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Looking to organise a private screening in London? The big screen is always better. Whether you’re planning a movie night or a film festival, our shortlist of the best private cinemas for hire is sure to come in handy. Perhaps you’re after a classic movie theatre that’ll charm cinema goers, or maybe you’re looking to hire a cinema for a party. No matter what you need, Tagvenue makes it easy to find the perfect private cinema for your upcoming event.

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Private Cinemas Hire Guide

Binge watching at home is great for a lazy weekend, but when it comes to a movie night, you can’t beat the big screen. Whether you’re hosting a private film screening, corporate presentation or a movie night, our roundup of the best cinemas for hire in London is sure to come in handy. Perhaps you’re after an old school theatre for a Hollywood themed birthday party, or maybe you’re looking for a modern cinema with great audio-visual facilities for a glam film premiere. No matter what you’re planning, we’re sure to know a London cinema that suits. And the best part? We’ll do the legwork for you, so you’ll be kicking back with an oversized bucket of popcorn in no time!

In order to choose from all of these cinemas and theatres for hire, you will have to compare them with each other. Tagvenue makes it very easy, but you still have to know what you’re looking for. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a private cinema in London:

  • Location of the venue - Where are you going to carry out your screening session? Private cinemas are abundant all over central London, but if you live in the suburbs, you can check if there’s a cinema room for hire in your area. You can opt for one of the iconic, independent cinemas if you want to add a pleasant atmosphere to your screening.
  • Means of transport - How are you going to get to your cinema? If you usually commute by public transport, hiring a space close to a bus or tube station would be your best bet. When browsing on Tagvenue, you can find the name of a nearby station under the name of each venue. 
  • Parking facilities - Are you going to get there by car instead? You should check if the venue has some sort of free parking nearby. You can either send a message to the venue manager or check the venue page for more details.
  • Accessibility - Will someone attending your private screening need a fully accessible venue? Many of the cinemas and theatres in London are placed on the ground floor, but it’s always best to make sure you won’t run into any issues beforehand.
  • Amount of seats - How many guests do you plan for your screening? Private cinemas in London are available in all sizes - from tiny sofa cinemas for up to 20 people, to huge screening rooms fit for movie premieres. Smaller cinemas are usually cheaper, so it’s best to know your final headcount before signing your contract.
  • Screen size - Do you want that big screen experience from your cinema hire? Sofa cinemas are nice and cheap, but industrial-grade projectors and huge screens are usually dedicated to fully-fledged cinemas. By looking at the photos you can easily judge what kind of space you want.
  • Hire costs - What is your budget? When looking for the best deal for a private cinema near you, you have to consider both the price and the pricing model of the venue. Most cinemas for hire in London follow a ‘dry hire’ model - meaning you get charged a flat fee either per hour, or per 4-hour screening session. However, some other spaces could set their price based on how many people will attend the screening, or have you set a minimum spend, just like in some bars or restaurants. If you have a set budget, you can filter your venue search results by minimal price so that you can find the best cinema deal quicker.
  • Snacks - What’s a movie night without popcorn and snacks? Different private cinemas have different policies on that. While smaller cinemas could allow you to bring in your own foodstuffs, cinemas with their own snack bar will usually have you purchase everything you bring into the screening room. If you have any questions, it’s always better to ask the venue manager instead of being surprised on the hire day.

There are many different reasons you would want to organise a private screening. First of all, it’s just a great way to hang out with friends. While you could organise a movie night at home, watching movies or videos with your friends on a big screen is going to make the event much more enjoyable and special. If you’ve just finished your own movie, doing an open screening would encourage indie movie enthusiasts to check out your work. If your venue allows for this, you can even sell tickets for the screening so that you can raise funds for your next project, or a charity of your choice. If you have movie critics or producers you want to impress, it’s usually expected to carry out the screening in a dedicated screening room to give them the ultimate experience.

Tagvenue is going to help you take your movie watching experience to the next level. If you still have any doubts or question, you can check out the FAQ section below.

Private Cinemas in London FAQ

How much do I have to spend on a private cinema in London?

You can hire venues for private screenings in London for as little as £120 per hour. If you’re looking for something bigger, you should expect prices anywhere from £300 to £2000 per hour and beyond. Hire costs will vary depending on the time of day, size and location of the venue. (All data from Tagvenue.)

In which areas of London can I find private cinemas?

Private cinemas and theatres are especially abundant in Central London. For more intimate screening spaces, you should start your search around Soho Square Gardens. Covent Garden and St. Giles also have some medium sized cinema rooms you could be interested in. If you’re looking for the best of the best, there are some huge cinema spaces for hire right by Leicester Square.

At which time frames can I schedule private screenings?

In London you can hire a private cinema for any time of the day. While most of them will be available between 8:00 and 18:00, you can find cinemas that will allow screening for as late as 1:00.

What can I watch in a private cinema?

Modern cinemas allow for consumption for any digital media. You can watch one of the movies from the cinema’s library, give them a CD or USB drive with a private recording of yours, or even watch YouTube videos! When it comes to analog means of video, such as roll film or VHS, not every cinema may have these available. Remember to check the venue page for more details and ask the venue manager about the terms of service.

Guests Reviews of Private Cinemas on Tagvenue

Ishani Rao
Booked Whole venue at Whirled Cinema
- Mike was incredibly helpful and organised, and managed my disorganisation as a busy A&E doctor very well - Very responsive and good communication - Brilliant venue for a charity event - Bar staff were delightful and very proactive with sound, lights, drinks, helping set up - Great value for money for independent cinema - Great location, easy on public transport and driving - Very comfortable and well laid out
Dianna Mollyneaux
Booked Whole venue at Whirled Cinema
Fantastic venue, so unique and the set up was perfect! I had my daughters 10th birthday here, it was a movie theme party. All the kids and adults were so impressed with the venue and I had to give out the details to quite a few who wanted to use it in the future. I would definitely book again for an adult or children’s event. We were able to watch our own film, their set up with Spotify was perfect to be able to choose all our own music. The bar was staffed and she was so helpful and just a generally lovely person. I really can’t express how great it was, having an event like this with 40 guests two days after Christmas should have been stressful but once we were there everything fell into place and I couldn’t rave enough about Mike and Whirled Cinema. Fantastic venue and brilliant value for money!
Laura Maksoud
Booked Boutique Cinema at The Exhibit
My experience with The Exhibit Bar was great from start to finish. It has always been my dream to rent out a movie theatre for a bday party and watch a film with friends. Unfortunately, most cinema rooms are incredibly expensive and you have to pay for the licensing of most films in order to screen them (which isn’t the case with this venue). The team was quick to reply to all of my initial queries before booking and afterwards. I had all the information I needed in the matter of a few hours. I took around 17 friends to watch Twilight for my 20th birthday and it was so fun! When we arrived, I was informed the original cinema room I had booked wasn’t available because of problems with the projector, but they upgraded us to an even bigger cinema room free of charge. It was super atmospheric, with a Christmas tree, music, and warm lighting once we walked in. There were candles lit by each of the side-tables and cozy blankets on the couches. The food was also very yummy (I had the mac and cheese and some of my friends had the burger, spring rolls, and brownies) and the drinks came quickly when we ordered them. The tequila was especially nice. Finally, one of the lovely staff brought us a box of Christmas crackers which was very kind. I will be sure to recommend the bar to my other friends. I was initially skeptical as we’re students in central london so hadn’t been to an area so far before, but it was worth it! Thank you again for the perfect service and taking such good care of my friends and I!
Daniel Jones
Booked Cinema at Close-Up Cinema
Very cool little cinema in shoreditch with helpful and responsive staff. Rented the screen to celebrate an anniversary so we could watch the film that we watched on our very first date. had a great time!
Joyce Rommens
Booked Ciné Lumière II at Institut français au Royaume-Uni
We had a private birthday party for an 8 year old with an extra 20 children! They all had a great time! The team managed to organise Peter Rabbit 2! Lovely people working there, very nice and patient and they helped a lot. The cinema is small, very clean and perfect for private such events. Also accessible with lift and great transport connection! It’s 2mins walk from South Kensington tube stop and loads of buses that stop around too. It also has paid parking in the street. Handy! We will definitely recommend to friends, family and school!
alex gronmark
Booked Boutique Cinema at The Exhibit
Great vibes, felt like there was other stuff going on around us, even though we had the cinema entirely to ourselves. Very comfortable, and possible to buy drinks at normal prices (not cinema prices) and bring them in with us. Drinking pints with 20+ friends and watching a film was great.

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