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Our guide to event space rental in Austin, TX

Austin is full of surprises. It’s no wonder why its citizens are so proud of their city! With its population of nearly 1 million, Austin is a lively place with a warm and friendly vibe. It’s easy to get around and offers plenty of options for entertainment. The weather is great year-round, which means you can host outdoor events in almost any season. If you’re planning an event in Austin, here are three important points we’d like to make about the city:

It’s a great place to do business.

Austin is a hub of creativity and innovation. It is home to a burgeoning tech scene and some of the world’s most prestigious companies such as Dell, Google and 3M. Ranked as one of the best cities for business and careers, the capital of Texas is a great place to hold your next professional event. Whether you're looking for a small venue to host your company's holiday party, or a large space where you can host an annual gala or a business conference, there are plenty of spaces available: from prestigious hotels to modern convention centers, and even more options in between.

The food is out of this world.

Austin is a city that loves its food. From the famous restaurants of South Congress to the local favorites of East Austin, you will find plenty of places where you can host an amazing dining event. The city’s vibrant food scene keeps changing and evolving, which manifests itself in tons of unique restaurants, bars and cafés that make it a great destination for your next event. You can find everything from barbecue joints to Thai restaurants, Tex-Mex to sushi bars, and everything in between! The choices are endless and the quality is sky-high.

The city is a playground for anyone related to arts and culture.

Austin is a cultural hub and boasts a thriving arts scene that’s second to none. Its many museums, theaters, and art galleries attract visitors and artists from all over the world. The city is also well-known for its film festivals, so if you're hosting an event related to movies or film production, Austin is the place for you.

One thing that distinguishes Austin from other cities is its focus on music. With its reputation as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin boasts an unending supply of venues featuring live music performances every week. If you’re looking for the perfect space to host your own gig, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And if you’re planning a wedding or a party and want to secure the best entertainment for your guests, you won’t have trouble finding talented musicians who will help you take your event to the next level.

Which areas of Austin are the best for hosting events?

So you want to host an event in Austin and you’re looking for venues? It can be helpful if you try to narrow your search to a specific area. Here’s our rundown of the most popular neighborhoods for a private event in Austin.

  • Downtown is full of high-rise buildings, upscale hotels, and cultural landmarks such as the State Capitol building and the University of Texas. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and other venues ready to host your party, wedding, corporate event or anything else that you’re planning! The famous Sixth Street is an entertainment district with anything from rooftop bars to speakeasies. The Warehouse District is a hip area with trendy bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Rainey Street is one of the best spots to grab a meal or a couple of drinks, while Red River Street is where you’ll find the area’s best live music venues.
  • Central Austin is soaked in history and culture, and boasts many attractions. There are plenty of great museums in the Hyde Park and University of Texas areas. Anderson Lane, Burnet and North Loop are filled with amazing restaurants, and there is no shortage of bars and clubs. Whether you’re planning an elegant dinner party or a late-night celebration, this neighborhood is a fantastic choice.
  • North Austin is a thriving area with its own unique culture. This is where you’ll find some of the city’s top breweries and restaurants. North Lamar Boulevard is one of the main roads that run through North Austin with several eateries along its path that offer great food options for any budget. Rock Rose Avenue is the area’s entertainment zone with awesome bars and music venues, while Burnet Road is the place to find multicultural restaurants.
  • East Austin is known as one of the hippest neighborhoods in all of Texas thanks to its thriving arts scene and hipster vibe. This diverse and eclectic area offers many unique places, from traditional restaurants to some of the city’s coolest bars. So, if you're looking for a space with lots of character, East Austin can give you exactly what you need.
  • West Austin is the place to go if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city’s core areas. West Austin will create the perfect backdrop for your event with its lakes and hills (nature lovers will be in their element in the Westlake area). But besides all the greenery and postcard-worthy views, there are also music venues, restaurants, cocktail bars, and plenty more!
  • South Austin is home to some of the best restaurants, bars, breweries and music venues in all of Austin. This is where modernity mixes with an old-world vibe. The area also has plenty of parks and green spaces.
  • South Congress Avenue (SoCo) is South Austin's most popular strip and it’s bustling with activity all year long. SoCo is home to many restaurants and bars, making it a great place to host a dinner, cocktail party or happy hour event. The area also features live music venues and clubs where you can lose yourself in the beat as you dance the night away. Guests will enjoy being able to walk around this area without needing transportation between venues since everything is so close together.

Want to dig even deeper? Have a look at these frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to rent an event space in Austin?

It costs around $1000 on average to rent an event space in Austin. That's just the average, though – the real range is pretty huge. If you're looking for something cheap and cheerful, you can find spaces that rent for as little as $100 a day. If you're looking to host a big wedding or corporate event, though, you might need to shell out as much as $10000 per day (or more!).

Is there any way to reduce the cost of renting a space?

Of course, there are a few ways to cut the costs without sacrificing quality. First things first,  be flexible with dates! If you can't find anything within your preferred time frame, consider moving your event to another day of the week when rates are lower (for example, Monday through Thursday). Also, try to pick off-peak hours if possible. When you do this, you can usually get better deals on venue rental, as well as food and beverages. Ask about any discounts available before committing yourself to the final price quoted by the venue manager or owner – it certainly won’t hurt, and maybe you’ll be able to negotiate a lower rate.

What is the average capacity of event spaces in Austin?

Most event spaces in Austin will accommodate 50 guests or more. Large venues such as convention centers can easily house hundreds or thousands of attendees at once. If you’re planning a more intimate event, you’ll also find plenty of spaces that fit between 10-30 people. Use Tagvenue’s smart search engine to filter event spaces by capacity and find what you’re looking for, fast and easy!

What should I think about before renting an event space in Austin?

There are a few key factors you should always consider before renting any type of event space.

  • Type of event: What kind of event are you planning? A corporate event or a private party? Is it going to be formal or more laid-back? Look for a space with an ambiance that matches the vibe of your event.
  • Budget: What is your overall budget and how much can you spend on venue rental? Think of a number that you’re comfortable with, then narrow your search to spaces that fall within your price range.
  • Date: When are you planning to host your event? Are you set on a specific date or is there some room for flexibility? Remember to plan ahead, so you’ve got enough time to figure out all the details and secure the perfect space.
  • Number of guests: How many people are you expecting to show up at your event? Estimating the number of guests will help you pick a space that’s just the right size: big enough to fit everyone, but not so big that it looks empty and is unnecessarily expensive.
  • Location: Where in Austin would you like to host your event? When choosing a specific location, prioritize its accessibility. You don’t want your guests to get stuck in traffic, or have nowhere to park once they arrive.

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