Find your Wedding Restaurant Venue in London

Find your Wedding Restaurant Venue in London

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Top Wedding Restaurant Venues in London

Is your wedding approaching faster than the speed of light? Then you should start browsing for the perfect venue that will help make your big day truly remarkable. Luckily, on Tagvenue you’ll find a curated list of the best wedding restaurant venues in London that are more than ready to help you organise the wedding of the century. Having a wedding at a restaurant is not only a great way to save some money, but also to surprise everyone with a unique ambience and delightful food! So why not start browsing our list now? You’ll find the perfect restaurant within minutes of searching!

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Wedding Restaurant Venues Hire Guide

Whether you’re after something traditional, glam or hopelessly romantic, you’ll be amazed at what you can find here in the capital. No matter if you're serving up simple canapés or sitting down to a six-course dégustation, #tagvenue is sure to have something with the wow factor you’re after. And the best part? It’s fast and easy to search, which means your dream wedding restaurant venue is only a few clicks away.

Understanding Wedding Packages at Restaurant Venues in London

When planning a wedding at a restaurant venue in London, one of the most convenient and cost-effective options can be selecting a wedding package. These packages bundle various services and amenities into one price, simplifying the planning process and providing clear cost expectations. Here’s a guide to help you navigate and understand wedding packages in London advantages for your special day.

Key Components of Wedding Packages

  • Meal Services: Most packages will specify whether they offer a sit-down dinner, buffet, or canapé reception. It includes the number of courses, menu options, and sometimes even a tasting session to finalise your selections.
  • Beverages: Packages usually outline what drinks are included, such as a welcome drink, wine during the meal, and a champagne toast. Look for details on whether there’s an open bar, a limited selection of drinks, or if it’s a pay-per-drink setup.
  • Venue Hire: Details about the space included in your package are critical. This includes exclusive or partial use of the restaurant such as using a dining room only,  the duration of the hire, and any restrictions.
  • Staffing: Understand what level of service the package provides. This can range from waiting staff and bartenders to a dedicated wedding coordinator for the day.
  • Decor and Setup: Packages may include basic decorations, table settings, and setup/takedown services. Always check what's provided and what you might need to source yourself or upgrade.
  • Entertainment and Equipment: Some packages come with built-in sound systems for music or speeches and may allow for live entertainment. Verify any included features or limitations on external vendors.

Tips for Selecting the Right Package

  • Match Your Vision: Ensure the package aligns with your wedding theme and expectations. If a package seems almost right but needs tweaking, ask if modifications are possible.
  • Consider Your Guest List: Choose the best package for your London event that comfortably accommodates your guest count, considering both space and budget.
  • Compare and Contrast: Look at multiple packages and venues to find the best value. Don’t just compare prices; consider what’s included in each package.
  • Read the Fine Print: Understand cancellation policies, payment schedules, and what happens if guest numbers change. Knowing these details upfront can save headaches later.
  • Negotiate Extras: If you’re close to deciding but want a little more from your event package, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Whether it’s an extra hour of bar service or upgraded linens, venues are often willing to accommodate reasonable requests to secure your booking.
  • Dietary Considerations: Ensure the package can cater to any dietary requirements. Whether it's vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or allergy-specific meals, clarity on these options is crucial.

Choosing a wedding package at a London restaurant space can streamline your planning process, making it easier to budget and coordinate your special day. By understanding what packages offer and asking the right questions, you can ensure that your wedding not only meets but exceeds your expectations, all while keeping to your budget.

Integrating Dietary Preferences at Wedding Restaurant Venues in London

When planning a wedding reception at a restaurant in London, accommodating the dietary restrictions and preferences of your guests is paramount to ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience. From allergies and intolerances to lifestyle choices and religious requirements, here’s a comprehensive guide to seamlessly integrating these considerations into your wedding meal planning.

Communication Is Key

  • Gather Information Early: Include a section on your RSVP cards or digital invitations where guests can note any dietary restrictions or preferences. This proactive approach helps in planning well in advance!
  • Clear Dialogue with the Venue: Once you have a comprehensive list of dietary needs, discuss these with your chosen reception venue. Transparency about what the venue can accommodate is crucial. Ensure they have experience in handling various dietary requirements with care and attention to detail.

Menu Planning and Customisation

  • Diverse Menu Options: Work with the restaurant to ensure that the menu offers a variety of dishes catering to common dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options. A diverse menu ensures all guests have something delicious to enjoy.
  • Bespoke Dishes: Some guests may have less common restrictions or severe allergies. Discuss the possibility of creating bespoke dishes for these individuals. Personalised meals demonstrate thoughtfulness and care.
  • Tasting Sessions: If possible, include dietary-restricted dishes in your menu tasting sessions. This allows you to ensure the alternative options are just as delightful as the rest of the menu.

Communication with Guests and Staff

  • Informing Guests: Clearly communicate to your guests what dietary accommodations have been made. This can be through personalised menus at their table setting or a note in the wedding programme.
  • Staff Briefing: Ensure the restaurant staff are fully briefed on the dietary requirements of your guests. Knowledgeable staff can confidently assist guests, ensuring everyone’s needs are met seamlessly during the event.

Labelling and Presentation

  • Menu Labelling: Consider having detailed menus that label the common dietary accommodations (e.g., "GF" for gluten-free, "V" for vegan). This simple step can significantly enhance the dining experience for guests with restrictions.
  • Separate Serving Stations: If your reception includes a buffet or serving stations, consider separate areas for specific dietary-restricted foods to avoid cross-contamination and to make it easier for guests to navigate their options!

Plan B: External Catering

  • External Caterers: If your London wedding restaurant is unable to accommodate all dietary needs, ask if you can bring in an external caterer for specific dishes. Some venues are flexible with such arrangements, especially for cultural or very specific dietary needs. Simply use Tagvenue’s smart filters to see listings of all the venues that allow external catering!
  • Packaged Meals: Another alternative is arranging for individually packaged meals from a specialist caterer for guests with strict dietary restrictions. Ensure these are presented elegantly to match the occasion.

With careful planning, open communication, and a little creativity, your wedding restaurant venue in London can deliver a sumptuous dining experience that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their dietary needs. To make sure your big day is planned with attention to the smallest details, have a look at Top 5 Things to Organise Before Your Wedding!

FAQs about Wedding Restaurant Venues in London

How much does it cost to hire a wedding restaurant venue in London?

When browsing for the ideal wedding restaurant, expect to find different hire options. At some restaurants, you can hire a venue on a minimum spend basis, while others offer special per-person wedding packages that will include a set menu, drinks, the hire fee and a few basic amenities. Expect minimum spend in London to range anywhere from £800+ and per person packages to start, on average, around £100. (All data from

Can I decorate a wedding restaurant venue?

It depends on the venue. Some have fixed table arrangements and decor which means you won’t be able to change it. However, most of them will allow you to add some personal touches to the venue in some way so that it feels like it’s your wedding day. We recommend discussing that matter with the venue manager at the beginning stages of your enquiry to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Where can I find some great wedding restaurants in London?

In London, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding restaurant venues! You’ll find them all over the city, but we recommend starting your search in Southeast London, Southwest and East Central London. These areas offer fantastic restaurants with mesmerising decor and even more delightful food that will spoil even the pickiest palate. They are definitely hotspots for everyone who’s looking for a splendid wedding dining experience that will mark your celebration as truly special.

Can you recommend some of the best wedding restaurants in London?

  • Fidelio: Host an unforgettable reception at a cosy venue with a touch of rustic charm. This wedding restaurant is ideal for guests of up to 50 guests.
  • The Milestone Hotel and Residences: Wow your guests with this luxurious and elegant reception venue near High Street Kensington Station. It offers a sophisticated setting with impeccable service and exquisite cuisine, perfect for intimate wedding dinners for around 20-30 guests.
  • Patch East: Transform your bridal reception into a groovy night at this energetic cocktail bar in Central London! Its private dining area is perfect for weddings of up to 100 guests, with ample space to dance and mingle.

Guests Reviews of Wedding Restaurant Venues on Tagvenue

Diana R.
Booked Princess Room at The Princess of Wales
We had our wedding reception here and it was amazing! I must thank Fefe, Ada, Claudi and Loni for making my wedding reception wonderful! Communication was easy and they were able to accommodate the requests that I had which I loved and appreciated! I had told them the vision I had in mind and they were willing to accommodate. Super professional and have to thank the team for helping out setting up the tables and cleaning up - we were hungover the day after! Lastly, food and drinks were tasty! I would recommend this venue!
Martha M.
Booked Whole venue at Patch East
Paola specifically was lovely to work alongside in planning our wedding party; communication was great and all of our questions were answered. Paola is also someone who’s just solutions focused which takes pressure off your shoulders with all the ‘what could go wrong’ feelings you get when planning a wedding. We also wanted to massively commend Patrick the Event Manager and his bar staff team on the night. They were brilliant and brought such great vibes- it really felt like they were part of the party. If I ever needed anything Patrick was already on it. The suppliers recommended to us by Patch e.g the DJ were also excellent- great value for money and really talented. The space looked really beautiful, the team and my friends had done a great job setting it up.
Jack S.
Booked Main Bar at The Queens Head
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect venue for our wedding reception! From the moment we stepped through the doors, we were greeted by the most friendly and welcoming staff we could have hoped for. Their warmth and enthusiasm made us feel like we were among friends, and that set the tone for the entire evening. The location itself was absolutely stunning. The pub was beautifully designed and decorated, creating a charming and cozy atmosphere that was perfect for our celebration. It provided the ideal backdrop for our special day, and our guests were in awe of the venue's charm. One aspect that was particularly important to us was finding a gay-friendly venue, and we were thrilled with the inclusive and accepting environment the pub offered. It was clear that they not only welcomed but celebrated all forms of love, which meant the world to us and our LGBTQ+ friends and family. Our wedding reception at this venue was an unforgettable experience, thanks in no small part to the incredible staff, the fantastic location, and the warm and inclusive atmosphere. We couldn't recommend this venue more highly for anyone looking to celebrate their love in a truly special place.
Caroline G.
Booked Garden Room & Banksy Garden at The Princess of Wales
Excellent venue. Did not disappoint. I booked the Garden Room for a wedding party, following an overseas wedding earlier in the year. From the very first point of contact the service was faultless. Kendal was very efficient in respect of pre party organising. The staff on the night were excellent. They were friendly and professional. Bar was run well and the food was good. Venue was clean and fresh. Garden was a real gem and perfect for a summer evening. Very pleased and highly recommended.
Sabina E.
Booked The Drawing Room at Fortnum & Mason
We hosted our wedding dinner reception for 45 people here following our Town Hall ceremony and we could not be happier with how the day turned out. To host such a special day in an iconic venue like Fortnum & Mason was a treat for everyone, especially for our out of town guests. Justine, our events contact, was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process in making our day perfect, and her and her team truly delivered and made the planning experience seamless. The food was impeccable - elevated but filling and extremely delicious. Every single guest told us that the food was one of the best meals they've had. The room itself was gorgeous and didn't need much additional decor aside from some fresh flowers and personal touches. The best part about F&M was that the minimum spend was more than reasonable - it allowed us to opt for the Wedding Package while also remaining in our budget. The venue also provided a lot of collateral such as table setting signage, place cards, printed personalised menus, etc. I cannot recommend the Drawing Room at Fortnum & Mason enough. It made our wedding day so special.
Rachel E.
Booked Function Suite at The Dickens Inn
Agata was extremely efficient and her professionalism and enthusiasm made planning our reception much easier. The Service we received from the Dickens Inn has been super, great value and that location is just fantastic. The Function Suite is a lovely space and our reception was well managed. The food is of great quality and the chef was able to accommodate a couple of last minute allergy requirements.
Diana J.
Booked Gardens at Laban Building
The venue's appearance is stunning and quirky, which is why we chose it. Also there is huge flexibility to take up as much or as little space as you need for your party using different areas or studios and to arrange a band, food, bar etc how it suits you. Sylvia was very helpful and accommodating throughout and oversaw every detail on the day so we could just enjoy our own party. Guests loved it.
Wenxi T.
Booked The Heights Bar at Saint Georges Hotel
We really enjoyed our wedding reception at the heights bar. Everything was perfectly organised and the food was very tasty (we went for the finger bufffet) with lots of drink options including cocktails. Thank you so much for organising a lovely reception for us.

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