is often referred to as the Heart of the Arts. The Midtown Arts District is home to countless galleries, theaters and museums, including institutions such as the Woodruff Arts Center or the Fox Theater. Many historic buildings adorn its very walkable streets. The area boasts some of the best gay bars in the city and many restaurants with charming patios for outdoor celebrations.

Apart from the vibrant cultural and culinary scenes, Midtown is also one of the city’s commercial business districts. The famous Midtown Mile (Peachtree Street) is lined with high rises that house the headquarters of many influential companies, as well as offices and meeting spaces.


Midtown’s fancier neighbor, Buckhead is one of Atlanta’s most affluent areas, and is sometimes referred to as the Beverly Hills of the South. Stylish and elegant, it is a hotspot for fine dining, culture and entertainment. There’s everything: from casual spots to iconic restaurants, hotel bars and rooftop lounges with sweeping views. It is also the city’s third largest commercial district.

But it’s much more than trendy dining spots and boutique hotels. Unlike Beverly Hills, Buckhead has some of the best nightlife in town! After sundown, all of its dive bars, nightclubs and cocktail lounges come to life and fill with crowds of party-goers.

Eastside Atlanta

If you’re after hip and eclectic vibes, Eastside Atlanta is your go-to. This is where you’ll find some of the city’s coolest neighborhoods, filled with vibrant street art and fun hangout spots.

  • East Atlanta Village – A hip and trendy neighborhood with a quirky spirit. Its pedestrian-friendly streets boast diverse and eclectic eateries, funky cocktail bars and cute cafes. The area is also home to prominent live music venues such as The Basement.
  • Old Fourth Ward – or O4W – is a trendy area that’s constantly developing and growing in popularity. Formerly an industrial neighborhood, now it’s filled with converted warehouses. The whole area is very walkable and bikeable. The famous Ponce City Market offers international cuisine, while the Irwin Street Market is a great place to try artisan food.
  • Little Five Points – While the areas described above are considered to be hip and cool, this one is the heart of Atlanta’s hipster scene. It is dotted with vegan restaurants, burger joints, coffee shops and dive bars. Home to the iconic Variety Playhouse located in a 1940s cinema, the neighborhood is also a great destination for live music events.
  • Grant Park – One of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Grant Park is filled with Victorian mansions, Craftsman bungalows and historic monuments. Although the area is best known for its large namesake park, it also boasts amazing neighborhood bars and restaurants on almost every corner.
  • Virginia-Highland – Located close to Midtown and Downtown, VaHi is one of Atlanta’s most desirable neighborhoods. It is known as a hub of art, dining and nightlife. By day, crowds gather in local restaurants, patios and quirky cafes. When the sun goes down, the area’s vibrant bars and other night spots come alive.
  • Sweet Auburn – A historic African-American district centered around Auburn Avenue, closely related to the Civil Rights movement. This is where Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up and worked. Apart from historic sites and museums, there’s also an array of hip bars and restaurants on Edgewood Avenue, while Sweet Auburn Curb Market is known for artisan food.
  • Kirkwood – A diverse area with a small-town feel, located just minutes from Downtown. Kirkwood is home to a vibrant art scene centered around the Pratt-Pullman Yard, which also boasts some great restaurants. The neighborhood is easily accessible from interstate highways I-20 and I-75/I-85, close to the airport and right on the MARTA east rail line.

Westside Atlanta

Historically an industrial area, Westside is now a chic and luxurious neighborhood. Modern office spaces, fantastic restaurants and cultural institutions – all of that, and more, is waiting to be explored!

  • Atlantic Station – An upscale area best known for its namesake open-air shopping mall. But there’s much more to it than retail stores! The mall is filled with fabulous bars and restaurants, and there’s also a boutique hotel.
  • West Midtown – Buzzing, artsy and leafy, the neighborhood is home to the High Museum of Art and large Piedmont Park. Once a predominantly industrial area, now West Midtown offers a plethora of experiences. Its dining scene is flourishing, and there’s an abundance of art galleries and live music venues. The area’s past is reflected in its converted factories, lofts and warehouses, which now house a variety of new developments, such as The Goat Farm Arts Center.

Pro tip: While looking for a specific location for your event in Atlanta, keep in mind that it’s difficult to get around the city without a car and the traffic can get extreme, especially in the core areas of Downtown, Midtown and Buckhead. You may want to consider public transit links or the Beltline.

Want to dig even deeper? Have a look at these frequently asked questions:

How do I choose the perfect Atlanta event venue?

Here are some key things to consider before booking an event space in Atlanta.

  • Type of event – First of all, what kind of event are you planning? Is it formal or casual? Who are your guests? This is one of the main aspects determining what sort of space will be the perfect fit.
  • Budget – Next, settle on your budget. Remember that it has to cover space rental, catering, and any extra fees that may come up, for example equipment rental, party supplies, parking, etc.
  • Number of guests – How many people are you expecting to show up at your event? Knowing the estimated number of guests will help you pick the perfect-sized venue.
  • Catering – Most events include some sort of catering, whether in the form of a three-course dinner or an open buffet with light refreshments. Many Atlanta venues offer on-site catering, but if you’d rather bring your own food, make sure your chosen space allows external catering.
  • Ambiance – Last but not least, book a space whose ambiance matches the mood of your event. Pay attention to details such as design, decor or lighting. Perhaps you’d like to set the mood with your favorite playlist? If so, check whether the venue has proper equipment and allows you to play your own music.

How much does it cost to rent an event space in Atlanta?

Prices will vary depending on the type and size of your event. Renting a space for a private party in Atlanta will cost you around $50 to $625 per hour. If you’re planning a wedding, expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $73,000 per day. If you’re looking for affordable options, try to find a venue that charges per person. For example, there are many restaurants in Atlanta with affordable packages that cost around $20 to $50 per person.

Can I rent a loft event space in Atlanta?

Yes! Atlanta is filled with spacious lofts that work great for large-scale events. You’ll find the majority of them in the formerly industrial areas of the city, such as Castleberry Hill, West Midtown or Old Fourth Ward. These neighborhoods boast old factories and warehouses that were converted into modern venues with art studios, galleries, top restaurants, and other fabulous event spaces.

Which areas of Atlanta have the best nightlife?

If you’re looking for a place to let loose and party into the morning hours, Atlanta won’t let you down. The city’s best destinations for nightlife include Buckhead, with its dive bars and bustling clubs, the historically industrial Westside that now boasts chic party venues and rooftop lounges or Virginia-Highland, one of Atlanta’s most desirable and coolest neighborhoods, filled with unique bars and restaurants. Edgewood Avenue, stretching from Five Points to Old Fourth Ward, is another prominent location with an abundance of nightlife spots. And, of course, we have to mention the buzzing and eclectic areas of Downtown and Midtown, which have their fair share of bars and clubs.

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