Film Studios for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Film Studios for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Top Film Studios in Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking for a film studio to produce your own fantastic project? You couldn’t be in a better place! Los Angeles is the proud beating heart of the global film industry, and boasts numerous fantastic film studios for rent! No matter if you want to shoot a music video, a documentary, or pursue a personal/ academic film project,  you will find the perfect space to push your creativity to the limits. And on Tagvenue we are ready to help you find the best ones to suit your needs and your wallet. So grab your script and start writing your shooting schedule because you’ll be crafting your next masterpieces at one of LA’s best film studios in no time!

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Film Studios Rental Guide

Whether you’re taking your first steps in the film industry or you have been mastering your skills for a while, finding the right film studio is a must for creating those perfect shots that will reflect your vision. Luckily for you, Los Angeles is a treasury of fantastic film studios, with many terrific places dotted all over the city that you can discover on Tagvenue with just a few clicks! 

Each one of LA's main neighborhoods is rich in charm and offers an intriguing range of studios that will suit any of your needs. Hollywood is an easy choice and is rich in movie history with charming studios that are ready to help you bring your vision to life. And why not take a simple stroll around the Hollywood Walk of Fame on your way to discover a bit more inspiration to make your dreams come true. Neighboring Beverly Hills, with its upscale boutiques, fancy restaurants, and an array of the premier architecture, will make you feel like the main character of a movie. So why not head over there and discover the film studios hidden among its beautiful streets? You can also start your search in Downtown, LA’s most central neighborhood, a thrilling entertainment hub that invites you to hit the dance floor after a filmmaking session in one of the great studios located in Toy District, Arts District, or Little Tokyo. Also, don’t forget to check out Culver City on your way to the studios hidden in dreamlike Venice or Santa Monica. It’s home to MGM Studios as well as fantastic film studios for rent, tucked among vibrant eateries, clubs, and cocktail bars, all inspiring to get you in the mood and film one-of-a-kind movie scenes. 

Los Angeles is the perfect place to achieve your dreams of filmmaking. It would be a shame not to seize the opportunity and use one of the many studios scattered across the city in your quest to express your creative vision. So don’t linger any longer, make use of our smart filters to find the best film studio in LA and bring your dreams of becoming a filmmaker to life! 

Before you start your hunt for the perfect film studio rental, it is good to keep in mind a few key points that will make the experience of filmmaking as enjoyable and fun as possible. We’ve rounded a few important tips to share with you, so have a look and start making plans for your film shoot!  

What to keep in mind while searching for the perfect film studio

Goal - Would you like to rent a studio for the production process, post-production, or both? You need to decide this early in order to pick a studio that will offer the best equipment and surroundings for your needs. 

Budget - Overall, we recommend settling on a budget for renting a film studio space, as well as the cost of hiring equipment, props, costumes, etc. Don’t rush into making a booking and always thoroughly check what your first-choice studio has on offer, as it will save you from any additional costs that might lead you to cost overruns. To make things easier for yourself, take our search engine for a spin! You can choose to search for a studio according to the rental price, and you will be able to search among a short list of studios that meet your price range.     

Date - Set the dates and start your search as soon as possible to have the best studio options available. Also, think carefully whether you will need a day or a longer period of time for the creative process, as most studios stipulate that the rental starts and finishes at the agreed time.  

Location & Facilities - Pick a location that is easily accessible for all your crew and actors. We recommend searching for studios nearby popular train stations, such as Union Station, or metro lines (Pershing Square, MTA, Little Tokyo, etc.) and bus stops. Also, make sure to determine if the desired studio space is comfortable, and includes makeup stations and changing rooms. During longer filming sessions, you will probably take breaks, so it’s best to consider renting a location that has a dedicated area where your crew can catch their breath and have a snack. 

Equipment - Determine which equipment is essential for your filmmaking session. Generally, most film studios offer basic gear, such as artificial lighting, tripods, microphones, headphones, etc. Some will also offer a camera and lens rental, as well as computers with film-editing software. However, make sure to ask venue managers for a full list of equipment to plan your needs appropriately, as well as for any additional, equipment-related costs before signing the contract. 

Assistance - Will you need some assistance to guide you through the equipment use and the studio area? Make sure to ask whether there will be qualified personnel available during your rental session. 

FAQs about Film Studios in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a film studio in Los Angeles?

When renting a film studio in Los Angeles, expect to find options starting at $50 up to $100 per hour, but always ask managers about packages. Also, keep in mind that many studios rent their spaces for a minimum session of 2+ hours for daily rentals, with prices starting at $1500+. (All data from

Where can I find film studios for rent in LA?

Each district of Los Angeles holds fantastic options for any need and budget. We recommend looking in Downton, especially along S Main St. and its nearby neighborhoods. You also can’t forget to check in Hollywood, especially streets such as Santa Monica Blvd, as well as the areas within walking distance from the Hollywood/Vine metro station. 

How early in advance should I book a film studio in LA?

Generally, we recommend securing the first-choice film studio as soon as you’ve agreed on your budget and date. This is no later than 4-6 weeks before. It will allow you to have a wide variety of options to choose from. Also, there are some extremely popular film studios on our platform, so if you are interested in one of these spaces make sure to secure it as soon as possible. 

Can you recommend some film studios in Los Angeles?

Kowloon Walled Neon City Studio - offers a fantastic post-apocalyptic vibe, with neon lights in every hue of the rainbow. It’s perfect for any type of music video and shoots where you would like the setting to be an integral part of the film. 

50s Diner Studio - With its unforgettable, retro vibes from the 1950s, this studio will make your video stand out with its amazing background and classic furniture. 

ERA Studio - An airy space with loads of natural light, this studio is an ideal choice for any larger film productions that would like to build their sets from scratch.

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