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Ready to tie the knot with that special someone and on the lookout for some lovely wedding venues around Chelsea? You’re in luck, as you’ve got a ton of options for licensed wedding venues, regardless of if you’re looking for something on the budget, or something more traditional like the grand ballrooms up towards Kensington. We’ve put together a pretty comprehensive list of Chelsea wedding venues to help you find the perfect fit for your big day. Just have a look through our search filters and see what you can find!

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Chelsea Venues Hire Guide

So what makes Chelsea such a standout as a location to get married in London, with all of the options you can find around the city? Well, as you can imagine with Chelsea being one of the more posh parts of town, many local venues compete in the wedding industry. This keeps costs down lower than you might expect and also means there are a ton of amazing places with great service and lovely decor. Chelsea’s many diversions are a great fit for weddings that split the ceremony and reception, giving your guests time to wander and explore the area. Last but not least, Chelsea’s connections via tube and low levels of traffic meant that your guests should always be on time – unless they’re the type to be fashionably late…

At this point, you might be thinking, what kinds of wedding venues can be found in Chelsea? One of the more popular options for larger receptions is the classic hotel ballroom, with several local places always happy to work with you on decorations, catering and other details. Maybe start your search around Beaufort and head towards Sloane Square. If leather-bound books and rich mahogany are what you’re after, several high-end restaurants are available for hire and do an excellent job transforming their space to fit your needs. For this kind of style, have a look around B304 and the area around Chelsea Manor St. Local galleries and lounges are also a good choice, offering a great degree of freedom in setting up the room for the reception – good to start heading to the north side of Chelsea and towards Kensington if this sounds like more your thing.

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