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Discover the exciting wedding venues that await you in luxurious Mayfair. This lovely and posh area in London will definitely charm you and your guests with its beautiful Georgian townhouses, fancy hotels and gourmet restaurants on every corner. If you’re looking for a wedding space with a wow factor, you’ll definitely find it there! So why not start your wedding planning now and look for an ideal venue now? Take our smart engines for a spin and book your dream wedding space today!

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Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Wedding Venues in Mayfair FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a wedding venue in Mayfair?

Prices for wedding venues in Mayfair will range anywhere from £2500 to £10000+ per event. The majority of wedding reception venues offer wedding packages which can cost from £90 to £160+ per person. But it’s also common to rent a space on the basis of minimum spend - these prices start from £1000 and can go up to £6000+. However, these are general prices, so it’s best to message the venue directly for an individual offer based on your personal requirements. (All data from

Where can I find wedding venues in Mayfair?

When looking for the ideal venue, you should consider whether the overall feel of the location will match your wedding vibes. The wedding venues in Mayfair mainly boast an upscale and chic setting! For the best options that are stylish and modern, you should look around Bond Street Station and Oxford Circus Station - the ballrooms, restaurants, and hotel wedding venues, there offer not only an upscale ambience but also flexible settings that will perfectly work with your glamorous vision. However, if you’d like something less formal, an abundance of bars, pubs and blank canvas venues in Piccadilly Circus will suit your needs. Known for its vibrant feel, it is a popular option both for a laid-back wedding and elegant reception and offers excellent cocktail lounges, banquet halls and restaurants.

How early should I book a wedding venue in Mayfair?

A general rule of thumb suggests booking your venue as early as you can. Wedding venues in Mayfair are really sought-after, so you should book at least one year in advance if you want to enjoy a long list of venues to choose from. You’ll have enough time to rule out spaces that don’t match your requirements, contact the managers for an individual offer and see the venue in person. If you want the process to be as smooth as possible, ensure that you’ve set a guest list and decided on a budget. These two factors will help you determine your best option and you’ll be much more confident with your decision.

Can you recommend some wedding venues in Mayfair?

Absolutely! We’re more than happy to recommend to you some of the great wedding venues in Mayfair that our customers have fallen in love with. 

Long Drawing Room at Dartmouth House - This elegant mansion set in the heart of Mayfair will be the perfect option for couples that would like to have a classy wedding with a luxurious feel. The venue features vintage decorations, a beautiful ornamented ceiling and draped full-length windows that leave a lasting impression.  

The Conservatory at The Chesterfield Mayfair -The marble-floored conservatory is a fantastic and intimate wedding venue suitable for smaller receptions. Your guests will fall in love with the lush green plants and stylish decorations that adorn this place. 

Whole Venue at Maddox Tavern - This restaurant boasts vintage decor and a simple, effortless style that you won’t find elsewhere in the district.

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