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Small Wedding Venues for Hire in London

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Top Small Wedding Venues in London

London is known for great small wedding venues, with more and more couples choosing to have an intimate wedding surrounded by their closest friends and family. The city has plenty of charming spaces which are perfect for smaller celebrations. And the really nice part? Here at Tagvenue we can help you find the perfect intimate wedding venue. Book with us and see how quick and easy it can be to compare different venues, contact managers and finalise the booking online!

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Small Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Planning an intimate wedding just for you and your closest friends and relatives? London has plenty of small wedding locations, and Tagvenue is here to help you find the wedding reception venue of your dreams, whether you're expecting 20 or 50 guests. Organising a smaller wedding will help you save money while maintaining an intimate atmosphere. If you want to spend quality time with your closest friends and family on your big day, small is the way to go.

Typical wedding venues usually have way more seats than you’re going to need, so if you want to hire out an entire venue for a small wedding, you have to think outside the box. Here’s some of our alternative wedding venues that are abundant in London: 

  • Pubs – Would you like to celebrate in a genuinely British way? Pubs with function rooms for hire make small and cheap wedding venues. They’re the ultimate choice for a laid-back, unconventional wedding reception. You can add a special touch with DIY pieces, too. Pub weddings are affordable, cosy and a little different – the perfect place for relaxed family affairs.
  • Boats – All aboard for the celebration! Some of our boat venues offer stunning views of the Thames. Sound like a truly memorable way to celebrate your wedding? Party boats vary in size and shape, which means you can find the perfect one for your intimate wedding.
  • Private dining rooms – Dreaming of an intimate wedding with a delectable menu? London is world famous for its culinary scene, so why not choose a private dining room for your wedding reception? With the city’s wide choice of restaurants, serving different types of cuisine, you’re sure to find a tailor-made option. Dining rooms have different capacities, so they’re perfect for both small and tiny weddings.

Personalising Your Wedding Venue

Congratulations on your engagement! If you've chosen London as the setting for your marriage celebration, you're in for a magical experience. Small wedding venues in the city offer a fantastic opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind day full of excitement. Personalising your venue is key to transforming a space into a reflection of your personalities, relationship, and journey together. Let's explore how to infuse your cosy wedding space in London with personal touches that will make your special day unforgettable.

  • Selecting the Right Venue: Start by choosing a venue that resonates with your story. Whether it's a quaint garden for nature lovers, an old-charm building for history buffs, or maybe an art gallery for the creatively inclined, London is full of venues that can reflect your interests and passions. Think about locations that hold special memories or align with your shared hobbies and use that as a starting point for personalisation.
  • Theme and Decor: Creating a theme that captures your essence as a couple can guide your decor choices and create a cohesive look. From the invitations to the table settings, infuse elements that represent your journey, motifs that symbolise your hobbies, or quotes that resonate with your bond. Incorporating photos of your journey together as a couple, whether through a photo display or table numbers featuring your adventures, adds a deeply personal touch!
  • Customised Signage: Personalised signage not only directs your guests but also adds character to your venue. Welcome signs, seating charts, and menu boards designed in your style can make the space truly yours. Consider working with a local artist or calligrapher to create these pieces for an added “you” touch.
  • Ideal Seating Arrangements: In a small wedding venue, how you arrange your seating can significantly impact the atmosphere. Opt for an arrangement that encourages conversation and interaction among your guests. Take a look at the guide section below to get more insights on it!
  • Curated Music Playlist: Music sets the tone for your celebration. Curate a playlist that includes songs that are significant to your relationship. From the processional to the last dance, let each song reflect milestones in your journey or genres and artists you both love. If space allows, consider hiring a musician or band that can bring your favourite tunes to life.
  • Thoughtful Favours: Wedding favours are a lovely way to thank your guests and leave them with a memento of your day. Choose favours that are meaningful to you and your partner, such as homemade goods if you love to bake or personalised seed packets if you're gardening enthusiasts.

The most memorable weddings aren't those with the grandest gestures but those where guests can feel the love being celebrated. Make sure to make your wedding truly your own - a day that not only marks the start of your married life but also pays homage to the journey that brought you two together!

Properly Seating Your Loved Ones

As you embark on planning your wedding, one crucial detail that can make a world of difference is the seating arrangement. Even though small wedding venues in London offer a lovely charm, they still require some consideration to ensure your guests feel comfortable, included, and part of the celebration. Let's dive into how to select the perfect seating arrangement that complements your venue and the personal vibe of your big day

Understanding Your Venue's Layout: First things first, get familiar with the layout of your chosen venue. Each space has its unique features, whether it's an enchanting ballroom, a chic restaurant, or a historic pub. Understanding the venue's dimensions, existing furniture, and any architectural highlights or restrictions will serve as your blueprint for planning the seating.

Seating Styles to Consider:

  • Traditional Rows: For the ceremony, traditional rows work well even in small event spaces. To enhance the intimacy, consider a circular or semi-circular arrangement that surrounds you and your partner, making every guest feel like they're part of the moment.
  • U-Shape or Oval: Ideal for both ceremonies and receptions, a U-shape or oval seating arrangement ensures that guests can see each other and interact easily, fostering a warm, inclusive atmosphere.
  • Family-Style Dining: Embrace the feeling of a family gathering with long banquet tables. This setup encourages conversation and can be a beautiful way to display your wedding feast, making everyone feel part of a special, communal experience.
  • Cocktail Layout: If you're opting for a more casual reception, a cocktail layout with standing tables and scattered seating allows guests to mingle freely. This setup works wonderfully for venues with limited space, offering flexibility and encouraging a dynamic flow.

Maximising Space and Comfort:

  • Leave Adequate Aisle Space: Ensure there’s enough room for guests to move comfortably around the venue. This is particularly important for allowing easy access to seats and facilitating movement during the ceremony and reception.
  • Consider Visibility: Arrange seating so every guest has a clear view of the ceremony or reception's focal points. In small event venues, even a slight elevation for the back rows can significantly improve visibility.
  • Incorporating Flexibility: Your seating arrangement doesn't have to be set in stone. For venues where space is a premium, consider versatile seating options that can be easily moved or adjusted after the ceremony for the reception. Furniture that serves double duty, like ottomans used for seating that can later be used as side tables, can be both practical and stylish.
  • Decor and Details: The right decor can complement your seating arrangement and enhance the venue's personal vibe. Use centrepieces that match the scale of your tables and ensure they don’t obstruct guests' views. Soft lighting, from fairy lights to candles, can add warmth to any seating layout.

Remember, the goal is to make every guest feel welcomed and connected, turning your wedding into a beautiful experience for all. If you’d like to explore seating arrangements more deeply, take a peek at 5 Inspired Wedding Seating Arrangement Ideas for Your Big Day.

How to plan a small wedding in London

Planning your own wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. We are experts in sourcing the best venues London has to offer, so that you can contact and book venues online, in mere minutes. If you need some tips and tricks on how to make your small wedding feel like a grand celebration, you don’t have to look any further. Here’s some of our best advice on how to plan a small wedding:

  • Arrange wedding reception games - For a small group of wedding guests, it’s easier to enjoy these kinds of activities. People who know one another well usually really get into the fun.
  • Host the entire wedding in one venue - Organising a small wedding gives you the chance to have both the ceremony and the reception in one place. The Tagvenue team is happy to help you find venues with a wedding licence, saving you a lot of time and hassle.
  • Think off-season - When you invite a small group of guests, it’s easier to find a date that’s suitable for most of them. Host your intimate celebration mid-week or during the less popular periods if you’re planning a budget wedding. That way, you’ll have more money for the honeymoon!
  • Get some great food - Whether you’re going for in-house catering or external vendors, you should have amazing food for your wedding dinner. Since you’re planning for way less people to come to your wedding, investing in quality is much more manageable. And if you want to save money, you and your family can make the buffet yourself! Just make sure to talk with the venue manager about their policy on bringing your own food and drinks.
  • Add a theme - Themed weddings have become super trendy over the last few years and a smaller scale will make it easier to keep it consistent. Go with a style you enjoy - whether it’s retro, art deco, seasonal, or industrial. You can even try to implement an interesting dress code which will look great on your wedding photos!
  • Make transport easy - This is especially important if you’ve found a venue on the outskirts of Greater London. If your venue is not easily accessible by public transport, you could consider hiring a bus for all the guests to commute easily? But if most of the guests will have to arrive by car, make sure the venue has enough parking for all of them.
  • Keep it intimate - During a massive wedding, the bride and groom have to make sure they have a chat with every guest, which leaves very little time for interaction. We think a big advantage of small weddings is the meaningful connections you can make with your friends and family.

So, we hope that we helped you hire the best small wedding venue for your celebration and budget. If you have any more concerns, you can ask around different venue managers for details about their offer, like if they have some wedding packages, what type of food they’re serving, etc. Don't hesitate to reach out to the venues' managers, as they will be glad to help you in your mission to find the ideal spot for your special day. You can also check out our FAQ section below:

FAQs about Small Wedding Venues in London

What are the advantages of hiring a small wedding venue in London?

Organising a wedding in London is nothing short of nerve racking, but choosing to have a small celebration rather than a big one can save you from unnecessary stress. If your budget is tight, inviting only a few of your closest friends and family will help you save some money that you can put towards your honeymoon! Additionally, there are way more options when it comes to venues in London, if the number of your guests is on the modest side.

How do I make my small wedding unforgettable?

When you save on an intimate wedding you can spend the rest of your budget to make it as charming as possible. This means decorations, more elaborate menu and drink options and entertainment! Or you can decide to hire your dream venue, which would have been way out of your budget if your guest list was longer. The options are truly endless, and simply depend on your priorities.

What are some unique small wedding venues in London?

Discover some amazing small venues that are perfect for a small crowd of your nearest and dearest. With these venues you won’t have to sacrifice any of your wedding day dreams just because you prefer a smaller and more intimate gathering.

How much does it cost to hire a small wedding venue in London?

Even in London, it is possible to find an affordable small wedding venue. Hire fees can go as low as £50 per hour or £100 per session. When it comes to minimum spend, the lowest price you can find is £100 per session. (All data from Tagvenue). If you are looking for a charming intimate wedding space no matter the price, you are sure to find what you’re searching for in no time.

Guests Reviews of Small Wedding Venues on Tagvenue

Anna G.
Booked Orangery & Courtyard at No.11 Cavendish Square
Fantastic wedding venue - amazing staff and beautiful rooms and courtyard. We loved every second of our wedding and it was definitely part due to the help and great service from the team at No 11 Cavendish Square. Aggi was brilliant as our event manager and always made sure that anything we asked about was sorted for us! Thanks again to everyone.
James H.
Booked Whole Venue at The Green Man
Hugo and his team were amazing at hosting our wedding reception. Great communication in the run-up to the event then on the day made sure that everything ran smoothly. Accommodated all of our special requests. It felt like they just wanted to make sure that we had the best day. Several of our guests commented how friendly Hugo and his staff were.
Simona H.
Booked The Tapestry Room at The Gore Hotel
We held our wedding reception at the Gore Hotel and have been extremely impressed with everything - the beautiful traditional venue as well as the professionalism, flexibility and helpfulness of all the staff starting from our Event manager Penelope to the reception manager and concierge to the restaurant staff on the day - they made our day absolutely perfect and nothing was too much trouble. I would heartily recommend the Gore Hotel to everyone!
Alicia P.
Booked Conservatory Area at The Alwyne Castle
We loved how well Manuel communicated with us, the space (conservatory) was a great place to host our wedding party, staff was attentive and food, delicious. The pub closed around 11pm and they let us stay a bit longer while people said their goodbyes, they did not pressure us to leave ASAP. Those small details make the difference, we were very appreciative of this. Everyone had a great time, so good!
Elena A.
Booked The Presidents Room at The Queen's Club
The venue and staff at Queen's Club is amazing. We held our 80 person wedding in the President's room and it was the best decision. From the initial outreach to coordination and final day of event everything was smooth and a pleasure to work with. The food was exceptional, I still have friends and family commenting on how amazing the meal was. If you are looking for a place to host a wedding or event, this would be an amazing option!
Bridget W.
Booked Training Room at David Game College
Totally efficient well signed good space for our needs. Might not suit a very formal event but perfect for working meetings
Christopher W.
Booked Bar Room at The George & Monkey
Chilled environment with friendly, helpful staff. Great quality and value for the food and drink. The venue was exactly as described and the management were very helpful on the build up to the event.
Husnara K.
Booked Whole venue at Islington Upper Street
Fantastic venue, really beautiful, spacious, great facilities, sound system, lighting, clean and the service was really brilliant. There were a couple of broken tables when we went to view and this was replaced instantly as soon as we mentioned it. The location is great, really close to two tube stations and easy to find parking close by in the evening. Really helpful instructions - could not have asked for a better place to hold our event.

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