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From historic halls that are ideal for formal occasions to the grandest banquet suites London has to offer, our selection of the capital’s most impressive hall venues for hire is sure to catch your eye. Whether you're organising a charity ball, high school prom, grand gala or even conference, Tagvenue is here to help make sure your stylish celebration is a success. Browse through our expertly curated list of the best halls available for events and find the perfect fit for your special occasion.

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Halls Hire Guide

London’s versatile halls can be hired for a variety of events – they're ideal for playing indoor sports, make good rehearsal spaces for workshops or auditoriums for guest lectures, and much more! 

So, what are you looking for? Is it cheap party halls for hire, large halls for conferences, or perhaps dreamy wedding reception venues? We know that finding the right space isn’t always a piece of cake, but we aim to make it easier! Browse through our collection, from livery and church halls to community centres with spaces for hire. Halls tend to be great blank canvas spaces, where you can add your own personal touch and make your private party go off with a bang. Planning an awards ceremony, gala dinner or business function on a tight budget? A cheap community hall venue or a school hall may well be worth looking into, as they’re usually more budget-friendly than hotels and traditional conference rooms.

Book a hall in London for any event

Still not sure about hiring a hall for your special occasion in London? Take a look at some of our ideas and recommendations:

  • How about a university hall to hire for your big day? These spaces can work perfectly as cheap wedding venues! It makes the event particularly special if you and your other half come from the same academic background. In London, there are a variety of classic function halls to choose from, and we know where to find them!
  • For Asian weddings in London, hall hire is the ultimate solution. You're going to need a lot of space for dining, dancing and entertainment. Halls can be stylish and spacious at the same time, and there’s the option to bring in your own external caterer for your big day. Choose your requirements in our smart search filters and see what you can find.
  • If you’re looking for birthday venues or kids' party spaces, we have party halls in Central, North, West, East and South London. Think about searching for community halls for hire and adapt it to your needs. Whether it’s a 6th, 16th or 60th birthday celebration, you can accommodate the room to your taste with balloons, a themed cake and entertainers.
  • Sports halls don’t have to be boring! Have you ever seen a basketball court with gothic arches? The one at Harrow Club W10 takes sports hall hire to a whole new level. Its designers managed to mix and match styles and have created a unique space your guests will love.

Decorating a hall venue

Need some more advice on hosting an event? You don’t need to have years of experience to make a hall look wonderful. We’ve prepared some advice for you:

  • Think of a unique theme. A Great Gatsby-themed party never disappoints. If you hire a vintage hall in London for your roaring 20s style party, it will be a night to remember. The Great Hall at The Queen’s House is a perfect choice for this kind of setting.
  • Choose your colour scheme. Picking two or three matching tones is enough to create an ambience that everyone will remember. You can also get inspired by Truman Capote’s famous party and arrange everything in black and white only!
  • Lighting is key. You can change the mood of the venue completely with its setting and colours. When you have a tight budget, think about using white Christmas lights. They’re a classic solution which allows for a cosy look without spending a fortune!
  • For flower decorations, use in-season bouquets only. It will make your event cheaper and friendlier for the environment, it’s a win-win situation.

Take a look at some of London’s fantastic halls for hire

Here at Tagvenue, we understand how much effort it takes to create a jaw-dropping event. Having an amazing venue is a great starting point. We can help you with this part, so you can focus on all the details. We list a range of cheap hall venues for your next special occasion. Want to know what’s hot in the city? Check out our list:

  • Stationers’ Hall at Stationers’ Hall and Garden – Situated just steps away from the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, Stationers’ Hall prides itself on an extraordinary heritage and an excellent central location. The venue consists of four connected rooms with a one-of-a-kind historical, opulent feel to each of them. If you’re looking for a unique hall in the City of London, this is the one!
  • Chapel Room at Katherine Low Settlement – Looking for an affordable, yet classy hall in Battersea? Katherine Low Settlement has a place that’s perfect for all of your needs. This event hall is happy to host a wide range of events, from meetings and training to parties and sports events.
  • Old Parish Hall at Core Clapton – A former Edwardian parish hall stylishly renovated into a bright and airy blank canvas space in Clapton, Old Parish Hall is our North London favourite for all kinds of events that call for a versatile venue, whether it’s a reception or a performance.
  • Conference & Meeting Hall at Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert's - In the proximity of West Kensington station, Refettorio Felix offers this magnetic conference hall, renovated by an award-winning designer. Reception, theatre, boardroom and classroom styles are all available options for your event. The best part? The booking fees you pay will go to charity!
  • Sports Hall at Haileybury Centre – Designed with sports in mind, this hall at Haileybury Centre is happy to host all kinds of events and gatherings. Oh, and it’s really budget-friendly, too!
  • Whitehall Suite at One Whitehall Place – A former gentlemen's club, One Whitehall Place now offers eight stunning banquet halls, all bursting with one-of-a-kind character. All this just a stone’s throw from the Embankment station, what’s not to love?
  • Lighthouse Venue – Boasting one of the biggest cinema screens in the UK, Southwark’s Lighthouse Venue is the perfect hall for events that require state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to really blow the audience away.

Creative and practical decorating tips for different types of halls 

  • Grand Ballrooms: Elegance and Opulence

Grand ballrooms in Mayfair or Notting Hill, epitomising luxury, are perfect for upscale events. When decorating these majestic spaces, consider a palette of rich colours like deep blues and burgundy complemented by gold accents. Luxurious drapery, ornate centrepieces, and sophisticated lighting, such as crystal chandeliers, enhance the regal atmosphere. Incorporating elements like mirrored tables and velvet linens adds a touch of grandeur to the hall.

  • Industrial Spaces: Chic and Edgy

Industrial halls in areas like Knightsbridge and Marylebone offer a unique canvas for modern and edgy decor. Embrace the raw, urban aesthetic with exposed brickwork, metallic fixtures, and minimalist lighting. Use bold, contemporary art pieces and neon signs to inject personality. Opt for eclectic furniture - a mix of vintage and modern pieces creates a chic yet approachable atmosphere. Incorporating greenery with potted plants or hanging installations adds a fresh touch to the industrial setting.

  • Historic Halls: Timeless Sophistication

Kensington's historic halls, with their timeless charm, are ideal for classic and sophisticated events. Use a neutral colour scheme with soft pastels to complement the venue's natural elegance. The hall's history is reflected through cascading greenery and blooms. Vintage furniture, like antique wooden chairs and classic tableware, aligns perfectly with the historic ambience.

  • Contemporary Spaces: Modern and Versatile

 Contemporary halls lend themselves to a variety of themes. Utilise modern decor elements like geometric shapes, sleek furniture, and vibrant colour schemes. Innovative lighting solutions, such as LED installations or coloured spotlights, can dramatically alter the space's feel. Interactive elements, like digital guestbooks or projection mapping, add a cutting-edge twist.

  • Riverside Venues: Nautical Elegance

 Venues along the Thames provide a stunning backdrop for events. Embrace a nautical theme with blues, whites, and sandy neutrals. Decor elements like rope accents, lanterns, and driftwood centrepieces bring in the riverside charm. Large glass windows can be left undraped to allow guests to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Thames.

  • Quirky Venues: Eclectic and Artistic 

Quirky halls in places like Camden call for imaginative and artistic decor. Think bohemian chic – a vibrant mix of colours, patterns, and textures. Handmade decorations, ethnic rugs, and unconventional seating like floor cushions or bean bags create a relaxed, informal environment. Art installations and graffiti walls can serve as conversation starters.

Party halls in areas like Dulwich and Greenwich, surrounded by lush greenery, are perfect for a nature-inspired theme. Use elements like wood, stone, and natural fibres to blend the indoors with the outdoors. Floral arches, green walls, and botanical motifs in the decor will create a serene, garden-like atmosphere. Soft, warm lighting, like fairy lights or lanterns, enhances the natural beauty.

The key is harmonising the decor with the venue's character while infusing your style. Whether it's a corporate event in Southwark or a wedding in Kensington, the right decor can transform a hired hall into an unforgettable setting.

Layout and Seating Arrangements to Maximise Your Hired Event Space

Hiring a hall in London means you have access to venues ranging from Victorian-era ballrooms to contemporary, minimalist spaces. Planning layouts for each hall according to its unique charm is important.

Event Type and Venue Selection

  • Corporate Events: Consider halls with a formal and sophisticated ambiance for conferences or business meetings. Venues like the White Loft + The Chalet at Lumiere London Old Street are ideal. A U-shaped or boardroom-style layout fosters interaction and engagement among attendees.
  • Weddings: Grand halls like the Whole Venue at Porchester Hall offer elegance. A banquet-style layout with round tables encourages a warm, communal atmosphere for weddings. Consider also a dance floor area and a separate space for the ceremony.
  • Art Exhibitions and Cultural Events: Cultural spaces like Gallery 13 at Saatchi Gallery are perfect. These events benefit from an open-plan layout, allowing guests to meander through the art displays.
  • Private Parties: Small spaces like the Watandar Hall provide a unique experience. A cocktail layout with scattered high tables and lounge areas works well for a relaxed, social vibe.

Maximising Space: Strategic Layout Planning

  • Understand Capacity: Always start with the hall’s maximum capacity. This number is not just about legality but also comfort. Overcrowding can make an event feel chaotic, while too sparse a setting can appear underwhelming.
  • Flow of Movement: Ensure there is clear and easy access to key areas like exits, restrooms, and food stations. A well-thought-out flow prevents bottlenecks and enhances the overall experience.
  • Seating Arrangements: Tailor your seating based on the event’s nature. Round tables are great for galas and weddings, whereas theatre-style seating suits large conferences. For interactive workshops, consider cabaret-style seating.
  • Use Vertical Space: In London’s more compact event venues, vertical space can be a game-changer. Use tall decorations or screens to draw the eye upwards, making the room feel larger.
  • Lighting and Decor: Lighting can transform a space. Soft, warm lighting creates an intimate setting, while bright, dynamic lights suit corporate events. The decor should complement the hall’s architecture and event theme.

Venue-Specific Considerations

  • Historical Venues: In venues with historical significance, it’s important to respect the character of the space and avoid obstructing significant architectural features.
  • Modern Spaces: For halls with a blank canvas, you can be bold with layout and decor.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Some halls in London have gardens or terraces; use these for cocktail receptions or breakout sessions.

FAQs about Halls in London

What are some of the best halls for hire in London?

London has some amazing halls available for hire to choose from. Here are Tagvenue's top picks:

Core Clapton – This is a large blank canvas space that can host a variety of events from corporate gatherings to elegant balls. The space offers an exciting blend of vintage architecture and modern features. It also offers a range of amenities that will make your next event comfortable and easy.

Tramshed – Tramshed offers a beautiful vintage setting that is perfect for hosting a wide range of events. The space adorns a large window with stained glass which will wow your guests. If you’re planning to prepare your own food, booking a hall without catering like this one is a great choice!

Refettorio Felix – If you are looking for a functional workspace with tons of space, then look no further then Refettorio Felix. The event space is perfect for product launches, large meetings, and workshops and boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere.

How can I hire a hall on a budget in London?

You do not need to break the bank to rent a hall in London. You can find spaces all over the city at just about every price point, so you are bound to find one that works for your budget. Fortunately for you, Tagvenue has curated a list of the best halls in town. Also, try to search for minimum spend and dry hire venues to help stay within your budget. If you are expecting a limited number of attendees, then small halls with per person packages are the place for you.

Where can I book a hall in London?

London has amazing event spaces all over the city, but you will be able to find some of the best in Finsbury. There are plenty of public transportation options available to get to this part of the city and its central location makes it easy for people to get to, whether they are locals or from out of town. Another great location is Tottenham if you are looking for a place a little farther away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. If you’re looking to hire a hall for a party in London, the city centre will be the best location. From quirky spaces and studios in Hackney and elegant ballrooms in Westminster to large party rooms in the City of London, there’s much to discover! 

How do I ensure the London hall meets my event requirements?

To ensure the hall you hire in London meets your event requirements, start by clearly defining the purpose and size of your event. This will help you narrow down the suitable types of halls, whether it's a grand ballroom for a lavish wedding or a sophisticated space for a corporate event. Next, consider the location and transport accessibility of the hall, ensuring it's convenient for your guests to reach via public or private transport. Visiting the venue in person is crucial to gauge its ambience and layout and to ensure it matches your expectations regarding size, facilities, and aesthetic appeal. Ask about customization options like seating arrangements, lighting, and décor to see how the space can be tailored to your needs. Finally, review the hall's amenities, such as audio-visual equipment, catering services, and parking availability. Clear communication with the venue's management about your specific requirements and expectations is key to a successful event.

Guests Reviews of Halls on Tagvenue

Breakfast B.
Booked Unique Space Under The Arches at The Kitchen Counter
Harry’s kitchen was AMAZING !!! The staff were so helpful and professional. Jordan is so lovely everything is great the venue is amazing it’s clean and spacious ! Definitely recommended hosting your events here !
Joe H.
Booked Function Hall at The Woodside Park Club
Great venue, great service, great value! Charlotte was really responsive and attentive throughout the booking process, and nothing was too much trouble. All the staff were really friendly and helpful. I love that it is a family business too - would definitely book here again!
Deborah A.
Booked Large Hall (with Kitchen) at St Paul's UR Church and halls
The hall is really good, the staff were nice. The kitchen was well presented and clean.. there were no issues with the booking, it was a straight forward process. I would recommend this hall to anyone!
Brooke C.
Booked Middle Floor at The Venue on Middle St
Amazing place to get married everyone there is amazing the staff are kind, patient and helpful there just all around amazing. The venue it self is just amazing! I love it.
Helen G.
Booked Dome Suite at Shirley Park Golf Club
All the staff were very friendly, welcoming and efficient. All our guests including the children were made very welcome and we had lots of positive comments from our guests about the fork buffet which was excellent in terms of quality and value. The lemon cheesecake was especially good but all the food was great. The bar manager looked after the children's needs with squash as well as sensitively serving the Prosecco. If we needed to find a venue in this part of London again this would be our first port of call. It was a pleasure to organise the event with the support of this staff team.
Cassandra H.
Booked The Nave at St Ethelburga's Centre
Available to hire until late. Staff were very accommodating from the point of enquiring though to support on the day. Nelson was very friendly and hands on, helping us all evening.
Gloria E.
Booked Main hall at London Academy of Excellence Tottenham
The whole experience and hospitality of the team from beginning to end was exceptional, from security, to receptionist and cleaners everyone was professional and on job on all requests we needed, thank you to Paul for making sure our event was successful and met our needs even with extras we really appreciate it and hope to have created a good relationship for future events
Zoe A.
Booked The Terrace at Near & Far Camden
The staff attentiveness was fabulous, and we were so impressed with the food (and how big the platters were!) and cocktail jugs. The space itself was fantastic and absolutely perfect for our group. And being able to have the England match on was a big bonus too!

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