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Looking to get married in a stunning outdoor setting? London has lots of choices when it comes to outdoor wedding venues. Whether you’re dreaming of a park, terrace, or pier for your perfect wedding, we’ll help you to make that dream a reality. Tagvenue lets you compare venues based on detailed venue pages, make enquiries, communicate with managers, and book online. And you don’t even have to pay anything for it! Find out how easy it is to hire London venues with Tagvenue today!

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Outdoor Wedding Venues Hire Guide

We're here to make sure you find the perfect outdoor wedding venue in London to tie the knot, whether you’re after a charming terrace, quaint courtyard or gorgeous riverside spot. Is there anything more romantic than an outdoor wedding? On the other hand, there’s a significant amount of legwork and orchestration that goes into organising an al fresco celebration. While pretty scenery and natural landscapes mean you can embrace a less-is-more approach when it comes to decorating your space, you may need to hire in generators, lights, flooring, portable toilets and kitchen equipment.

When it comes to organising any wedding, the most important thing is to plan ahead. Start your preparations at least 9 months to a year in advance. That way you will have some time to decide on the venue and book the musicians/DJs, invite the guests, and finalise the menu. Also, you can figure out the decor and theme for the wedding. You can hire a wedding decor expert, do the decorations yourself, or let the venue handle this. Here’s some more helpful tips for organising an outdoor wedding:

  • Prepare your guest list in advance. This is an important step toward setting a budget. What’s more, it’s always better to send the invitations as soon as possible. Summer is the peak season for both outdoor weddings and travelling, so don’t forget many of your guests will be going away.
  • Don’t forget the London weather can be a bit unpredictable. Definitely check the weather forecast a couple days before the wedding. Remember to make a contingency plan for bad weather. Prepare some activities in the indoor space that will come with the venue in case the rain starts pouring down. Regardless of the weather, it’s nice if the venue has a roofed dining area, which will protect the guests from the summer sun, as well as dreary British weather.
  • Consider whether to provide a dress code. Are you more about black tie, cocktail attire or smart casual? Or how about a fancy dress party with a cool theme? Before you send out your invitations you should have every little detail planned out so that no one gets surprised on the big day.
  • Ask what’s included in the price and hire out the rest. Good communication with your venue manager is key to making your wedding planning process easy and stress-free. Make a checklist of what is included with your outdoor wedding venue - catering, music, alcohol and tents/indoor dining space, and make sure to get the rest right after you finalise your booking.

What to consider when hiring an outdoor wedding venue in London:

  • The location - In order to have a good experience, you have to think of how everyone would want to commute to your party. It’s fairly common for everyone to drive to the venue themselves (especially if it’s on the outskirts of Greater London), but taking the local tube and bus connections into consideration would be a smart approach.
  • The time of your event - Try to schedule your ceremony after the hottest part of the day so the sun won’t be too strong for your guests. If you’re organising your wedding in the middle of the summer, it could be too hot to function for you and your guests.
  • The lighting - Your outdoor wedding reception will probably carry on into the evening, so don’t forget about providing enough light after the sun goes down! Our favourite options include cute candles in glass jars, fairy lights and vintage light bulbs. What’s your favourite?
  • Catering options and licences - Check whether the venue has an alcohol licence and ask what time they have to stop serving drinks. Make sure they can cater to special dietary requirements (such as vegan, halal or kosher).
  • Disabled access - This one is particularly important if you’re inviting people with limited mobility. If that’s the case, make sure your outdoor wedding venue is able to cater to their needs. Make sure the space is wheelchair accessible and easy to traverse for those who might have difficulty walking.

Trends to incorporate into your outdoor wedding in 2022:

  • Wedding websites have become a very useful and interesting alternative to invitation cards or Facebook events. Buy a memorable domain for a couple months, make a simple, yet beautiful website with the venue information, the menu, and the dates. Include the bride and groom’s contact info so that the guests can RSVP to the wedding.
  • Boat weddings are an extravagant way to get married. The Thames offers the best view of the most iconic areas of London, so why not get a tour of the city while celebrating your wedding?
  • Bright colours are so in-fashion this year for wedding outfits and decorations. Show some character by incorporating light blues and bold oranges to your decor or flower arrangements. You can even match them with some earthy neutral colours to finish the look.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in London FAQ

How much to pay for outdoor wedding venues in London?

Minimum spend for outdoor wedding venues in Greater London starts at around £500. If you want to go for a flat hire, prices start at around £20 per hour. Prices will depend on the proximity from Central London, the maximum size of the venue, and the additional facilities provided with the price (Based on Tagvenue data).

Where to look for al fresco venues in Central London?

If you still need your venue to be relatively close to London’s centre, the venues around Hyde Park could potentially be a good fit with their classy interiors and breezy gardens. You can also find some great venues with waterside porches, piers and terraces all over the bank of River Thames. Boats and yachts for hire are also located there.

What are the benefits of hiring an outdoor wedding venue?

Hosting a wedding in the great outdoors has many benefits. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself with an incredible backdrop of your choosing. Not only does it give your wedding a unique atmosphere, but also guarantees awesome wedding photos. Also, everyone will feel better in nature, with the sun, fresh air and large amounts of open space.

How can I save when hiring an outdoor wedding venue in London?

There are many ways to save on a wedding, even in a pricey city like London. While you may be restricted by the time of year if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you can still save money by avoiding peak times when booking your venue. If you plan your wedding for a weekday or a weekend morning, you will be able to get better hire deals for many outdoor wedding venues. You can also explore minimum spend offers or wedding packages.

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Amina Ali
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Excellent service from Seta which swayed our decision to go with Cinammon Kitchen as our event venue. She was willing to work with us to customise and plan our dream event and was available to answer our queries every step of the way. The food was great and everything went perfectly. Could not have asked for better service! The location is great because it is central and being covered helped with the last minute weather changes. Overall, would highly recommend!
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Booked Upper Terrace at Cinnamon Kitchen
Outstanding service, attentive and friendly staff. Easy booking process and planning, beautiful evening lightning.

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