Meeting Spaces for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Meeting Spaces for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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It doesn’t matter if you want to nail your group academic presentation, collaborate on joint projects or brainstorm for new ideas, organizing a meeting in comfortable surroundings can increase everyone’s productivity. So why not book the best meeting space possible to increase the chances of your meeting’s success! Here on Tagvenue, you will find an amazing range of inspiring meeting spaces across LA that will keep your participants engaged and active throughout the session. So why not make use of our smart filters to find the perfect space for your particular need and book the ideal space for your meeting today!

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Meeting Spaces Rental Guide

Is holding a meeting really necessary?

Before you commit to any meeting preparations, think carefully whether you actually need one. Although it is tempting to hold a meeting when you’re struggling to move forward with a project, be mindful of other people’s (as well as your own) time. So, instead of immediately scheduling an appointment, make sure that you have thoroughly considered the following factors:

Whether you need outside input to move forward - Some situations seem impossible to solve, but make sure to take some time for strategic thinking. If you find yourself puzzled and couldn’t clarify what needs to be done to make progress or resolve the situation, then you can reach for outside input. However, figure out whether a real-time consultation is necessary.  Sometimes, reaching out via email would be best to get the answers you need, especially when you don’t have to rush. But when you need a real-time consultation to help you get the work done, firstly consider other means of communication, such as a video call, a call can save a lot of time for both sides, and go a long way towards speeding things up.  

Once you’ve decided that holding a meeting is necessary to accomplish allocated goals or objectives instead of making a phone call, a videoconference, sending emails, etc., make sure to prepare an action plan. No successful meeting is an accident, but an effect of thorough planning and preparation. So to conduct a successful meeting that will result in achieving certain objectives, we always recommend creating an action plan that will guide you, as well as the participants, through the entire meeting session and help you to efficiently use the time you’ve got to reach your goals. Make sure to check out our list of major things that need to be taken care of, to make the experience enjoyable and efficient at the same time.

Key elements to consider when planning your meeting

The purpose of the meeting - What are you planning to accomplish by organizing the meeting? To nail a group project and pass with flying colors? Reach a consensus regarding a business matter or find a solution to the tricky situation at the office? Make sure to establish your purpose before you reach any of the team members. This is a major key element that determines the structure of the meeting, as well as the meeting’s agenda. 

Structure - Determine what type of techniques should be used in order to achieve set goals. A video? Brainstorming session, or maybe a discussion panel or workshops? Think which technique would be the most effective, as well as have the biggest impact on participants' engagement. 

Set the date and time - A date and time have an impact on attendance. Check whether the meeting is scheduled during a time for anyone who should be present and not during any holiday season. Also, it’s important to stick to the time frame of the meeting. Starting or finishing late will be a signal to the attendees that you don’t value their time. To avoid that, you can always set a timer that everyone can track. 

Pick a comfortable space - Choose a meeting space that matches the meeting structure and is spacious enough for all the attendees to feel comfortable. To determine the best fit for your needs, make a list of attendees that you can use during your search for the perfect meeting room. Generally, we recommend picking a location that will be convenient to reach for everyone, so also check if the location has a parking lot, and easy access to metro lines and bus stops. 

List the needed equipment - Before signing a contract with the first-choice venue, make sure that it has the proper equipment for your meeting, such as whiteboards, microphones, computers, projectors, any other AV equipment, as well as reliable WiFi. Also, prior to the meeting, make sure to test whether the connection works properly, just to be on the safe side.  

Decide on food options - Food and any refreshments help participants stay energized throughout the whole meeting session. So make sure there’s coffee, water, and some snacks to grab on the table. Is it going to be a long meeting? Consider picking a venue with catering options, or think of hiring an internal one if the venue does not provide one (however, always check if it agrees with the venue’s policy). Also, always make sure the food will cater to the dietary restrictions and allergies of the participants. 

Create an agenda - In order to clarify the objectives so everyone knows the purpose and activities during the meeting and focus on the important matters, we recommend creating an agenda. This should be sent to participants at least a few days before the meeting takes place, to give them a chance to plan and prepare. Make sure it includes such elements as time, date, location, and a list of topics that need to be discussed.

FAQs about Meeting Spaces in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a meeting space in Los Angeles?

To rent a meeting space in LA, expect to pay on average $30 up to $100 per hour. For a full-day rental, meeting spaces charge around $1000+. However, the final cost of a rental may vary depending on the package offer you will choose, as well as the equipment you will need. If you require additional equipment or catering, always ask the venue manager for their options. Also, make sure to read the fine print before signing the contract, to avoid any late fees or rental costs. (All data from

Where can I find the best meeting spaces in LA?

Try your luck Downtown! There are various fantastic spaces of different types and sizes dotted around the center and nearby popular metro lines, as well as in the neighboring areas of Skid Row, Fashion District, South Park, and Bunker Hill. But if you prefer less crowded areas, West Hollywood also has some hidden gems. And who knows, maybe you’ll spot a famous celebrity on your way to the meeting?

Is equipment included in the rental fee of a meeting space?

Generally, it depends on the offer. Most meeting spaces have some basic equipment, such as tables, chairs, projectors, PA system, and whiteboards included in the rental price. We always recommend asking the venue manager directly about what is included in the offer to avoid any additional costs.

How long in advance can I rent a meeting space in Los Angeles?

Based on Tagvenue’s data, most people start their search for a meeting space at least 15 days prior to the meeting. This will give you enough time to compare offers, contact managers for further details, and book the ideal space that will cater to your needs at the best price. 

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