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Top Cheap Party Venues in Los Angeles, CA

Partying in LA on a budget? We’ve got you! Los Angeles is known as an entertainment capital and although the city is considered expensive, you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time. From Hollywood to Long Beach and from Santa Monica to Pasadena, there are cheap party venues hidden in plain sight and we know where to find the best ones. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed restaurant, a cozy lounge bar or an intimate outdoor patio, just scroll through our listings and find the perfect deal!

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Cheap Party Venues Rental Guide

Los Angeles knows how to party and that’s a fact. Another, perhaps less known fact is that you don’t need a huge budget to throw a memorable party and we’re about to prove it. From thrilling night clubs, lively bars and exciting live music venues to elegant restaurants, cozy cafes and friendly watering holes, there’s a party space for all occasions and budgets!

Browse our curated list of affordable party places for rent or use Tagvenue’s smart search engine and filters to find spaces tailored to you. If you need more inspiration, check out our handy guide and FAQ section below.

How can I save money on party space rental in Los Angeles?

Here are some tips, tricks and ideas for partying on a dime in the City of Angels.

  • Set a budget (and stick to it). First and foremost, you need to come up with your budget for the party. Think about party space rental, food, drinks, entertainment, decorations – all the elements that will make the celebration special. If you find it helpful, you can set a separate budget for each of these categories.
  • Use a venue finding platform to compare prices. Once you’ve settled on your budget, it’s super helpful to use an online platform such as Tagvenue to easily search for party venues that fall within your price range. You can compare them side by side to find the most attractive offer.
  • Pick a perfect-sized venue. The bigger the venue, the higher the cost, so don’t overspend on renting a space for 100 people when you’re only hosting 50. Estimate the number of guests you’d like to invite, then use Tagvenue’s filters to browse venues with the right capacity.
  • Get off the beaten path. There is more to Los Angeles than Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Why not explore less popular (and cheaper) locations when searching for your party space? Who knows, you may just stumble upon a hidden gem that’s perfect for the kind of celebration you have in mind.
  • Bring your own food. In-house catering can make up a large part of your party space rental fee. So if you’re looking for ways to go easy on your wallet, consider renting a venue that will allow you to supply your own food for the party. You can find affordable caterers or, better yet, go the potluck route and have all of your guests bring something. We recommend creating a shared list with general options such as “dessert,” “salad,” “side dish,” etc. This way you’ll avoid having multiple people bring the same dish. Always remember to check your chosen venue’s policy on external catering and make sure there will be no extra fees.
  • Bring Your Own Beverage. Alcohol is expensive and can really blow up your budget. To avoid that, you can choose your own supplier and buy in bulk or simply ask your guests to bring their own. Have plenty of non-alcoholic options to choose from as well. Also, remember to book a venue with a BYOB policy and look out for corkage fees.
  • Look for all-inclusive package deals. When you see a “per person” price, it most often means that the venue offers dedicated package deals. Those are usually all-inclusive and include the costs of space rental, food and drinks, service, and other options. What it means for you is that you’ll only have to pay the set amount of money per guest and you won’t have to worry about anything else. The overall cost of your party will of course depend on how many guests you invite.
  • Host a cash bar for your guests. A great way to save some money on drinks is to opt for a cash bar. This simply means that your guests will pay for the drinks they order from the bar during the party. If you wish, you can offer to pay for everyone’s drinks for a limited amount of time, e.g. by hosting a cocktail hour or buying welcome drinks.
  • Keep it simple. Instead of renting a high-end venue, go for a neighborhood bar or an affordable restaurant. Rather than paying for a DJ to keep your guests entertained, play your own music via Bluetooth speakers. Keep decorations to a minimum – choose something that will make the biggest impression and avoid buying things you’ll only use once. Perhaps you already have some useful items at home, such as tablecloths or serving platters? You can also ask around to find out if you can borrow something from your family members or friends.
  • Be flexible on the date. This one can be a huge money-saver! Try to pick an off-peak time for hosting your party. Many venues will offer cheaper rates on weekdays compared to weekends. Being flexible on the date can often open the door to negotiating a lower price, so talk to your venue manager and see if you can agree on a solution that suits both sides!

FAQs about Cheap Party Venues in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a cheap party venue in Los Angeles?

If you’re looking to rent a low-key party space in the Los Angeles area that won’t break your budget, Tagvenue offers venues with prices starting at around $55 per hour. Of course, the costs go up according to the venue’s standard and capacity, but you can find many great places for under $150 per hour. Alternatively, look for venues that offer package deals – those typically start at $25 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

In which areas of Los Angeles can I find cheap party venues?

Wherever you are in Los Angeles, there’s most likely a party venue just around the corner, and the affordable ones are not as rare as you would think. While Downtown and West Hollywood are known for their exclusive restaurants and extravagant bars, it’s still possible to find venues with good deals in these locations! Culver City and Santa Monica are also worth checking out.

What are the best cheap party venues in Los Angeles?

Check out some of our favorite picks in the area:

  • Alley Lounge LA - Situated in Washington Boulevard, this venue can be rented entirely and can offer you an amazing chilled party for up to 75 guests. Plenty of fancy and creative cocktails will make you fall in love with this speakeasy.
  • Hidden Gem LA – Though this venue is situated just minutes from DTLA, it feels an entire world away. Nestled among palm trees and rolling hills, apart from stunning views Hidden Gem offers an ideal party space for a variety of occasions.
  • Traxx Restaurant – Located inside the iconic Union Station, the restaurant boasts an old-world vibe. If you’re into fine dining in a laid-back environment, this is an excellent pick. You can rent the restaurant and bar area to enjoy the beautiful, historic interiors or host your party on the intimate patio outdoors.

Can I rent a cheap party venue along the coast in Los Angeles?

LA’s beautiful coast is one of the most sought-after locations. Despite its popularity, the area still boasts some budget-friendly places. Here are our favorites:

  • Playa Hermosa Fish & Oyster Co. – A modern venue just feet away from Hermosa Beach. Offering a fresh menu of oysters and seafood and an esoteric wine list this venue will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. An atmospheric interior allows for laid-back events as well as family and friendly meet-ups.
  • Table Manners - Located a short stroll from Redondo Beach, Table Manners offers American comfort food with a twist. Offering both indoor space as well as the outside patio, it's the perfect spot for all kinds of get-togethers!
  • Ballast Point Brewing – A waterfront party venue based in Long Beach offering a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces with amazing views. Whether you’re hosting a large celebration or a small gathering, Ballast Point Brewing is a fantastic choice.


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