Wedding Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Wedding Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Top Wedding Venues in Los Angeles, CA

 There are many who dream of fame and fortune in the City of Angels, but there are just as many who dream of planning a spectacular wedding here. Los Angeles offers couples a range of amazing wedding venues that will guarantee that your wedding is truly unique and one of a kind. At Tagvenue, we make it our business to list only the best and most amazing venues for weddings of all shapes and sizes. Get ready to discover all on our platform. So take a trip through our search engine and discover a range of LA spaces with plenty of character and lots of chic vibes. You’ll be picking the perfect venue for your Big Day within minutes.

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Wedding Venues Rental Guide

Los Angeles offers endless opportunities when it comes to picking your perfect wedding location. From venues in glamorous Malibu, upscale Hollywood,  hip Downtown, or laid-back Venice Beach, you have a wide array of choices that exude an element of glamor and a special feel that will make your ceremony truly feel remarkable. And we’ve created a curated list offering only the best wedding venues across LA, so why not check it out? Your dream wedding space may be just right around the corner! Take our search engines for a spin and check out our select spaces now! 

How to organize a wedding in Los Angeles?

Your wedding should be a day filled with love, laughter, and happy memories. But getting to that point means months of planning and organization. In case you're not sure how to start, we’ll be more than glad to help! Take a look at our guide and discover a few pro tips that will help you figure out all the most important elements of the wedding planning process, you can thank us later!

Establish your wedding budget - Drawing up your wedding budget should be the first thing to check off your planning list. This will help you figure out what's possible for you and what isn't, which will definitely help you narrow down your options and make the whole planning process more manageable. Sit down with your partner and discuss what type of ceremony or event you want, what wedding elements are important to you and which aren’t, and what vendors/services/products you’d like to involve, etc. Your final calculations should include things like venue rental fees, food, and drinks, vendors, decorations, transportation costs, wedding attire, etc. Once you’ve nailed down the numbers, it’ll be easier for you to plan and stay within your budget. 

Consider the venue’s location - Los Angeles is full of amazing venues that can accommodate everything from intimate affairs to large receptions. Perhaps you’d like a venue that's already got all the bells and whistles — like a beautiful garden or an indoor space with high ceilings — to which you can add your own personal touches. Or maybe you'd rather start from scratch and create something unique that reflects your style and personality. No matter what venue you’ll consider as “the one”,  you should check whether it is close enough to a transportation hub, like bus stops and train stations and if there is sufficient parking for all of your guests.

Pick a few wedding dates -  Do you want to get married on a weekend or during the week? Is there a family event that might conflict with your wedding date? Having a few potential dates up your sleeve will help you determine an ideal one that will be convenient for both you and your guests, as well as give you an idea of whether the venues you like are available. 

Think of menu options - Will you be serving a buffet or a sit-down dinner? Do you want something that's easy to eat while standing around and mingling, or something more formal? The food at your wedding is a big part of the day, so make sure it's done right. Think about what you and your guest would like to eat. Perhaps you've been dreaming about the perfect wedding since childhood? Then take this opportunity to make it into the best day ever and surprise everyone with a menu with a twist they wouldn't otherwise expect at an event in LA!

Think of your wedding style - How do you envision your dream wedding? The style of your wedding should be unique to you, reflecting your personality and what makes you happy. It's also important that the wedding reflects who you are as a couple, so don't forget to discuss this with your partner! In case you’d like a bit of inspiration, browse wedding hashtags on Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram and look at some weddings from the past year. It can give you a good insight into what style you’d like to pursue

Book your dream vendors - Make a list of the vendors you'd like to have at your wedding. This list can be as long or short as you want—it's all about what makes sense for your budget and what kind of wedding experience you want for yourself and your guests. Once you've got your list together, the next step is finding the ideal ones. You should book your vendors no later than 6 months before your wedding. Do some research, search for reviews on the internet, or talk with friends who have recently got married and ask them about their favorites. This will help you book only the best ones and make sure everything goes smoothly on the Big Day.

Congratulations! Now you can successfully plan your dream wedding in LA. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will all be worth it when you walk down that aisle and see the person you love smiling back at you! So get the ball rolling and start searching for your perfect wedding space now!

FAQs about Wedding Venues in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a wedding venue in Los Angeles?

The cost of organizing a wedding in LA depends on many factors, including the size of your guest list and the type of venue you choose. Some places charge hourly fees with prices ranging from $300 to $550+ per hour. In restaurants, bars, and clubs it is common to pay per person for a wedding package, and rates start at $100+. But many wedding venues work on a minimum spend basis, with prices varying between $2500 to $25000. (All data from

What’s the average price of organizing a wedding in LA?

The average price for organizing a wedding in LA is around $37000, which is on par with other cities like New York City and Chicago. This figure includes everything from hiring a venue to booking caterers to paying for musicians and photographers. But that doesn't mean you need to spend that much money — there are lots of ways to keep costs down. For example, you can organize a small wedding for only your closest ones, or pick a less popular wedding month when prices tend to be lower.

How do I have a civil marriage in LA?

First things first: if you're getting married in California, you'll need to get a marriage license. You can do this at any county clerk's office in the state, and they'll also be able to tell you what documents (like your birth certificate) you need to bring with you when you apply for the license. You can have a wedding ceremony at the courthouse, at several branch offices of the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, or at an off-site location of your choice. The fee for a marriage ceremony costs $35. For any additional info, check here.

How far in advance should I book a wedding venue in Los Angeles?

The answer depends on a few factors. If you want to be sure that you can get exactly what you want on your Big Day and have it all planned out months in advance, then booking at least a year in advance is probably going to work best for you. But if you're not sure what kind of venue or location would be best for your needs and preferences, then booking closer to 9 months to the date may be more appropriate. But keep in mind that the earlier you start searching, you’ll have many more options that fit your criteria.

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