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Underground Venues for Hire in London

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Top Underground Venues in London

Escaping the daily hustle of London’s busy streets isn’t always easy. But if you know where to look, the capital is chock-full of exciting underground venues. From subterranean bars and basement night clubs to atmospheric vaulted cellars and spooky crypts, there’s no denying that London is a great city to explore from below. Scouting for a unique underground venue for your next event? Take a look through Tagvenue's expertly curated list of some of the finest underground venues that London has to offer.

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Underground Venues Hire Guide

Here at Tagvenue we’re experts when it comes to the capital’s secret places and hidden corners. That’s why our round up of the city’s top underground spaces is the perfect place to start your venue search. So what are you waiting for? Check out our fave underground venues today – you never know what you’ll unearth!

Discovering London's Underground Venues: A Curated Guide

London offers a treasure trove of unique spaces perfect for every occasion, from underground bars to hidden cellars. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, these underground locations promise an unforgettable experience.

Unique Underground Locations in London

  1. The Mezzanine at Draughts Waterloo - Located beneath Waterloo Station, this venue is a labyrinth of artistic spaces. Known for its edgy performances and immersive experiences, it's an ideal spot for avant-garde events and creative showcases.
  2. Cahoots, Soho - Step back in time in this 1940s-themed underground bar. With its vintage train carriage seating and wartime memorabilia, Cahoots provides a captivating backdrop for themed parties and nostalgic celebrations.
  3. The Crypt, Clerkenwell - With a unique blend of history and mystique, the Crypt beneath St. James Church in Clerkenwell is perfect for weddings, wine tastings, and gala dinners. Its ancient architecture and atmospheric lighting add a touch of solemnity and grandeur to any event.
  4. Nordic Bar, Fitzrovia - Dive into London's cool and quirky underground scene at the Nordic Bar. With a Scandinavian-themed interior and a selection of Nordic beers, spirits, and cocktails, it's a great spot for themed events, birthday parties, and corporate functions that stand out.
  5. Fabric, Farringdon - A cornerstone of London's nightlife, Fabric's cavernous rooms and advanced sound system make it a prime location for music events, product launches, and corporate parties seeking a vibrant atmosphere.

Top Tips for Planning an Event in an Underground Venue

  1. Check Transport Links to Venue - Ensure the venue is convenient for all guests, including those with mobility challenges. Consider the ease of access to public transportation and parking facilities.
  2. Assess the Acoustics - Underground spaces can have unique audio characteristics. Visit the venue beforehand to understand its sound qualities and plan your audio equipment accordingly.
  3. Consider Ventilation - Good airflow is crucial in enclosed spaces. Verify the venue's ventilation system to keep your guests comfortable throughout the event.
  4. Illuminate Creatively - Lighting plays a key role in setting the mood. Use a mix of ambient, accent, and task lighting to highlight architectural features and create a welcoming environment.
  5. Leverage the Venue's Unique Features - Embrace the distinct character of your chosen underground space. Whether it's historical elements or modern installations, these features can serve as a conversation starter and enhance the overall experience.

The Do's and Don'ts of Decorating Underground Event Spaces


  • Utilise Soft Lighting - Soft, warm lights can transform a stark underground space into a cosy and inviting setting.
  • Incorporate Textural Elements - Use fabrics, drapes, and rugs to add warmth and absorb sound in cavernous spaces.
  • Choose Decor That Complements the Venue - Align your decor with the venue's aesthetics for a cohesive look. Vintage items for historical sites or modern art for contemporary spaces can add to the ambience.


  • Overcrowd the Space - Keep decorations elegant and minimal to avoid clutter. Remember, the unique architecture and history of the venue are part of the appeal.
  • Ignore the Venue's Rules - Always consult with the venue management about what decorations and installations are and aren't allowed.
  • Forget About Safety - Ensure all decor materials are fire-resistant and emergency exits are clearly marked and unobstructed.

By following these guidelines, you can unlock the full potential of London's underground venues, creating memorable and distinctive events that resonate with attendees. Whether you're planning a corporate function, a festive celebration, or an intimate gathering, these underground spaces offer a world of possibilities, each with its own story and ambience, ready to be discovered and transformed into your next unforgettable event.

Themed Event Ideas Perfect for Underground Venues

  1. Speakeasy Night: Capitalise on the clandestine nature of your venue with a prohibition-era-themed event. Encourage guests to dress in 1920s attire and serve classic cocktails for a night of glamour and secrecy.
  2. Gothic Gala: Use the atmospheric settings of vaulted venues or bunkers for a gothic-themed party. Think candlelight, velvet drapes, and a soundtrack of haunting melodies to set the tone.
  3. Underground Film Festival: Transform an underground bunker into a cinema for a night. Focus on indie or historical films that match the venue's unique vibe. Provide comfy seating and artisan snacks for a memorable experience.
  4. Retro Video Game Tournament: A cellar bar's quirky and intimate setting can be the perfect spot for a nostalgic video game tournament. Set up stations with classic consoles and games for a competitive yet fun event.
  5. Secret Supper Club: Turn a catacomb cafe or vaulted venue into a mysterious dining experience. Keep the menu and location a secret until the last moment, adding an element of surprise that will intrigue your guests and make the event even more thrilling.

Optimising Engagement

To ensure your event or visit to one of London's underground venues is not just memorable but also highly engaging, consider these tips:

  • Personalization: Tailor the event to the interests and preferences of your audience. A personalised touch can turn a good event into an unforgettable one.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive aspects, such as live music, workshops, or games, to keep guests entertained and engaged.
  • Social Media Integration: Encourage sharing moments on social media with unique hashtags or photo opportunities. This not only enhances engagement but also promotes your event organically.
  • Details on How to Get to Venue: Ensure your invitations or promotions include detailed location information. The hidden nature of these venues means they can sometimes be tricky to find or access for those with mobility issues.

London's underground venues, with their exclusive and hidden charm, offer a unique setting for various events, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. By choosing the right subterranean space and theming your event with creativity, you can offer your guests an unforgettable experience that harnesses the mystique and allure of the city's hidden depths. Whether through Tagvenue or your own explorations, discovering London's underground scene promises adventure and excitement at every turn, making your event a truly privileged experience.

FAQs about Underground Venues in London

Which are the best underground venues in London?

London has some of the best underground venues anywhere in the world. Here are some of the best around the city:

Underground Bunker – If you are going for a post-apocalyptic theme party or just want an edgy place to have a party, then consider the Underground Bunker. This space is not just limited to the normal range of bar activities, however. You can host paintball and airsoft events here too!

Games Room – This is a smaller space that can be used for either a chilled party with your friends or for a relaxed meeting with coworkers and associates. This space comes equipped with all of the AV equipment you will need for a fun night or a productive meeting.

Lightbox – Everyone loves a good night out at the club, and Lightbox is one of the finest clubs that London has to offer. This space comes with a top-of-the-line sound system and an incredible array of LED lights that take your clubbing experience to the next level.

Where are the best underground venues in London?

London has loads of incredible underground venues located throughout the city.  Most of these venues are going to be located around the city centre in areas such as Soho and Covent Garden. Here you will find a variety of bars, clubs, and professional spaces alike, all conveniently organised for you by Tagvenue.

What can I use an underground venue for?

There is not one particular use for underground venues. They come in all shapes and sizes and can host any event from a hen or stag party to an innovative corporate event. There are loads of excellent clubs, bars, and cafes that are under all of the hustle and bustle of the city life. As far as professional spaces go, you will be happy to find many interesting industrial and unique venues to host small to medium sized events that will help give you a new perspective on your business idea.

What are the best neighbourhoods for finding underground venues in London?

Shoreditch is known for its vibrant nightlife and creative spaces, offering a range of hidden cellar bars and underground clubs. Soho has an array of intimate basement venues ideal for music gigs and private events. Camden is home to several underground spots that cater to a wide range of tastes, from punk rock dens to secret cocktail bars. Each area provides a unique atmosphere and an array of underground venues perfect for those looking to explore London's dynamic underground scene.

Guests Reviews of Underground Venues on Tagvenue

Booked Club Room at Forge
Great venue , had club room downstairs great space for numbers over 150+, accommodating to request for private event, Chris is amazing worked hard throughout the evening to try to make things go as smoothly as possible
Geoffrey R.
Booked Crypt at Crypt on the Green
The venue was perfect for my event--it had to resemble an underground station and it did. The truly outstanding thing was the help I received not only from the guy setting up the PA for me but from the reception/admin office who found the right adaptor cable for my Apple so that sound files and films could be shown. Do book the parking space if you are unloading--there is not much parking in Clerkenwell. The kitchen is a great space--do rent it even if you are providing your own catering as I did. There were plenty of tables and chairs and cleaning up was easy. The garbage and recycling was easily dealt with. The church itself is gorgeous and there is a little area outside ideal for getting your car off the street to unload stuff. The price for a central London venue of this quality is very reasonable.
Andy W.
Booked The Nave at St Ethelburga's Centre
We had a great morning at St. Ethelburga's. It's a beautiful and unique space to spend in which to spend time. The story of the building is remarkable too. We had everything we needed for our meeting, and our hosts were accommodating and welcoming. The entire team look forward to going back one day.
Charlie T.
Booked Studio 2 at Cromer Studios
The staff were very friendly and went above and beyond. The facilities are great and the space is very well appointed. Really happy with the experience we had at Cromer.
Elin R.
Booked Function Room at Simmons | Temple
The staff were really friendly, the organisation was very smooth, the venue itself was really lovely (lots of space for dancing and chatting) and it's a very easy location to get to. Affordable and nice drinks too. I'd highly recommend!
Syd H.
Booked The Room at Fiction Studios
Amazing venue for practical and aesthetic visuals, Nathan was also super helpful and went above and beyond to accommodate us with our project. Would work together again and definitely go back for sure!
Mia T.
Booked First Floor at Catch
Really helpful contacts, Vesna was quick to respond to my enquiries no matter how ridiculous they were! Really nice venue, well suited to our event! Would hire again for future events
Shira N.
Booked Ivory Vaults Room at The Ivory Vaults
The location is amazing (right next to the Tower of London). The venue was perfect for our Halloween Wedding. Both Andrea and Janeth responded quickly to all my emails and were very accommodating to what we wanted. They executed it excellently

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