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We’ve shortlisted the best gay wedding venues in London so you can focus on your main priority—making your special day memorable. Navigating the same-sex wedding planning waters isn’t always straightforward, especially because most advice out there is geared towards a heterosexual bride and groom. When planning your celebration, don’t underestimate the importance of hiring a venue that’s sensitive to the specific needs of a couple having a civil partnership ceremony or same-sex wedding. Add a touch of elegance to your event by holding your gay wedding somewhere special, like a banqueting suite or ultra modern city centre hotel, or choose a unique space that'll wow your guests, like a museum, garden or charming country house.

Top Gay Wedding Venues in London

Gay Wedding ideas

Congratulations on your special day! A same-sex wedding is one of a kind, as it’s quite a new type of celebration. Planning a gay wedding reception is also an amazing creative opportunity. Have a look at our top tips related to gay marriage in London.

Things to consider when organising your gay wedding in London:

  • the seating layout – because no one likes arriving to a wedding reception without having a seat assigned to them. Thinking about it in advance will make things a lot less chaotic. Remember not to overstuff tables, too.

  • the venue’s wedding license – you may want to host your civil ceremony and reception at the same venue. If so, remember to check whether the venue has a wedding license before you book.

  • your personal preferences – one of the best things about gay weddings is not having to keep strictly to tradition. Are you and your loved one fans of particular TV or book series? Why not throw a themed wedding party? After all, it’s your special day! London has plenty of gay wedding venues and with #tagvenue, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

  • the dress code – it can be quite traditional (black tie or cocktail attire) or absolutely quirky, if you make it a fancy dress party.

  • the right wedding vendors – for your LGBTQ wedding you may prefer to work with gay-friendly wedding staff. To makes things easier, we can help you find the best gay-friendly wedding venues in the capital.

  • the little details – because it’s the small touches that’ll have your guests talking for years to come. How about adding some rainbow-coloured accents?