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Party Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Looking to get your party started in Los Angeles? You’re about to be spoiled for choice. We know that’s quite a claim, after all the City of Angels more than lives up to its title as the world’s entertainment capital and it sets the bar pretty high for nightlife. But don’t worry, we’ve got the goods. Extravagant club with unique decor in Downtown? Hip bar in the heart of Los Feliz? Laid-back private beach venue in Venice? Whatever your fantasy, the greater Los Angeles area offers an endless list of party venues that will suit all tastes and needs. And we’ve got them all here on Tagvenue. If you’re not sure where to start your search for the perfect party location, check out our favorites in the selection below.

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Party Venues Rental Guide

Sprawling Los Angeles is as diverse and eclectic as it can get. Spread over thousands of miles, it encompasses several dozen distinct cities and neighborhoods that can seem like they are worlds away from one another. It’s where rugged cliffs, pristine beaches and sleepy seaside towns coexist with glossy skyscrapers, historic architecture and trendy locations where the party never stops. In a city of such variety, everyone will find something they like. Whether you want to rent a private rooftop bar for your birthday, a small venue for an intimate engagement party or a sophisticated hall to celebrate your wedding, get ready to discover that your options are endless.

So how do I choose my perfect private party venue in Los Angeles?

When you’ve got such a vast array of options to choose from, it may be difficult to make a decision. That’s why, before you start the hunt for your ideal party space in LA, make a list of all your requirements. This will guide you in your search. Here are a few details to keep in mind:

  • Budget - Your party budget is probably the most important thing to start with. Once you know how much you can spend on your special occasion, it will be much easier to figure out all the rest. Even if you’re a little bit tight on the budget and LA is generally not the cheapest city in the world, you can still find a bunch of affordable places ready to host your private celebration.
  • Date - This is obvious, but worth mentioning. Think about when you want to host your party. Do you have a very specific date in mind or is there some room for flexibility? Do you want to celebrate your birthday on the exact day that you were born or can it perhaps happen a few days later? If you’re set on a specific date, book your venue as early as possible, as the hottest private party spots in LA get rented out well in advance. Being flexible on the dates can help you in your negotiations with the private venue manager (and maybe even get you a better price).
  • Number of guests - Make a list of everyone you’d like to come to your party and send out the invitations. The sooner you know the expected number of guests the better. This will help you pick the right-sized venue so you can avoid overpaying for a private space that’s too big.
  • Venue type and facilities - When you know what you can afford and how many people you expect, you can decide what kind of venue is most suitable for your party in Los Angeles. Would you like to rent a private bar, restaurant, banquet hall? Do you want a blank canvas venue? Do you require in-house catering or would you prefer to take care of it yourself? Do you want a DJ, a live band or will you be playing your own music from your phone? Make a list of all your needs and wishes and remember to discuss them ahead of time with the venue manager to make sure you’re on the same page.
  • Location - When choosing the location of your private party venue, consider its accessibility (e.g. Are there any major roads or public transport hubs nearby? Are there enough parking spaces available?). Also consider whether you want to host your private party in a central area, where there’s a lot going on, or perhaps you prefer a quieter neighborhood (yes, you can find those in LA!).

Where to party in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is known for its busy party scene. So where do those crowds go to enjoy a fun night out in the City of Angels? We’ve compiled a little area guide to LA’s best private party locations.

Start with the city’s central areas. Downtown used to be known as LA’s business centre and while you’ll still see businessmen in suits in the Financial District, the neighborhood is now also famous for its thriving nightlife. Do yourself a favor and explore the funky Art District with its edgy private bars and clubs! If you fancy a multicultural atmosphere, visit Chinatown or Little Tokyo.

Next, we have to mention Hollywood. This place is way more than the signature sign and decades of movie history. It’s also filled with LA’s hottest nightlife spots! Many of them are located in West Hollywood, a premier private party destination. Pick and choose among swanky bars, hotel rooftops and famous music venues lined along the legendary part of Sunset Boulevard called the Sunset Strip. While in WeHo, be sure to also explore the great clubs, bars and restaurants on Santa Monica Boulevard. There’s something to suit all lifestyles and tastes!

If you’re after something with a hipster vibe, check out Silver Lake or Los Feliz. These neighboring suburbs located near Griffith Park boast arty and creative vibes - this is where the cool kids play. Despite their central location close to DTLA and Hollywood, they’re both fairly calm (with places where you can get wild if you want to).

Nearby Culver City is well-connected to Downtown LA, Venice and Santa Monica. Home to MGM Studios, it’s rooted in TV and movie history. When the sun goes down, Culver City’s Art District comes alive with murals, private galleries and live performance venues, while its Downtown area is a hub of activity, filled with amazing places to eat, drink and have fun.

Looking for a quiet area? Discover Brentwood, an affluent neighborhood on the Westside, known for the world-renowned Getty Center museum. Though Brentwood’s general vibe is more slow-paced and relaxed, there are still a great number of private places to let loose and party. Definitely explore the area’s major destination - San Vicente Boulevard.

Los Angeles prides itself on its beautiful coast with pristine beaches. So when you’ve had enough of the city, come enjoy the breeze and get ready to party by the ocean. Check out places like Venice or Hermosa Beach. The latter is known as a nightlife mecca that is especially popular with a young crowd and fans of live music. Have a look at the party spaces located near the pier, from hip clubs to relaxed surfer bars. Colorful Venice is another iconic private LA location, with a bold cultural scene and bohemian vibes. Check out the street art and galleries on popular Abbot Kinney Boulevard, watch a street performance on Venice Boardwalk and discover some of the coolest party spots in town. You’ll find plenty of patios and open-air bars that enable you to soak up the ocean breeze and the perfect Southern Californian weather.

Other well-known beach locations with thrilling party venues include:

  • Santa Monica - Located along the legendary Pacific Coast Highway, this famed beach city is the epitome of the cool SoCal lifestyle. Filled with trendy bars, clubs and private restaurants, it’s a great location for your party in LA.
  • Malibu - Situated just north of Santa Monica, Malibu takes pride in its secluded and peaceful beaches and is filled with celebrity homes. If you’re looking for beautiful views and some peace and quiet, this is an ideal destination.
  • The South Bay - This region close to Orange County is home to a number of beach cities, including Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. Besides stretches of golden sands, they boast some great party spaces with ocean views.
  • Playa del Rey - If you or any of your guests are arriving at LAX, Playa del Rey’s golden beach and unique bars and restaurants are within 10 minutes reach. You can also check out neighboring Marina del Rey.
  • Long Beach - Apart from miles upon miles of sandy beaches located about an hour from Downtown LA, Long Beach has some great private restaurants and nightlife spots - check out Pine Avenue!

Private Party in Los Angeles tips & ideas

Need more inspiration on how to make your party in Los Angeles one for the books? We’ve gathered some tips and ideas!

  • Host a costume party. Decide on a theme and ask everyone to dress up! Since Los Angeles is soaked in movie-making history, why not go for something movie or TV-related? You could even hold a competition for the best costume and prepare a fun prize for the winner!
  • Rent a rooftop venue. Take your party to the next level (quite literally) and book one of the many rooftop venues you’ll find in the city. Sip your drinks and watch as the sun sets over the Hollywood Hills and the city’s blinking lights come to life. We especially recommend Rooftop at Casa Vertigo or 1370 Rooftop Lounge.
  • Party on the water. Why stick to the ground, when you can take your party out into the open water? Head to Marina del Rey and rent one of the shiny yachts docked at the harbor. Most of them boast sleek, luxurious interiors with all the facilities you’ll need for a successful party. 
  • Get off the beaten track. Everyone knows about West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Pier or Culver City’s Washington Boulevard. Dare to wander off the main streets and discover what might be hiding in the area’s less frequented alleys! You may just stumble across a place such as The North End, a speakeasy bar with hip, laid-back vibes. You can find it just north of Hollywood Boulevard.
  • Party like a star! Los Angeles is filled with private party hotspots loved by the rich and famous - in fact, some people visit the city solely in hopes of running into their favorite celebrity. While the dream of partying with movie stars will most likely remain just that, you can still check out some of their favorite hot spots. Start with West Hollywood but be sure to check out the bustling nightlife of the fabled Sunset Strip, where you’ll find famous places like Rainbow Bar & Grill or the Chateau Marmont. Discover WeHo’s beating heart, aka Santa Monica Boulevard, with its vibrant private bars and clubs, such as the legendary Troubadour. Popular Melrose Avenue, with known spots like Craig’s or Catch LA, is also worth exploring. Places like Musso & Frank Grill or The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard are also favorite celebrity hangout spots. You can also visit Franklin Village, luxurious Beverly Hills with its Beverly Hills Hotel or head to the coast, where places like Nobu Malibu in Malibu or Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica are known to attract the rich and famous.

Partying on a budget in Los Angeles

Although Los Angeles is expensive, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to throw a good party. If you want to go easy on your wallet and save some hard-earned coins, check out our tips and tricks for a budget-friendly party in LA.

  • Location - First of all, consider the location of your event. Maybe instead of choosing a super popular and expensive area such as Hollywood or Beverly Hills, try to head off the beaten path. In fact, even the major neighborhoods have lesser known corners that often hide some great party venues. When looking for a specific private space, consider renting a bar or a laid-back restaurant, as they tend to be more affordable than high-end event venues. Why not set your price limit on Tagvenue and browse only the venues that fall within your range.
  • External catering & BYOB - Another tip for saving some money is to take care of the food and drinks yourself. Remember to always ask your venue manager about their policy on external catering and BYOB. Pay attention to whether you’ll have to pay any extra fees, e.g. a corkage fee.
  • Cash bar - Last but not least, you can also have a cash bar during your party, meaning that each of your guests will have to pay for the drinks they order from the bar themselves.

FAQs about Party Venues in Los Angeles, CA

What type of party venues can I find in Los Angeles?

Vast and eclectic, Los Angeles has a little bit of everything. Dance clubs, cocktail bars and lounges, sports bars, live music venues - whatever you envision for your party, you’ll most likely find it there. So when looking for a party space in LA, your imagination (and, ahem, your budget) is the only limit. Enjoy city views from a rooftop bar, let loose in one of West Hollywood’s lively nightclubs or spend a glamorous evening in one of Downtown’s luxurious hotels and extravagant eateries. And since we’re in Southern California, make sure to check out the  abundance of outdoor venues, where you can party under the stars.

Where can I buy party supplies in Los Angeles?

Need to buy some supplies for your private party in LA? They will come in handy especially if you’re renting a blank canvas space or if you just want to add some personal touches. You can check out some of these party stores: Navarro’s Party Supply and American Celebrations Party Supplies, both located on East Olympic Boulevard, or Vine American Party Supplies on Melrose Avenue.

How much does it cost to rent a party space in Los Angeles?

Party spaces in LA come in all shapes and sizes, from small and affordable bars to huge private mansions. That’s why the costs may vary significantly. In general, prices for renting an event venue in Los Angeles start around $30 per person. For venues that charge hourly rates, expect a price range from as little as $25 up to $2000+ per hour. Some places offer a food and beverage minimum, which states how much you’ll have to spend on food and drinks to use the space. Food and beverage minimum rates in LA start at around $300 - $2000.

What are some of the best party venues in Los Angeles?

It’s not an easy task to name just a few of the multitude of party spaces in Los Angeles, but we’ve done our research and picked out some favorites. Bonus: they’re quite affordable too!

  • Alley Lounge LA - A modern, sophisticated speakeasy bar and restaurant located on West Washington Boulevard in Culver City. You can host your party in an intimate private lounge, quirky backyard or rent the entire venue to be exclusively yours for the day.
  • Hidden Gem LA - Set among palm trees in Alhambra, just minutes from Downtown Los Angeles, this venue is a true hidden gem. This flexible tri-level event space is suitable for virtually every occasion and offers panoramic views of the city and the rolling hills beyond.
  • Ballast Point Brewing - A unique waterfront party venue in Long Beach, with several indoor and outdoor event spaces. Enjoy the breeze, take in the views and party the night away!
  • Catwalk - A unique venue offering an alternative to traditional event spaces. Its modern-industrial design makes a great backdrop to a cocktail party.
  • Mo’s House of Axe - If you want to relax with a drink, taste some mouth-watering food and blow off some steam by throwing axes, choose Mo’s House of Axe for your party! Located on South Western Avenue in Central LA.

Guest Reviews of Party Venues on Tagvenue

Andrew S.
Booked Secret Underground Speakeasy at Leather & Rose
What a fantastic spot and even better service! Nick was great start to finish with communication and coordination, Jimmy was a perfect host to help escort our guests in and ensure everything kept flowing smoothly, and Lala was a wonderful bartender to keep us all "hydrated" :). Thank you to you all!
Ashley M.
Booked Entire Venue at MooseCat Recording
Mike was great! The venue was perfect for my going away gathering. It had everything we needed, was aesthetically pleasing, and clean.
Jay K.
Booked Main Room at Future Factory
Great communication albeit thru a third party service but kept in the loop with the principals involved. Venue was staffed and ready and our event seemed to go well with any issues.
Erick P.
Booked Side Room at Jalapeno Pete's
Everything about this place was perfect for my party! The service was friendly and excellent, the location and setting was perfect as well. My guests were able to party inside where the DJ and bar is located, and they were also able to go outside to the patio area to eat and get fresh air. I would recommend this place for anyone who wants to party hard until 2 A.M!
Cynthia T.
Booked Upstairs Private Lounge at Berkshire House
Customer service and catering was excellent. We had a surprise birthday party for my husband and the entire staff was excellent!
J W.
Booked Modern Bohemian Loft at CloudHouse
The location is good and close to a lot of food places for catering purposes. The hosts were friendly.
Ashley D.
Booked Entire Venue at genq Studio
The venue was a perfect size and offered a lot for guest to look at and walk around and see while mingling. The staff was also super nice and informative.
Booked Event and Photoshoot Studio at Custom Made Creative LA
I really enjoyed the space. Aaron was very accommodating. He even helped me to bring items up the elevator. Clean space , spacious and great for pictures. My son enjoyed his birthday party. Thank you. I would definitely rent space again!

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