Corporate Event Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Corporate Event Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Top Corporate Event Venues in Los Angeles, CA

On the hunt for a place to host your next corporate event in Los Angeles? On our platform, you’ll find a range of places that are perfect for any company event you have in mind: from a brainstorming session or a board meeting to a huge celebration of the next corporate milestone. It doesn’t matter what you have in mind, the City of Angels will accommodate any kind of business event. All you have to do is browse our listings, find the place suitable for all your needs and start organizing. Why not head over to our platform and check out the Los Angeles corporate event venues that are waiting for you!

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Corporate Event Venues Rental Guide

When looking for new ways to engage with employees, clients and partners, there is one solution – a corporate event. From fun retreats and team-building activities to conferences and company meetings, each event has its own purpose and overarching goal of improving the business. What exactly can you do to boost your company’s performance? Here are some ideas that you might consider the next time your company wants to plan an event. 

What are the different types of corporate events?

Seminars and conferences. The majority of all corporate events that are organized each year are seminars and conferences. The main purpose of these events is to provide everyone involved in the business with new and useful information about the industry in general. While we’ve put seminars and conferences next to each other, don't be fooled - they are slightly different events. Seminars are usually shorter (though there are exceptions) and are standalone events. Participants gather together in one space for a few hours and listen to various specialists giving their talks. Conferences, on the other hand, are big and complex events that comprise multiple sessions taking place over a few days - this may be one of the reasons why conferences are usually held in hotels. 

Company milestone events. It’s incredibly important to celebrate all of the company’s successes, especially huge ones. Company events allow founders and managers to spend some quality time with their employees or clients. They also give management a chance to strengthen relationships within the company and present the company culture in the best light. But most importantly, these events are meant to be fun and an opportunity for every employee to take a break. After all, they’ve been working hard for so long to reach another milestone and support the company’s success. Each company has its own vibe and will choose to organise many different types of events: galas, sit-down dinners, cocktail parties and even cruises. 

Team-building events. These are some of the most important events, and they are crucial for any business’ success. These types of events should be held regularly and it is important to listen to your employees’ needs when planning them. The main purpose of team building is to boost employee confidence and morale, as well as strengthen relationships between team members. Team-building events provide people with an opportunity to come together and get to know each other better - an important factor, especially if the company is working in a hybrid or remote mode. What’s more, this is usually a chance for them to meet in a non-work environment which supports socializing. What your company’s team-building event is going to look like depends on the business and everyone’s interests. It can either be outdoor activities or a party indoors - in short, the sky is the limit.

Product launch events. Is there anything more exciting for a business than launching a brand new product? We don’t think so! Product launches are meant to inform both potential clients and the media about your newest project. The main goal of these events is to create a buzz and make sure people are talking about you! This excitement can be achieved by the company’s executives giving an insightful (and very often flashy) presentation which gives others an opportunity to take a closer look at the product, ask questions and start spreading the word.   

Charity events. There are many advantages that charity events can bring to your company. They are a great opportunity to fundraise, as well as boost your public image and show that you care. Charity events benefit the local community (or a charity organization of your choice), boost employee morale and can enhance your company’s reputation. 

Board meetings. Essential to every business’s success. Board meetings are held in order for board members to discuss the company’s performance and make important decisions about the company’s future. They are an amazing opportunity for discussing strategies, business goals and plans. Board meetings come in many shapes and sizes, from small affairs to large-scale events. 


When hunting for a large space for your next big company event in LA, consider large hotel venues. They not only have the capacity to accommodate lavish gatherings but also offer a place to stay overnight for any out-of-town delegates. If you’re looking for a comfortable and intimate space to hold a board meeting, you won’t be disappointed with the city’s selection in the Downtown area. However, if you feel like a nice view could be beneficial for your productivity, check out the meeting rooms around Santa Monica and Long Beach. No matter your needs, Los Angeles will meet them without a doubt.

FAQs about Corporate Event Venues in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a corporate event venue in Los Angeles?

No matter the size of your budget, you’ll find a great venue for your corporate event in Los Angeles. Most places offer packages and can be rented for the whole session - fees start at $500 and can reach as high as $20000 per session. If you are looking for an event package, some spots have special offers and will only charge you on a per person basis with prices in Los Angeles varying from $30 to $200 per person. There are also venues that charge hourly rates - which usually range from $50 to $3000 per hour. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Can I rent a venue for my corporate event near the Los Angeles airport?

In case your guests are coming from outside of the city (or even the country), there are many spots in close proximity to the LAX. We suggest you have a look at the Manchester Banquet Hall - an elegant venue ideal for big events for up to 150 guests. But if your company event is rather intimate, you can comfortably host a laid-back celebration in the Alley Lounge LA.

Which areas around LA have the best corporate event venues?

Downtown LA is home to great meeting rooms and cool event spaces, from the ground floor all the way to the skyline. You should also check out areas such as Hollywood and Beverly Hills, which boast venues of all types and sizes that are ideal for various corporate events. If you want to celebrate with a spectacular view in the background, we suggest you have a look around Santa Monica or Long Beach.

What are some unusual corporate event venues in LA?

In case you want to ‘wow’ all of your guests, we recommend you have a look at some of these unique places:

  • 70’ CHRIS CRAFT - Invite your team for some team-building on a luxurious yacht! Come up with new business strategies, socialise and have fun whilst sailing on the Pacific Ocean.
  • Chado Tea Room - It’s the perfect place for the corporate event of your dreams! Boasting colorful decor, a wonderful fountain in the middle of the room and all kinds of teas on the shelves, this South Bay spot might be great for strengthening team bonds.
  • Ballast Point Brewing - Whether you’re organizing an intimate dinner for your team or a large company event, Ballast Point Brewing offers a memorable experience on the water in Long Beach. Choose from various indoor and outdoor private areas and create a unique event.

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