Banquet Halls for Hire in London

Banquet Halls for Hire in London

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Top Banquet Halls in London

Banqueting is back! We have a fantastic selection of banquet halls for your special event. Whether you are organising a corporate dinner or the quintessential British banquet, great banqueting is all about doing something a little out of the ordinary. Banquet halls in London make for the ideal locations for staging significant social and professional gatherings. The act of enjoying a communal feast naturally brings people together, which explains why banquets are dominating event calendars all over the country. Whether you’ve got grand plans or aren’t quite sure where to begin, discovering the right banqueting hall for your outstanding banquet event all starts here.

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Banquet Halls Hire Guide

Banquet food should be mouth-watering, not boring, so keep fantastic feasting at the forefront of your mind when choosing your banquet hall to hire. When it comes to your magnificent meal, you want to be spoilt for choice. Whether your guests are sitting down to a five-course degustation menu, sampling street food, or enjoying bite-size banquet offerings, choosing the right menu for your event is key. 

Typically, your banqueting hall will provide catering. If your venue doesn't offer this service or you want to limit costs, alternative options to consider include non-traditional catering (like food trucks), sponsored catering, or DIY catering.

When planning your banquet, remember to think carefully about what type of banquet service you’d like, such as a sit-down meal or food station, as each has its own pluses and minuses. The sit-down style is appropriate for formal events, including weddings, while more casual options, like buffet-style and table d'hôte, are great for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and networking events.

Celebrating your big day with a sumptuous spread? Whether you’re dreaming of farm-to-table fare or a traditional Chinese wedding banquet, wedding feasts have come a long way from the chicken or fish options. Food trucks, specialty carts, and bars, sharing plates, and dessert tables are all bang on trend, with many couples opting for locally sourced, personalised menu offerings.

Popular Banquet Trends in London

  • Fusion menus that marry flavours from different cultures – this is a great option for a wedding that combines traditions
  • Themed banquets that bring events to life – popular themes include The Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey and Thanksgiving
  • Decorative and tasty creative desserts, like doughnut walls, macaron towers, and crepe cakes
  • Candlelit dinners that add a touch of magic to a festive feast, especially at Christmas 

Most Popular Banquet Types in London:

  • State banquets and functions
  • Formal dinners
  • Wedding banquets
  • Themed banquets
  • Conferences, meetings, and training sessions
  • Gala dinners and charity events
  • Christmas dinners and parties

Finding the perfect banquet hall for your event can seem daunting, as you'll need to balance your budget while booking a hall with the amenities that'll make your event sparkle. Luckily, we're here to make this task hassle-free. Our advanced venue search engine showcases the most sought-after banqueting halls right here in London, so you can focus on your main priority – making your event great.

Want to plan your banquet like a pro? Aim to secure your banqueting suite as soon as possible because the most popular locations sell out up to one year in advance. It's also helpful to have several workable dates in mind when you enquire about a banquet venue. 

How to Plan a Banquet on a Budget in London

It's worth remembering that community centres, parish halls, and function rooms are often much cheaper than a banquet hall, hotel, or conference centre. Here at Tagvenue, we list a range of alternative event spaces for hire, so it's easy to find an affordable place for your celebration. 

Helpful tips for organizing a banquet in London:

  • Preparing your guest list is an important step toward establishing a budget
  • Allocate the bulk of your budget to banquet hall hire, catering, and entertainment
  • Check if your catering team provides hospitality staff
  • Consider whether to provide a dress code, like black tie, formal or fancy dress
  • Check whether you can get a discount from your venue by taking care of some of the details yourself, like catering, decorating, or setting up, or by holding your banquet on a weekday
  • Schedule presentations throughout the meal so guests don't have to sit for long periods without talking
  • Send invitations six to eight weeks before your event
  • Pay attention to details because it's those little touches that'll have your guests talking for years to come!

Whether you hire a whole banqueting restaurant in Covent Garden, a banquet hall with a garden for a Muslim wedding ceremony, or an affordable function room in Greater London, Tagvenue can help you plan a banquet event that goes off with a bang. 

Things to consider when booking a banquet hall in London:

  • Your budget
  • Whether the venue can accommodate the number of guests you expect
  • The best seating arrangement for your needs (banquet, U-shape, cabaret, etc.)
  • What style of banquet ball you need (a fine dining restaurant with silver service, a semi-formal banquet hall with a dance floor, etc.)
  • If the location is convenient (whether it has good public transport connections, on-site parking, a valet service, etc.)
  • Any banquet hall facilities you require, like lighting, disability access, a sound system, a slide show projector, a kitchen or a grand staircase for pictures
  • The banquet hall’s cancellation policy
  • Catering options and licenses, like whether the banquet hall has an alcohol license or can cater to special dietary requirements (halal, kosher, gluten-free, vegan, etc.)
  • What type of food you’d like (modern British, Afghan, Chinese, Indian, etc.)
  • What type of bar you’d like (open bar, limited bar, white bar, etc.)
  • The type of banquet service that will work best (silver service, sit-down service, buffet service, station service, passed-tray service, etc.)
  • Entertainment options, like a DJ, live music, stand-up comedy, circus acts, magicians, fortune tellers, etc.
  • Whether there are any vendor restrictions in terms of decorations, noise, or photography
  • Event insurance
  • Whether you need a wet weather plan – this is a must for banquets held outdoors or in a marquee

Banqueting has hit the mainstream once again. Whether you're planning an award event, wedding reception, or foodie feast, Tagvenue is here to help make your big night a success. Want to find out why food and the capital are a perfect pairing? Organize your next banquet event with Tagvenue.

Planning Your Event Space for Maximum Impact - How to arrange seating, stages, and other elements

Creating the perfect ambience and ensuring the smooth flow of an event in a banquet hall requires meticulous planning and strategic arrangement of various elements. Whether you're organising a grand wedding reception, a formal corporate gathering, or an intimate celebration, the layout of your chosen banquet hall plays a pivotal role in its success. This guide delves into effective strategies for arranging seating, stages, and other essential components within different types of banquet halls across London.

Understanding the Venue

The first step in planning your event space for maximum impact is to thoroughly understand the banquet hall's dimensions, architectural features, and amenities. London has many venues, from sleek, modern locations to grand ballrooms housed in historic buildings. Every location has its own appeal and set of limitations that will affect your layout choices. 

Seating Arrangements

Seating arrangements are crucial for guest comfort and event flow. The nature of your event and the size of the guest list will determine the most suitable configuration:

  • Theatre Style: Standard for product launches, awards nights, or presentations. This layout maximises space and focuses attention on the stage or speaker. Chairs are arranged in rows, facing the front of the room, ensuring clear sightlines for all attendees.
  • Banquet Style: This classic arrangement features round tables spread throughout the room, fostering a more intimate and social atmosphere. Perfect for weddings, gala dinners, or celebratory events, it allows for elegant centrepieces and easy conversation among guests.
  • Cabaret Style: Similar to banquet style but with chairs arranged in an arc facing the stage or focal point, leaving a portion of the table empty. This setup is conducive to events where the audience's attention is split between the stage and their table, such as award ceremonies or interactive shows.
  • Classroom Style: Rows of tables with chairs facing the front of the room, suitable for workshops, seminars, or conferences. This layout facilitates note-taking and dining, albeit with less emphasis on participant interaction.
  • U-Shape or Boardroom Style: Ideal for meetings, small conferences, or group discussions, where interaction among attendees is paramount.

Stage Placement

The stage is often the focal point of an event, if there are speakers, performers, or even a bridal party. Its placement should ensure visibility for all guests while considering the flow of movement around the room. Central or frontal stage setups are common, but consider a runway or in-the-round stage for a more dynamic and engaging experience, especially in larger venues.

Dance Floors and Social Areas

No celebration is complete without an area to entertain and mingle, so consider hiring a London banquet hall with a dance floor! Its size and location depend on the event's nature and the guests' demographic. A central dance floor encourages participation, while a dance floor by the side allows for a more laid-back, observational stance. Incorporate lounge areas or quieter zones where your guests can go for conversation, especially in larger banquet halls where the noise level can be overwhelming.

Lighting and Acoustics

Lighting can transform a space, setting the mood and highlighting architectural features or décor elements. Use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create depth and interest. Acoustics play a vital role in ensuring speeches and performances can be clearly heard. Work with the venue manager to address potential sound issues, especially in historic banquet halls with high ceilings or hard surfaces.

Maximising London's Banquet Halls

London's banquet halls offer unparalleled diversity, from the opulent grandeur of places like the Main Hall at Lighthouse Grays or Great Hall at One Great George Street to the modern elegance of spaces like the Banqueting Hall at Glaziers Hall Limited. Tailoring your event layout to the unique characteristics of these venues will enhance your event's impact. Consider hiring a professional event planner in London who is familiar with London's best banquet halls to navigate the complexities of city regulations and venue specifics.

The layout of your hired banquet hall in London is more than just arranging tables and chairs; it's about creating an environment that enhances the guest experience, facilitates seamless event flow, and maximises the impact of your event. By considering the type of event, guest list size, and the unique features of your chosen venue, you can design a functional and unforgettable space. 

How to Select the Perfect Banquet Hall for Your Event Type


For weddings, the ambiance of the banquet hall is paramount. Couples often look for venues with a romantic atmosphere, elegant interiors, and picturesque backdrops for photographs. Consider old mansions, grand ballrooms, or luxurious hotels with a view of London's iconic landmarks. The venue should accommodate customisation, allowing you to tailor decorations, lighting, and layout to your theme. Moreover, consider the size carefully; a venue too large for your guest list can feel empty, while one too small can feel cramped.

Corporate Events

Corporate events, including conferences, seminars, and gala dinners, demand a different set of criteria. Look for banquet halls with advanced audiovisual equipment, high-speed internet, and flexible seating arrangements. Venues like modern conference centres, upscale hotel ballrooms, or unique event spaces within London's financial district can provide the professional ambience required. Ensure the venue is centrally located and easily reachable by public transport.

Social Events

The venue's vibe should align with the event's tone for social gatherings, such as birthday parties, anniversaries, or charity balls. Creative spaces like art galleries, rooftop terraces, or refurbished warehouses in trendy areas like Shoreditch or Camden can add an edgy, personalised touch. These venues often offer flexibility in catering, decor, and entertainment options, allowing you to craft a bespoke event experience.

FAQs about Banquet Halls in London

What are the prices for budget-friendly banquet hall rentals in London?

Large banquet halls in London frequently have a minimum spend requirement. The cost of the minimum spend varies and depends on the venue's size and the time of day or the day of the week you intend to hire the banquet hall. Typically, a daytime event costs more than a nighttime one. You should budget at least £1,000 and up to £4,500 or higher for a daytime hire. Expect to pay anything from £3,000 to £25,000 or more for an evening function. There can be a minimum spend requirement per session, with prices ranging from £500 to £6,000 or more. The hire fees might vary depending on your venue and are determined differently at each location. Hiring costs can be billed at hourly, half-day, full-day, or evening rates. The hire fees per session might be anywhere between £700 to £6,000 or higher. The hourly rates range from roughly £50 to £600, while the daily rates range from £500 to £5,000. The cost per person per session at banquet hall venues in London ranges from about £80 to £120 or more. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are the most popular banquet halls in London?

  • The Lakeview Suite at Regents Lake is a spectacular and spacious venue that is ideal for banquets and sizable events. At your next function, your guests will be blown away by this venue's stunning chandeliers, lofty ceilings, and balcony overlooking the ground level. A true show-stopper of a venue!
  • Plaisterer's Hall is as opulent and impressive as venues get. When it comes to seating configurations and decorations, this gorgeous location is incredibly adaptable. The space has floor-length windows that let natural light in for daily events, and magnificent gold chandeliers that truly make the space shine at nightfall. The neighbouring rooms of the Great Hall can be incorporated in the banquet’s sitting arrangements, which may be of use if you are dealing with larger events.
  • The Handley Page Room can be the ideal choice for you if you want a smaller banquet hall venue that nevertheless exudes luxury and style. Considering its size, the location is incredibly intimate and radiates natural and traditional charm. This stunning setting overlooking Hyde Park can accommodate up to 40 seated guests.
  • Check out The Carisbrooke Hall if you're looking for a banquet hall for your upcoming event that provides a totally unique ambience and seating arrangement for your guests. This stunning venue can accommodate a variety of large-scale events and exudes vintage charm. In addition to offering a variety of entertainment options, this exclusive space also has a dance floor and a big panoramic screen, so your guests can dance the night away in addition to enjoying an exquisite meal at your upcoming banquet.
  • If you really want to pick a special, one-of-a-kind location, you may consider something unconventional like Movies at Madame Tussauds. For your upcoming banquet, this event venue, which is a part of Madame Tussauds in London, offers an immersive Star Wars themed dining space. No venue in London compares to it. In this unusual setting, up to 200 people may feast like Jedis.

What are the benefits of booking a banquet hall for my next event in London?

In general, banquet halls are well-kept and spacious, and they come equipped with amenities like bathrooms and parking spaces. Banquet halls in London offer elegant and contemporary ambiance in comparison to smaller venues or any outside arrangement. They have staff that have been properly trained to help you with a variety of tasks. They already have beautiful furnishings, lighting and entertainment options, and seating arrangements, which reduces the planning process for your event.

How far in advance should I book a banquet hall in London for my event?

Booking a banquet hall in London should be done well in advance, ideally 6 to 12 months before your event. This is particularly important if you have a specific date or location in mind or if your event falls during a peak season. By booking early, you can secure your preferred venue and have sufficient time to plan other aspects of your event, such as catering, decor, and guest invitations.

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Andrew is absolutley amazing. My event is this friday and Andrew and Gigi have been great throughout. Their communication has been great and they are very friendly. They have allowed me to come down to the site many time. I couldn't recommend more
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Firstly I would like to say huge thank you to the entire team at the Skinny Kitchen. Initially when I booked the Skinny Kitchen I was speaking with Rianna who was very lovely and very accommodating to me. Communicating with team was so effortless and everyone very responsive to anything I asked. The team were so helpful in helping us setting up for our event and the service we received on the day was nothing short of amazing. A massive thank you to the entire team and I would highly recommend the Skinny Kitchen to everyone
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Good food, excellent service, and very responsive to emails in the planning. Everything worked out well, and attendees had a great time
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- Very pleasant, accommodating and helpful staff - Facilities were organised just as instructed - Food was great Overall a great event, thank you.
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Our host was very helpful and lovely, she made us feel welcome and was able to answer any uestions we had The boat itself was amazing and perfect for our baby shower. They decorated the place well and the weather was great so we had the ceiling open which made it even better All our guests loved it and we will definitely recommend this venue to everyone! And will definitely use it again in the future!
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Food was great. Decorations were good. Location was perfect. Accomodating.

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