Dry Hire Wedding Venues for Hire in London

Dry Hire Wedding Venues for Hire in London

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Top Dry Hire Wedding Venues in London

Dry hire wedding venues in London are like empty shells that give you the freedom to make a space your own. If details are your thing, then adding a personal touch by sourcing your own caterer, tables, chairs and so on, will make your event really memorable. Dreaming of a bring-your-own-everything DIY wedding day? Don’t want to tie the knot in a venue where you’re obliged to use in-house catering, theming and decorations? Then a dry hire wedding venue might be right for you. 

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Dry Hire Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Looking for a dry hire wedding venue in London but not sure where to start? Here at Tagvenue, we list hundreds of wedding halls and blank canvas spaces, from cheap and cheerful spaces in north London to edgy blank canvas venues in east London.

Don’t want to say “yes” in a venue that urges you to go with their usual ideas? Do it your own way! Choose a unique dry hire wedding reception venue that'll wow your guests, like a museum, garden or charming country house. Sounds exciting? We love dry hire wedding venues too!

Have a look at our favourite dry hire wedding venue types:

  • Photo studios. Seems boring? It’s far from it! Many photo studios in London boast interesting interior designs. Think of these set in railway arches, adapted warehouses or stunning historical buildings. These unique spaces make a wonderful backdrop for wedding receptions and ceremonies – and obviously, as photo studios, they’re amazingly photogenic as well!

  • Community halls. A favourite for those on a budget, community spaces has great potential to be transformed into stunning wedding reception spaces. Most of these are conveniently located and can be easily customised according to your needs. Looking for a dry hire wedding venue that’s truly versatile and affordable? This is the perfect choice for you!

  • Outdoor venues. If you’re organising your reception in the summer, why not take advantage of the good weather? And how about a picturesque outdoor ceremony? London is full of rooftops with impressive views, beautiful courtyards hidden within the city and secret gardens. We know where to find the prettiest ones – and get the best rates on them! 

Organising a dry hire wedding requires a bit more effort, but it’s well worth it! To make it easier and less stressful for you, we’ve listed a couple of handy tips for you:

  • Start by figuring out what is (and what isn’t) included in the dry hire. Check which on-site facilities you’re allowed to use, for example, the furniture, A/V equipment or cutlery.

  • Don’t forget to check if the venue provides service staff. You’ll surely need some people to help you out!

  • From the decor ideas and canape menu to telephone numbers and expenses, write everything down. This will make it easier to keep track of all the planning.

  • Browse dry hire wedding venues on the #tagvenue website to get inspiration. We only list the best spaces in London, so we’re sure you’ll stumble upon some good ideas!

Tailoring Your Dry Hire Space: Decoration and Styling Tips

When choosing a dry hire wedding venue in London, you're gifted with a blank canvas to create your dream wedding. This freedom allows you to tailor every aspect of the venue to fit your vision perfectly. Here are some decoration and styling tips to transform a dry hire space into your personalised wedding wonderland:

  • Understand Your Canvas: Before diving into the decor, fully understand the space you're working with. Visit the venue at the same time as your wedding to see how natural light plays in the space. Note any existing elements that can be enhanced or need to be disguised.
  • Define Your Theme: Whether you’re going for classic romance, bohemian chic, or modern minimalist, defining your wedding style is crucial. This theme will guide all your decoration choices, ensuring consistency throughout.
  • Colour Palette: Choose a colour scheme that complements the venue and your theme. Consider the lighting, as colours can appear differently in natural and artificial light. Use your palette for everything from table linens to florals to create a cohesive look.
  • Strategic Lighting: Lighting can dramatically alter a space. Use uplighting, fairy lights, and candles to create warmth and an inviting atmosphere. Consider hiring a lighting specialist to help highlight architectural features or create focal points.
  • Furniture and Layout: Cheap dry hire venues often come without furniture, giving you the flexibility to design your layout. Rent pieces that align with your theme and consider the flow of the event. Lounge areas, different table shapes, and a dance floor can all add to the experience. That gives you full freedom to choose the ideal seating arrangement!
  • Statement Pieces: Invest in one or two statement pieces that can transform the space. A flower wall, an elaborate chandelier, or a custom dance floor can become a talking point for your guests.
  • Work with Professionals: Consider hiring a wedding stylist or decorator who can bring your vision to life. They can handle the logistics of renting and setting up, allowing you to focus on enjoying your day.
  • Consider the Ceiling: Don’t forget to look up! Hanging decor, whether it’s floral installations, fabric draping, or lighting fixtures, can add an extra layer of glamour to the venue.
  • Final Touches: Details matter. Personalised menus, place cards, and thoughtful favours all contribute to the guest experience. These elements should reflect your theme and colour palette for a unified look.

Remember, the beauty of a dry hire wedding venue lies in the ability to make it exclusively yours. With a bit of creativity, you can transform any space into the wedding venue of your dreams!

If you’d like to discover ways to make your wedding a truly unforgettable day, don’t miss out on 5 unique wedding venue ideas in London

FAQs about Dry Hire Wedding Venues in London

How much does it cost to hire a dry hire wedding venue in London?

Dry hire wedding venues in London can be a great choice for couples who are on a budget but want to have their ceremony and reception in one place. The cost of hiring a venue in London depends on several factors, especially the location’s capacity (how many people it can hold either standing or sitting). For example, if you want to host your big day at a cheap dry hire wedding venue that holds 100 people, you could expect to pay between £850 - £2,000+ per session. If you want to host your wedding at a flexible venue that holds more than 300 people, you will likely find prices between £4,500 and £7,000+ per session. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which parts of London are the best for a dry hire wedding venue?

London is home to hundreds of dry hire wedding venues, so it can be a little overwhelming when you're looking for the perfect place to host your big day. The best way to find the perfect dry hire venue is by narrowing down your search based on your location. In London, we recommend starting with these neighbourhoods:

  • Kensington. The area around Kensington is home to some of the best dry hire wedding venues in London. It is known for its historic buildings, which make it perfect for a traditional wedding ceremony or reception. You can also find plenty of restaurants in this neighbourhood that are perfect for hosting your post-wedding celebrations.
  • Chelsea. The area around Chelsea Rail Station is another great option for your big day. This neighbourhood is known for its rich history, which can be seen in the many historic buildings and monuments. We recommend choosing a dry hire venue in this area to get the best of both worlds: a modern space that is enhanced by traditional architectural features.
  • Fulham. If you’re looking for a classic wedding venue, then you should consider Fulham as your top option. This neighbourhood is known for its many beautiful parks and gardens that are perfect for holding an outdoor ceremony or reception. You can also find plenty of hotels in this area that will provide some additional accommodation options if you need them.

How can I save money on a dry hire wedding in London?

London is a beautiful city, but it can be very expensive. If you're planning a wedding there, it's important to keep your budget in mind. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can save money on your wedding in London! Here are some ideas:

  • Try renting a simple venue. If you're planning a low-budget wedding or just want to cut down on your costs, try renting a simple dry hire venue. Dry hire means that you have access to the space—usually, a hall, ballroom or garden—but won't have to pay for food and drink.
  • Look into local suppliers. If you're planning a wedding in London, it's worth doing some research into local suppliers. For example, if you want your cake to be made by a local baker, ask around for recommendations. You might also look for local florists and photographers who can help make your day special but who don’t charge fees that will stretch your budget.
  • Use DIY projects for your wedding decor. For example, you can make flower arrangements yourself or find a local craft market where you can buy wedding decorations. You could also use family heirlooms for your centrepieces. You can also save money by choosing a venue that has a lot of natural lighting—this will help you keep costs down on flowers and candles.
  • Have your wedding at an off-peak time. Many people get married in the summer, and this can be expensive. If you'd like to cut down on costs, consider having your wedding in late spring or early autumn. You should also try to avoid weekends if possible; they tend to cost more than weekdays.

When should I book a dry hire wedding venue in London?

Booking a dry hire wedding space in London requires careful timing to secure your desired date and venue. For peak wedding seasons, such as spring and summer,booking at least 12 to 18 months in advance is advisable. These months are popular for weddings, and venues tend to get taken quickly. If you're planning a wedding during the quieter months of autumn or winter, booking 6 to 12 months in advance should suffice. However, remember that popular venues may still require advanced booking even during these off-peak seasons. Ultimately, the best time to book depends on your preferred date, venue, and the level of flexibility you have in your wedding plans!

Guests Reviews of Dry Hire Wedding Venues on Tagvenue

Lahiru B.
Booked The West Facing Deck at Tamesis Dock
I celebrated my 30th on the East Deck for about 35 people. The venue was great, the views are great and the boat is spacious. The staff were really friendly and professional, i found their communication before the booking to be great as they were really helpful getting the right type of booking. If you're looking for a more intimate gathering, I would highly recommend this place! Thanks for a great night
Yolanda P.
Booked Lower Floor at SAMA Bankside
I had my 30th birthday here and it was amazing from start to finish. Communication was 10/10, Steve was always on hand to answer any messages I had prior and on the day. He was very flexible and accommodating. I had the most wonderful evening and food was delicious. We were able to decorate it how we wanted too which made it feel more personal.
Nicky W.
Booked Botanical Bar at The Oliver Conquest
This was a fantastic venue for our event, with friendly and professional staff and a really good rate. Craig was very accommodating and let us bring our own food, play our own music through the (high quality & loud) speakers, and come early to decorate. Everyone enjoyed the event and loved the venue!
Felicia B.
Booked The Studio at Exhibit
The communication was prompt during booking process. On the actual day of our event we had the brilliant Yaya behind the bar. She went above and beyond to aid us. The floor manager (her name escapes me) was also good. She tried to accommodate our needs with a Spotify playlist. She also ensured our catering was the last thing to come out of the kitchen. This way it was nice and hot for our party. The food was also good.
Shona N.
Booked Whole Venue at The Union Regents
Cannot compliment The Union Regents enough, Francesca was wonderful in answering all my questions and the staff on the night were so friendly and welcoming. It's great value for all the space you get - although the weather for our event wasn't great, we were still able to make use of the really nice outdoor areas. Very convenient location as well. Would highly recommend and would happily book again!
Kimberly D.
Booked Mala Madre Events Space at The Last Talisman
Beautiful space for private events. We celebrated a 30th birthday and my guests and myself loved it. Beautiful decor, with own entrance and toilets. We also brought our own Dj that was a bonus. The canapés were so so good, my guests loved them. Only negative side with canapés you should have some pictures to show pre-booking. But they were so so good! We will definitely be back to try the main menu and consider this space for future events! Thanks again x
Juste G.
Booked Bar Space at Streatham Space Project
We had an amazing time in this venue ! Tali and the team were very helpful and friendly. Was such a smooth and easy conversation while planning the event. We couldn't be more grateful for everything. Thank you so much ❤️
Vinoth E.
Booked The Mezzanine at The Last Talisman
One word - Amazing !!! The staff was so helpful and catered to all our needs by providing services beyond expectations.

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