Small Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Small Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Top Small Venues in Los Angeles, CA

People love socializing and celebrating even the smallest wins - especially in Los Angeles, where some kind of a party is happening all the time. This is why it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of small, cozy venues available for rent in the whole City of Angels. Whether you are planning to host a small gathering with your closest friends, an intimate art exhibition, a masterclass or a glam soiree, you will find a great space for your event with Tagvenue. No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered! Browse through our listings and check out the small venues we have to offer!

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Small Venues Rental Guide

A tiny bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to making sure your party is the best it could be. And one of the biggest factors of each successful event is the setting. Obviously Los Angeles and its spectacular views ensure an unforgettable experience, but so do the city’s fantastic venues. We have searched high and low to find not so big spaces around the LA region, from Long Beach all the way to Northridge, as well as areas from Santa Monica’s coastline to Pasadena in the east. Now you have a chance to discover a variety of options in the location that is closest to you. And in case you’re still wondering what kind of venue would work the best for your event, have a look at our short run-down of spaces that Los Angeles has the most of. 


What kind of small venues can I find in LA?

  • Bars - If there is one thing Los Angeles is full of, it’s bars! Cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks, water or anything else you fancy will taste so much better when drunk with sweeping views of the vibrant Downtown LA or while staring at the sunset over the Pacific. The special ambience that comes with a spectacular setting enhances the mood, a conversation, and is generally a cherry on top of a nice evening out. If you wish to party with your closest crowd in privacy, you could either rent the whole bar or a private lounge. 
  • Cafes - If you’re looking for a cozy spot for a coffee date with friends or a family-friendly place that is perfect for parent-child outings, you don’t have to look further. LA is home to so many cafes that it will be difficult to make up your mind about your preferences and choose just one place. Themed cafes are great spots for birthday parties for either kids, teenagers or even adults obsessed with something. There are also plenty of indie spots you can find off the beaten track with high-quality beverages and finger-licking goodies. And in case you want somewhere classic and chic, you won’t be disappointed with LA’s selection either.  
  • Restaurants - The local food and drink scene in LA will not disappoint even the most particular person. In fact, you will be able to taste food from any corner of the world, doesn’t matter what your preferences are. But the culinary aspect is as important as the setting you are going for: think carefully whether you prefer somewhere elegant, laid-back, tropical or industrial. Los Angeles has a restaurant in every possible style. You can either book a few tables to celebrate with your friends and family, but if you really wish to have lots of privacy, you will have no problem renting a private room at your favourite restaurant. 
  • Speakeasies -  These started as secret spots for suspicious characters during the Prohibition era, but speakeasies have never been as popular as they are now. What makes them stand out from other bars?  It’s one important feature - they are hidden in plain sight. Something that a lot of people like in speakeasies is exactly that extra effort and the quest it takes to find the place! It’s fascinating and exciting, and once you’ve found the place, it’s quite rewarding. But speakeasies are known not only for their hard-to-find location. At such bars you will be able to find highly-qualified bartenders serving the most spectacular drinks - those visible in the menu, as well as the newest mixes. If that's not enough, be prepared to be blown away by the unique decor that is characteristic for speakeasies - it will take you back to Prohibition-era days. 
  • Art galleries - The vibrant scene of the City of Angels is home to plenty of art galleries. Not many people realise how versatile these spaces are and how many kinds of small events you can host there. Whether you are organizing a product launch for special guests, an intimate art exhibition, a workshop or a unique birthday party for the creative soul, you should do it in one of the art galleries in Los Angeles. What’s more, you don’t have to worry too much about the decorations as the art pieces can create one-of-a-kind decor.   


Once you’ve made up your mind about the type of venue, there are quite a few more things that you should take care of before the event. Everybody has a budget - some bigger, and some smaller - so remember to figure this out before making a booking. Write down a guest list to have an idea how big of a place you should rent for your intimate gathering. The venue’s location is as important as the place itself. When renting a small spot for your event, make sure it is easily accessible for all of the guests. The moment you have all of that established, you can start looking for the place and book your favourite. What else should be determined before the date? The menu, the decorations (if you wish to have any), any extra entertainment and, most importantly, the invitations should be sent out appropriately early. If you have all of those things ticked off on your to-do list, there is one more to do: have fun when the day comes!

FAQs about Small Venues in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a small venue in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles offers a plethora of fantastic venues where you can throw small events of all kinds. Renting the space can cost anywhere from $75 up to $200 per hour depending on the kind of venue and its location. Some places charge per person with prices ranging from $30 to $78. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas/regions around Los Angeles have the best venues for small events?

Small venues for all kinds of events are found all around the City of Angels. Downtown LA is full of restaurants for intimate dinners, art galleries perfect for throwing unique parties and beer gardens for hanging out with friends. Northeast of downtown is Pasadena, with its wide selection of venues for all types of events: birthdays, anniversaries, product launches, or simply gatherings with family and friends. In Hollywood, as well as in West Hollywood, you can discover intimate spots that offer a perfect setting for your event and will mesmerize your guests. Fabulous Beverly Hills is home to high-end restaurants, chic cafes and eclectic bars. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants along Long Beach, all offering fantastic service and an out-of-this-world experience.

What are some of the most popular venues in Los Angeles for a small event?

A small venue doesn’t equal an unsuccessful event. We’ve put together a short list of the best spots for intimate parties in LA:

  • Alley Lounge LA - This speakeasy bar/lounge creates a great setting for any intimate celebration. So gather 25 of your closest friends and spend an amazing time together with fantastic cocktails in hand at Culver City’s Alley Lounge.
  • El Coyote Cafe - Located in the heart of LA, on Beverly Boulevard, El Coyote Cafe is a great place for meetings, all kinds of events and even filming. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating closing a big deal or having a get-together with your closest friends, El Coyote is a great spot to have an unforgettable party and stay within your budget.

How far in advance should I rent a small venue in Los Angeles?

The rule is simple: the sooner, the better! Once you’ve made up your mind about the guest list, set the date and found the right venue, don’t hesitate and book it straight away. In the City of Angels you should start looking for a place at least 4 months in advance. It may seem like a lot of time but trust us - if you’re looking for a space to rent in a populous city like Los Angeles, there is no such thing as "too early".

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