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Top Library Venues in London

London is jam-packed with must-see sites for book lovers. Home to literary giants like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde, real-life London and fictional London constantly overlap. And where better to channel some of the capital’s greatest writers and celebrate their works than the city’s libraries? From the British Library in London to private libraries and archives, the capital is a haven for literary buffs. Take a look through some of London's amazing library venues and plan your next event with Tagvenue.

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Library Venues Hire Guide

Scouting for a library venue for your next event? Whether you’re hosting a Jane Austen-themed birthday party, book launch or poetry reading, #tagvenue can recommend a library venue that suits. So what are you waiting for? An amazing library venue is just a few clicks away!

The Ultimate Guide to Library Venues in London for Memorable Events

London boasts a variety of stunning library venues perfect for hosting events requiring an intellectual touch and a touch of sophistication. Whether you're organising a book launch, seminar, corporate gathering, or an intimate celebration, London's library spaces offer a unique setting that blends elegance with a rich cultural atmosphere.

Decorating Your Library Venue

  • Embracing the Aesthetics: Library venues naturally possess a charm and elegance that require minimal additional decoration. When embellishing these spaces for your event, aim to complement and highlight the venue's inherent beauty without overshadowing it. Use soft, ambient lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider string lights or tabletop candles for a subtle glow that enhances the rich wood and book-lined walls.
  • Strategic Decor Placement: Use decor strategically to accentuate architectural features and book collections without cluttering the space. Floral arrangements can add a pop of colour and freshness to the room, but keep them understated to avoid drawing attention away from the venue's character. Use furniture and decor pieces that echo the library's theme, such as vintage or antique items, to maintain a cohesive look.

Strategies for organising a successful event in smaller library venues

  • Layout and Flow: In smaller library venues, maximising the layout is crucial to ensure your event runs smoothly. Arrange seating and tables to encourage easy movement and interaction among guests. Consider using round tables for discussions or workshops to facilitate conversation and engagement.
  • Creative Use of Space: Be creative with the space in compact library settings. Use bookshelves as thematic backgrounds for presentations or as display areas for event materials. Consider a reception-style setup with standing tables to maximise space and encourage mingling among attendees.
  • Personal Touches: Personalised touches can make the event feel even more special in small library venues. Customise bookmarks as gifts for guests, or create a themed display that ties into the purpose of your gathering. These small details can enhance the overall experience and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

London's library venues provide a unique blend of culture, history, and sophistication for various events. By carefully selecting and thoughtfully decorating your chosen library space, you can create an unforgettable experience that honours the intellectual ambience of the space while making it distinctly your own.

Selecting Your Ideal Library Venue in London

  1. Venue Size and Layout: Assess the guest list and choose a comfortable library space without sacrificing the event's intimacy. London has a variety of library sizes, from cosy rooms perfect for book clubs to expansive halls that can host large receptions.
  2. Architectural Style: Each library venue in London tells its own story through its architecture. Decide whether your event calls for the gothic grandeur of historic libraries or the sleek, contemporary lines of modern ones.
  3. Location: Central London libraries offer unparalleled convenience and access to public transport, but don't overlook the charm of quieter neighbourhoods. Consider your guests' journey and ensure the venue is reachable via London's extensive public transport network.
  4. Facilities and Amenities: Modern AV equipment, catering services, and comfortable seating are essential for a successful event. Verify what the library venue provides and what you'll need to source externally.
  5. Booking and Availability: London's library venues are in high demand. Begin your search early to secure your preferred date, especially if planning an event during peak seasons.

Themes and Ideas for Events Hosted in Library Venues

  • Literary Soirée: Celebrate literature with a themed evening honouring a specific author or literary period. Encourage guests to dress in old-school attire and prepare readings or performances that bring the era to life.
  • Historical Lectures and Debates: Use a library's scholarly ambience to host engaging discussions on historical topics, providing a platform for experts to share insights with an enthusiastic audience.
  • Book Launches and Signings: There's no better setting to unveil a new book than surrounded by centuries of literary legacy. Organise readings, Q&A sessions, and signing opportunities to connect authors with their readers.
  • Educational Workshops: Leverage the library's resources for workshops encouraging learning and creativity, such as writing seminars, research methodologies, or bookbinding classes.
  • Cultural Celebrations: Host events that highlight cultural histories and literary traditions worldwide, complemented by music, dance, and cuisine that reflect the theme.
  • Corporate Seminars and Conferences: Libraries provide a distinguished setting for professional gatherings. For an inspired conference, choose a theme that aligns with your industry's history or future direction.
  • Weddings and Celebrations: A library venue adds a storybook quality to weddings and private events. Consider adding literary quotes to your wedding vows or table decorations to create a unique and personalised touch.

Some of London's best library venues 

  • The London Library: Located across St. James Square, this venue offers a blend of Victorian architecture and modern facilities, ideal for any event, from academic conferences to elegant weddings.
  • The Library at Conway Hall: located in Holborn, Central London, this venue is beautiful, providing scenic backgrounds for any event type, from photoshoots to book launches.
  • Library at HEC UK House: Located in Holborn, this venue is great for corporate events or meetings. It has modern audio-visual facilities to accommodate hybrid events.

Let the space inspire you when planning your event at a London library venue. Your event can honour the vast array of tales, concepts, and information that libraries hold, whether through programmes that pique intellectual curiosity or through themed décor that mirrors the literary treasures found within. Selecting a library as your event's venue allows you to integrate your event into the rich literary legacy of London.

FAQs about Library Venues in London

What should I look for in a library venue?

Library venues are supposed to be classy venues with wide access to information. You can expect plenty of tech and tons of books at your disposal for productive meetings. If you are planning a dinner or more social event, aesthetics are what you should be seeking. Find venues with high, dark wooden shelves, comfortable seating, big windows, and warm lights for the best possible dining experience.

Where are some of the best library venues in London?

London is an intellectual juggernaut, and it has the libraries to support that. Look to Soho and St. James for some of the city’s stellar and aesthetically pleasing library venues for meetings and dinners. They are not only great places to work and meet, but they also have the intellectual heritage that will inspire you. Arden Estate is where you will start to find some of the types of new age libraries for your meetings that just scream ‘productivity’. Regardless of what you are looking for, can help you find the perfect venue for your event.

What can I use a library venue for?

Libraries are not just for reading and researching, you can also host some great events in them. They are productive spaces that have a variety of uses from dinners to product launches. They include all of the necessary equipment and facilities for just about any event you have in mind.

Which neighbourhoods in London are the best for hiring library venues?

Central London areas like Holborn, with its iconic Conway Hall, and Westminster, home to many institutional libraries, are top choices for their central locations and architectural buildings. South Kensington is another prime area known for cultural institutions and their associated libraries. East London's Shoreditch offers modern libraries with modern designs for a more contemporary setting.

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Probably the best experience if have had from a venue. They met all my needs for my unique situation and went above and beyond to make sure my stay was the best possible. Truly amazing.
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Booked Artistic Warehouse Loft at OSLO NINE
The venue was huge with great natural lighting. There were plenty of poly boards to bounce the light too. The furniture and look of the place is very aesthetically pleasing. Matthew was a great host and so lovely to work with.
Alicia K.
Booked Rooftop Penthouse at The AllBright Mayfair
We hired level 5 rooftop for our company summer party and had the best time! Service was great and our bartender was amazing considering he didn’t stop for nearly 3 hours! Highly recommend.
Rebecca K.
Booked Library Suite at Strathmore Hotel
The staff was excellent and the room fit our needs perfectly. Everyone was pleased with the scones and tea/coffee arrangement. Thank you for an event well done.
Raffaella Z.
Booked Photography and Film at Corridor Studio
Studio was absolutely fantastic, kitted out with all of the lighting, backdrops and facility we needed. Toks was super helpful and welcoming.
Booked Photography/Video East London at Indra Studios
The facilities were great, all was exactly as advertised. Rates were clearly communicated and updates and alterations where kindly considered. Very pleased with how it went, we will certainly use again.
Booked The Library at Hellenic Centre
Great Location, Friendly Staff
Haz A.
Booked Library at The Gore Hotel
Great venue. I used it to film an interview.

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