Garden Party Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Garden Party Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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With the great LA weather, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it by throwing a garden party! What’s more, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the sun can only add to everyone’s enjoyment. From vibrant alfresco cafes to romantic restaurants with adjoining patios surrounded by greenery, and chill rooftop gardens overlooking the neighborhood, the city has them all – and everyone is perfect for your next event. Plus, they are available with just a few clicks! So, whatever your needs, hop on our platform to find the best garden party venues in Los Angeles and book one in no time!  

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Garden Party Venues Rental Guide

No matter if you simply want to welcome summer, throw a birthday party, or celebrate a major milestone, throwing a garden party is always the perfect choice! Especially in LA, with its beautiful sunny weather. What’s more, garden venues are suitable for hosting different types of events as they are a charming choice that everyone will love. After all, who doesn’t like being surrounded by peaceful greenery, lush plants, and lovely flowers? 

But if you’re still puzzled whether the garden venue and your party will be a match, why not check out a few tips for events that are suitable for a garden venue rental?

What kind of events can be held in a garden venue rental

Birthday Party - As garden party venues have neutral surroundings, they are perfect for any type of birthday party you would like to host! Kids will appreciate having fun in the open air just as much as adults! Being outside, chatting, dancing, and even singing will contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of the event, especially if the venue has beautiful, flower and plant decorations. 

Wedding reception - Organizing a wedding party is always a perfect choice for adding some elegance and chic to your tying-the-knot celebration! Who wouldn’t like to say yes in a magnificent venue tucked among lush greenery, and paired with gorgeous flowers in every hue of the rainbow? What’s even better, in LA some beautiful garden venues are located close to the beach, so you can opt for a beach wedding and then head straight into the garden for a fairytale reception!

Baby shower - Whether you’re expecting a baby or you’re a part of a family waiting for a new arrival, consider gathering all your nearest and dearest to celebrate that occasion by hosting a baby shower in a garden venue. Why not gather together to breathe in the fresh air and the natural beauty of the green surroundings as the soon-to-be mom relaxes and enjoys some time with those closest to her heart. 

Bridal shower - Why not book a venue garden and have an amazing bridal shower to make the last days of freedom just a little bit more exciting! With our diverse choices, you’ll find the perfect spot for a big bash or a small gathering – whatever the bride wishes – that will make this bridal shower a one to remember.  

Tips on how to organize a garden party

Organizing a garden party is nothing but easy! However, it needs some planning to make the experience as pleasant as possible and to make sure it’s all done right. So if you have decided that you’re up for the challenge of hosting a party in a garden venue, make sure to check out our tips for organizing a one-of-a-kind garden affair! Trust us, everyone will be reminiscing about it long after it’s over!

Type of garden - Decide whether you just simply want to kick back with your friends and chill, sip drinks in a garden patio, or a gorgeous botanical garden. At Tagvenue you will find the best garden venues that will suit your needs and wallet, so make sure to check our platform once you’ve decided on that matter!

Budget - Establish how much you can spend for organizing your party. Make a spreadsheet, and write your calculations down – as long as you stay aware of your spending, chances are less that you will overspend!

Location - Think of your guests and make sure the venue is in an accessible location they can reach by public transport or car. Check if the venue is near bus stops, or subway stations, such as Union Station, Little Tokyo, or Hollywood, and whether there is a parking lot nearby.  

Guest number - Briefly calculate the number of people you’re planning to invite. This will help you during your venue hunting and ensure that you avoid too-small spaces that will make your guests uncomfortable. If you plan to move your guests to the dance floor, make sure your first choice venue is spacious enough to fit in all of them at once without bumping into each other.   

Food & drinks - Calculate how much food and drink you will need. Generally, for garden parties we recommend opting for different types of light finger foods and drinks that will freshen up the mind of your guests, and ensure that the party won’t finish too early! Discuss any options for party packages with the venue manager, and make sure to find out what they include and whether it’s possible to adjust them to the dietary restrictions of your guests. If the venue policy allows outside caterers, you can always hire one, but first, check if it meets your budget.  

Equipment - As you will probably want to play music at your party, check out the equipment your first choice venue has on offer, such as the PA system. Some venues also provide additional lights and projectors that can get your guests in the mood for a party. However, always ask venue managers about any additional charge for using the equipment you need. 

FAQs about Garden Party Venues in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a garden party venue in Los Angeles?

The final price of the rental may vary depending on the venue size, as well as the seasons. But generally per session rental costs anywhere from $1000 up to $5000+. Restaurants with adjoining gardens can charge per person with food options included in the price, or per minimum spend. In LA, expect to pay from $50 up to $100+ for per person packages while per minimum spend will start around $1000+.

Where can I find the best garden party venue in Downtown LA?

Make sure to swing by Toy District and Little Tokyo. They are home to many fantastic garden venues, perfect for any type of party you’ve got in your mind. If you can cross the city, however, make sure to check out  West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, as well as venues nearby Malibu Beach.

What to ask the venue manager when booking a garden party venue?

Ask them about every possible charge, as well as their policy before signing the contract. Ask about any additional equipment they have on offer that is included in the price rental. If they provide catering options, make sure to ask about their party packages. Also, don’t forget to request a discount!

How far in advance should I book a garden party venue?

Secure the venue as soon as possible, once you’ve agreed on key factors such as budget, guest number, and location. To have a long list of offers to choose from, we recommend you start your search 3 months in advance.

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