Warehouse Venues for Hire in London

Warehouse Venues for Hire in London

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Top Warehouse Venues in London

Converted warehouse venues in London are on-trend event spaces for quirky weddings, cool product launches and corporate events with a difference. Whether you’re after an industrial feel, blank canvas space or somewhere rich in history, our list of the best warehouse venues in the capital is sure to come in handy. And the best part? It’s easy to search, so you can find an original warehouse venue in a snap. Browse through our amazing listings and find the venue you've been looking for today!

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Warehouse Venues Hire Guide

Some might say that warehouses are just storage spaces. But why set boundaries for your imagination? There’s so much more to warehouse venues. Event organisers, it’s time to get inspired by our ideas for warehouse events.

Warehouse spaces are popular for:

  • Workshops – As warehouses are usually quite spacious, they’re a great option for larger groups. Warehouse venues are perfect for conferences or networking events. Keep in mind that they usually have enough room for activities involving movement, which may be particularly relevant for some event types.

  • Creative events – Like concerts, performances or art exhibitions. Warehouse studios and New York-style lofts are in huge demand for these kinds of events. A warehouse is more than just a regular dry hire space. It gives a whole lot of opportunities for lighting technicians. The industrial feel of the space is an interesting feature too, especially for alternative concerts or plays.

  • Weddings – A warehouse can be easily turned into a fairy tale for your big day. Think lightbulbs, leafy decorations and candles in glass jars. Do you consider yourself a minimalist? Turn wooden pallets into seats and tables. This won’t break the bank and it will fit the mood perfectly.

  • Parties – Renting a warehouse for a party is always a great option. Warehouse parties originated in the 80s and their popularity has been growing ever since. Although most of those events were beyond the law at first, warehouse parties are now a completely legal (and creative) option. As warehouses normally feature high roofs, they provide a wonderful opportunity to hang something from the ceiling, like a banner, balloons or even a trapeze!

  • Pop-up events – Warehouses are a dream come true for pop-up event organisers. They’re usually cheap and easily customisable for various purposes. It’s simple to darken a warehouse, that’s why they’re perfect for screenings. Another brilliant pop-up idea is a food market. Or how about a product demonstration or corporate party?

  • Fashion shows – It’s no secret that London is a trend-setting metropolis. Many people consider it to be the fashion capital. London’s alternative fashion scene is still alive and kicking – and it needs space to show off. Warehouses in Camden Town, Shoreditch and many other districts are perfect for unique fashion shows.

Searching for something special for a big event? No matter if you need a hip and unique space for an exciting product launch, or a warehouse loft for a surprise birthday party, the team at Tagvenue are able to find the right space for every occasion.

Decoration and Setup Tips for Different Types of Events in Warehouse Venues Across London

Warehouse venues in London offer a unique charm and versatility unmatched by traditional event spaces. The industrial aesthetic, characterised by spacious interiors, high ceilings, and raw, textured surfaces, provides a blank canvas perfect for personalisation. Whether you're planning a chic art exhibition in the heart of Mayfair, a cutting-edge fashion show amidst the historical backdrop of Shoreditch, or an enchanting wedding ceremony in Hackney, London's warehouse venues cater to every imagination. Here's your comprehensive guide to transforming these industrial spaces into your dream event setting.

Art Exhibitions and Cultural Events

Location Highlight: Mayfair's iconic warehouse spaces blend contemporary elegance with artistic heritage, offering a prestigious space for art exhibitions.

  • Decoration: Use dynamic lighting to highlight artwork. Track lighting or adjustable spotlights can create focal points, while softer ambient lighting sets the mood. Incorporate minimalist themes with monochromatic colour schemes to keep the focus on the art. Use sleek, simple furnishings to encourage flow and interaction.
  • Setup: Modular display walls or partitions can create an engaging layout that guides visitors through the exhibition. Ensure the pieces are at eye level for easy viewing. Consider multimedia displays to add a modern twist, utilising projectors or screens tastefully integrated into the industrial architecture.

Fashion Shows

Location Highlight: Shoreditch's warehouse venues, known for their edgy and industrial vibes, provide the perfect runway for avant-garde fashion shows.

  • Decoration: Create a dramatic runway with bold lighting designs, incorporating LED strips along the walkway and spotlighting for models. Use the venue's raw textures as a backdrop, complementing your theme—whether sleek and modern or rough and edgy. Fabric draping can add elegance or conceal less aesthetic areas.
  • Setup: Arrange seating in clear lines along the runway, ensuring every guest has an unobstructed view. Backstage areas should be organised for quick changes, with portable dividers for privacy and designated makeup and dressing zones.

Corporate Events and Conferences

Location Highlight: Some cool warehouse spaces in London's financial district are perfect for hosting conferences. These places are a refreshing change from the usual corporate venues and can inspire creativity and innovation in attendees.

  • Decoration: Emphasise the venue's spaciousness with open-plan seating arrangements. Use branded elements subtly integrated into the decor, such as custom lighting projections or displays. Incorporate greenery to soften the industrial feel and enhance air quality.
  • Setup: Use advanced AV equipment for presentations, with clear sightlines for all attendees. Consider lounge areas for networking, using modular furniture for flexibility. Stations for refreshments and interactive exhibits can encourage engagement.

Weddings and Private Celebrations

Location Highlight: If you're looking for a unique wedding or party venue, Hackney's artistic warehouses are what you need. These venues offer a beautiful blend of industrial style and personal touch, making them the perfect setting for a memorable celebration.

  • Decoration: Incorporate soft lighting, such as fairy lights and candles, to create a warm, intimate atmosphere. Use floral arrangements and fabric drapings to soften the industrial edges, blending rustic charm with urban sophistication. Personalised decor adds a special touch, like photo walls or bespoke signage.
  • Setup: Arrange seating to maximise the venue's unique features, like exposed brick walls or large windows. Consider a mix of seated and standing areas to encourage mingling. Unique entertainment options, like live bands or interactive art installations, can make the event unforgettable.

Product Launches and Brand Events

Location Highlight: Warehouse venues in Camden are perfect for modern product launches and brand events. They provide a diverse blend of urban and imaginative features that create a lively atmosphere.

  • Decoration: Use brand colours and logos creatively throughout the space, from lighting to decor elements. Interactive installations or product demonstration areas can engage guests, while themed decorations can highlight the product's features or brand identity.
  • Setup: Design the layout to guide guests through an immersive brand experience, from entrance to demonstration areas to lounging spaces. High-quality sound systems and visual displays are crucial for presentations, while catering and bar areas should reflect the brand's ethos or product theme.

Incorporating these decoration and setup tips tailored to different event types will ensure your warehouse venue in London stands out and provides memorable experiences for all attendees. Flexible warehouse space and creative vision can transform any event into an extraordinary celebration.

FAQs about Warehouse Venues in London

Which are the best warehouse venues in London?

Some of our favourites are:

Studio 92 - If you are tired of the average banquet hall, then consider Studio 92. The venue has cutting-edge facilities and a blank canvas space that can host up to 400 guests. Here, you can create an unforgettable ambience, whether you're organising an industrial wedding, awards night, creative production, company Christmas party, or any other function!

The Artistic Warehouse Loft at Stand Out Shots is located in Greenwich, showcasing urban charm and creativity at its best. This loft offers a spacious area that is well-suited for various artistic activities, such as photography shoots or intimate gatherings. It includes a designated makeup and dressing area, making it perfect for creative endeavors. With its industrial-chic aesthetic and thoughtful layout, this loft promises a unique blend of functionality and inspiration for any occasion.

Chocolate Studios - Looking for a small warehouse studio? This is the perfect place for your next creative endeavor. You can expect beautiful natural light flooding in, a modern look, and amenities to make your production event go smoothly and comfortably! Located just moments away from Old Street Station, the venue is conveniently located for anyone travelling in or coming from the city centre.

The Oslo Nine venue is situated only 400 yards away from Hackney Wick Station. It offers a recently refurbished warehouse apartment that is perfect for filming and shooting projects. The space is adorned with diverse furniture that adds character to it, and the adaptable layout makes it ideal for different creative needs. With plenty of natural light pouring in, the 120 square meters of available space provide endless possibilities for creating diverse settings and scenes.

How do I hire a cheap warehouse venue in London?

The first step in finding a cheap warehouse in London is to browse through Tagvenue.com. We have curated an incredible selection of all of the best warehouses in London for you to choose from at all price points. If you are looking for a less expensive venue, then look for minimum spend venues for larger events and per person hire fees for smaller parties.

Why should I book a warehouse venue in London?

Warehouses are amazing places for all sorts of events. They come in all shapes and sizes and offer a unique vibe that cannot be found in your usual  run-of-the-mill  venues. Warehouses are stellar venues for weddings, dinners, and business events such as workshops and pop-up events. As there are dozens of great warehouses all around London, you will be spoilt for choice. So don’t wait and book today!

What are the best neighbourhoods in London for hiring warehouse venues?

Shoreditch stands out for its edgy industrial spaces, ideal for large events and creative showcases and attracts a young and trendy crowd. Hackney has various spacious and versatile warehouses, perfect for weddings, art exhibitions, and innovative gatherings. For a blend of contemporary elegance and historic charm, Mayfair presents upscale warehouse venues that add a touch of prestige to any event. Camden is another top choice for brand events and product launches, providing a setting as unique and vibrant as the neighbourhood.

Guests Reviews of Warehouse Venues on Tagvenue

Miia P.
Booked HQ at 4th Floor Studios
We hosted a 70 person party that was a seated dinner. We visited the space two times prior the event, and Toby and Hannah were always very friendly and responsive. During the event everything went really nice. We had a bartender in the venue and everyone was having a great time. Toby was very flexible on the cleaning and organizing the venue throughout the night. Overall experience was great and would definitely rent the space again.
George B.
Booked Myrtle Studios- 4000ft² Studio at Myrtle Studios
Very happy with the service provided. Emily was a great host. The catering was far above expectations, everybody in attendance said the food was amazing. We had some issues that we thought were due to a faulty power socket. It turned out that it was due to a faulty compressor. However, Emily had an electrician booked and ready to attend as soon as we thought there was an issue. Venue was clean and functional as advertised.
Pardeep P.
Booked Upstairs Space at MKII
- The space is clean and worked well with what we were filming - The parking is on-street, they provide permits but it’s free on weekends - The host is very friendly and welcoming, he regularly checked in to make sure we were okay and if we needed anything, he provided coffee in the morning which was a nice touch - overall a positive and friendly atmosphere, I would definitely recommend
Booked Whole Venue at The Studio
Derek a very welcoming and helpful gentleman. We were very pleased with our session and the quality of the venue. It won’t be the last time.
Cristal R.
Booked The Bar at Public Space | Speakeasy
I have not yet gotten to do my event as I needed to reschedule the date but the venue has been really helpful in helping me to do this. Helen was really helpful from the beginning and had a great response rate.
Marisa E.
Booked Womb Room at Uterus-Six
Had the best time ever. The venue is so special, Stepi & Paul take a lot of care to make it epic - it doesn’t need much more to have an awesome party. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment - wholeheartedly recommended
Stuart W.
Booked General Space at Our/London Vodka Distillery
The Space worked perfectly. You've done something great with it. Your price point for the overall package is, to my mind, unrivaled in terms of what we got. Thanks a lot!! Will definitely be booking again, as will some of the attendees.
Deborah M.
Booked Exhibition Hall at Craft Central
Great space, facilities and very friendly and helpful staff. The space is a blank canvas which allows the flexibility to use the space in creative ways. Really enjoyed having our event here! Highly recommended

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