Rooftop Venues for Hire in London

Rooftop Venues for Hire in London

Discover exclusive rooftops for unforgettable parties above the city's skyline

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Top Rooftop Venues in London

Nothing says English summer like an amazing outdoor celebration. Are you planning casual drinks with friends, a classy company cocktail party, a crazy all-night party, or another special event? Here at Tagvenue, we have a great selection of London rooftop venues that are perfect for those long days and warm late nights. Whether you’re after a charming terrace, a quirky beer garden, or one of London’s hottest bars, Tagvenue knows the most amazing rooftop venues for that refreshing al fresco feel this summer. Hop over to our search bar and book your rooftop venue today!

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Rooftop Venues Hire Guide

Want to take in London’s world-famous skyline from one of the best rooftop venues in town?

Then you’re probably looking to hire a rooftop restaurant, terrace, or beer garden that’ll have you feeling on top of the world. From next-level bars serving up refreshing Pimm’s cocktails to romantic wedding venues with the city’s best views, our shortlist of great London rooftops for private hire is sure to come in handy.

And the best part? Our friendly team is happy to give personalised venue recommendations, whether you’re after a sky bar in central London with panoramic views of the city, an open-air eatery in Covent Garden, or a cooler-than-cool hipster hangout in Shoreditch. So what are you waiting for? A fantastic al fresco venue with picture-perfect views of London is only a couple of clicks away!

When hiring a rooftop party venue make sure to consider:

Your budget. Decide how much you can spend on your event and how much of it should go towards your venue hire. You don’t need to break the bank to hire a rooftop venue for your party, but if you’re organising the event on a budget consider hiring the venue on a minimum spend basis.

Type of event. Depending on what you want your event to be you can look for different kinds of venues. If you’re hosting a movie night, you will need to look for a rooftop cinema. A drink reception can take place in a smaller venue, as it’s usually a standing-up event. A corporate dinner will require a venue big enough for everyone to sit comfortably at the table.

Location. Try to find a venue that can be easily reached by everyone attending, whether they travel by car or by public transportation. If you’re going to have guests travelling from outside the city, make sure the venue can be easily found. If your guests arrive by plane, it would be sensible to find a place near the airports for fast access. Such a venue may have an additional benefit of watching the take-offs and landings of planes, adding a bit of extra to your event.

Accessibility. Be very considerate of people attending your event. If you have guests who need extra assistance, such as those with disabilities, the elderly, or maybe parents with strollers, look for a venue that will be easily accessible to them. Before you make your booking ask the venue manager whether the building has an elevator or if there is any other easy way to access the rooftop.

Contingency plan for rain. Even if you check the forecast, the unpredictable British summer means that you should make a backup plan for any unexpected rainy weather. Check whether the venue offers umbrellas or a retractable roof that can be used as a shelter for the bad weather. You can also ask the venue manager if there would be another room where you could move your party to in case of rain.

Time of the event. When planning your event it’s best to take into consideration when the hottest moment of the day will be. You can schedule the event after it passes or provide your guests with shade and refreshing cold drinks. If you’re planning an evening event you can ask the venue whether they could provide staggered heaters for any late night chill.

Lighting. If you want to organise your event during the nighttime, (which we highly recommend - those famous city lights of London!), consider adding extra lights to elevate the atmosphere of the event. Decorative paper lanterns, battery-operated candles, or strings of fairy lights are all fantastic options. 

Civil ceremony licence. If you’re planning for a one-of-a-kind rooftop wedding make sure the venue has a civil ceremony licence. If you can’t have the ceremony in your dream venue perhaps you can organise a wedding reception there and still celebrate the big day in a beautiful setting.

Other tips and tricks for an outdoor celebration:

  • Consider whether to provide a dress code (like cocktail attire, smart casual, or fancy dress).

  • An umbrella provides shade and helps to define an outdoor dining room.

  • Skipping tablecloths will make wind less of an issue.

  • Encourage guests to roam by setting up drinks and dessert tables in separate areas.

  • Natural raffia fans or classic accordion fans look pretty when placed in baskets and are perfect for hot weather.

  • Have mosquito repellent handy for your guests.

Here are some of our venue rooftop venue recommendations:

  • LSQRooftop - offering one of the best views of London’s skyline you are sure to impress your clients here. Available for private hire, it’s a great spot for family reunions as well. Guest rating: 4.6/5
  • Roof Terrace at TT Liquor - available only for exclusive hire, this picturesque spot is great for a networking event or a private function. Guest rating: 4.8/5
  • Roof Top at Bow Street Tavern - this snug venue in the heart of Covent Garden, offering an outside TV, is a perfect spot for private film viewing or corporate presentations. Guest rating: 4.6/5

How to Make Your Rooftop Event Eco-Friendly: Tips on sustainability, from decorations to catering and waste management.

Creating an eco-friendly rooftop event in London showcases your commitment to sustainability and offers guests a unique and memorable experience. From chic rooftop gardens in Shoreditch to exclusive terraces in Mayfair, London has rooftop spaces perfect for various events, whether its sophisticated cocktail parties, casual networking events, or contemporary art exhibitions. This guide provides comprehensive tips on making your rooftop event more sustainable to ensure that your event is as green as it is glamorous.

Choosing the Venue

When searching for eco-friendly rooftop venues, consider spaces that possess  green features, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, or green walls, that will significantly reduce the environmental impact of your event. London has a variety of sustainable rooftops, from the historical districts of Kensington and Chelsea to the vibrant heart of Camden. 

Sustainable Decorations

To minimise waste, opt for biodegradable, recycled, or reusable decorations. Rather than traditional single-use decor, think living plants that can be replanted, LED lights that consume less energy, and decorations made from recycled materials. Highlight the natural beauty of London's skyline by utilising the panoramic views of landmarks like The Shard or the London Eye as a background, reducing the need for elaborate decorations.

Eco-friendly Catering

Choose catering services that prioritise local, seasonal, and organic produce, reducing carbon emissions associated with food transportation and supporting local agriculture. Consider plant-based menus, which have a lower environmental impact than meat-heavy offerings. For drinks, select local breweries and wineries to reduce transportation emissions. 

Waste Reduction and Management

Implement a robust waste management plan focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling. Encourage suppliers and guests to minimise plastic use by opting for compostable cutlery and crockery. Arrange for recycling bins to be available throughout the venue, clearly labelled for different types of waste. Consider partnering with a local food bank or charity to donate any leftover food, underscoring the event's commitment to community and sustainability.

Energy Efficiency

Opt for energy-efficient LED lighting and solar-powered equipment where possible for energy use, including lighting and sound systems. These choices reduce the event's carbon footprint and set a precedent for sustainable event planning in urban settings. Engaging with venues that employ energy-efficient practices, such as automatic light dimming and energy management systems, further contributes to this goal.


Encourage guests to use public transportation, bike-sharing schemes, or carpooling to get to the event. London has an extensive public transport network. Additionally, the Thames Clippers offer convenient and eco-friendly options for guests travelling to rooftop venues in neighbourhoods like Canary Wharf or Greenwich.

Customising for Event Types

Whether planning a corporate event, a wedding, or a casual get-together, tailor your sustainability efforts to fit the occasion. For corporate events in rooftop venues like those in London's financial district, emphasise digital invitations and materials to reduce paper waste. For weddings in romantic settings like a rooftop garden in Southwark, focus on seasonal flowers and sustainable menu options to create a green celebration.

Hosting an eco-friendly rooftop event in London benefits the environment and offers a unique and memorable experience for your guests. By choosing sustainable venues, employing green practices in decorations, catering, and waste management, and engaging with the local community, you can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability that resonates with attendees.

Invitation Ideas That Match Your Rooftop Venue Theme: Designing invitations that reflect the uniqueness of a rooftop event

Rooftop venues offer an unrivalled experience that marries breathtaking views with sophisticated ambience of premier venues. When hosting an event at such a location, especially in a city like London, your invitations should serve as the first glimpse into the unique atmosphere your guests can expect. Below, we delve into invitation ideas that match and enhance the theme of your rooftop event, ensuring a memorable prelude to your special occasion.

  1. Skyline Silhouettes for Chic Cocktail Evenings: Imagine hosting your event at a prestigious rooftop bar overlooking the Thames, with landmarks like the Shard and the London Eye forming a stunning backdrop. For such a setting, invitations could feature sleek, minimalist designs with silhouettes of London's iconic skyline. Utilise a palette of deep blues and metallics to evoke the feeling of twilight over the city, setting the tone for an elegant and cosmopolitan evening. Using foil stamping for the landmarks can add a luxurious touch, reflecting the sparkle of the city lights against the night sky.
  2. Vintage Maps for Historic Celebrations: For events held in rooftop gardens within London's historic districts, such as those in Mayfair or Kensington, consider invitations decorated with vintage maps of London. This design choice pays homage to the rich history of your venue's neighbourhood, inviting guests into an ancient era. Pair these maps with elegant script fonts and use parchment-like paper to enhance the vintage feel. Such invitations promise an event that's both sophisticated and steeped in the stories of London's past.
  3. Floral and Botanical Motifs for Spring Weddings: Rooftop spaces transformed into lush gardens, like those found in trendy Shoreditch or the artsy South Bank, provide a romantic setting for spring weddings. Invitations for these venues can draw inspiration from the surrounding flora, incorporating watercolour botanical motifs that mirror the garden's blooms. Soft pastels with vibrant greens set against a backdrop of London's skyline can beautifully convey the blend of urban and natural elements. This approach highlights the unique location and sets a romantic and fresh tone for your special day.
  4. Abstract Art for Contemporary Art Exhibitions: London's rooftop locations, such as those in the creative hub of Mayfair, are perfect for hosting contemporary art exhibitions. Invitations for these events could mimic the creativity and innovation of the artworks displayed, featuring abstract designs that reflect the artistic expression found within the venue. Using bold colours, geometric shapes, and textured papers can create an invitation that is a piece of contemporary art, intriguing guests and setting the scene for an immersive artistic experience.
  5. Architectural Elements for Corporate Gatherings: Corporate events on London's rooftops, overlooking the financial district's skyscrapers or the historical architecture of the City of London, call for invitations that reflect the professionalism and prestige of the occasion. Incorporating architectural elements of the venue or its skyline into the design can strike the perfect balance between elegance and formality. A monochromatic colour scheme or embossed details can add a touch of sophistication, promising a networking event that stands as tall as the buildings surrounding it.

Incorporating Local Charms and Practical Details

Beyond the aesthetic, it's crucial to weave in elements that appeal and inform. Include practical details like the venue's address, nearby landmarks for easy navigation, and a QR code linking to a digital map or event itinerary. This blend of beauty and utility ensures your invitations are admired and appreciated for their thoughtfulness.

FAQs about Rooftop Venues in London

How much does it cost to hire a rooftop venue in London?

If you are seeking to hire a rooftop space for your party, expect straight hire fees to range from £30 to £3000. For minimum spend options, expect prices to start around £500 and reach as high as £3000. Per person prices are available from £10 to £50 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Can I hire a rooftop venue in London for my wedding?

A rooftop is an amazing choice for any wedding and with the right kind of venue you will also secure an amazing backdrop for your event. Imagine getting married in front of a panoramic view of the London skyline, or the dome at St Paul’s. Or maybe you fancy a view of Westminster or the Tower Bridge? Before you hire your venue though, make sure it holds a licence if you would like to have a civil ceremony there as well.

What happens if the weather changes during my rooftop party?

Many rooftop event spaces are part of a larger venue and may be prepared to move the event inside if the weather turns suddenly. You can also find venues that offer full or partial cover, some even have retractable roofs. It could even be possible to book an alternative date. Discuss your options ahead of time with the venue manager, and get all the details in writing.

Which areas of London are best for a rooftop venue?

Rooftop venues can be found all over the city, so if you’re interested in holding your party in one particular location, we are sure you will find the perfect rooftop venue there. But if you’re flexible with your location, we recommend looking for a venue near the River Thames for the panoramic views of the river. Try The City or Canary Wharf for the world-famous views of London’s skyline. Search along the tube lines for easy access to your venue.

Guests Reviews of Rooftop Venues on Tagvenue

Jaedah C.
Booked Rooftop Bar at Pineapple Xpress
I liked the location of the venue, the rooftop was a nice little area and perfect for the small birthday gathering I had. There was a nice sound system and I was allowed to decorate the venue how I wanted
Agnes H.
Booked Rooftop Bar at Jim & Tonic - The Rum House
The staff at Jim and Tonic East made my 26th birthday party so special! From my initial enquiry until the day (and even after), the communication was great - answering all my silly questions, providing all of the information I needed and more! They were super accommodating and helpful (even when it rained, we were taken care of!). I couldn’t have asked for more. The venue is beautiful, the drinks were extremely well made (all their gin is made on site!), and affordable. 12/10 experience
Anthea D.
Booked Full Venue Hire at Golden Bee
Great venue, we had our staff party here and in the 9 years we have been doing staff parties this was the best so far. This is the first time we used Golden Bee and we would love to make this our go-to staff party venue. Paige organised everything for us ahead of the event, her recommendations on catering and entertainment were excellent. The price of the drinks were really cheap which meant our employees could order what they wanted within our budget which lasted to the end of the night. The decor was summery and the staff were really friendly and helpful.
Ife O.
Booked The Cocktail Lounge at The Lock Tavern
The staff were really accommodating of all my requests such as custom cocktails & bringing in my own decorations. The venue is truly beautiful and well located within walking distance to 2/3 stations. The staff are lovely, and though there were some minor hiccups, did their best to make up for them such as with complimentary drinks. All my guests were really complimentary of the venue & loved the vibes which made it incredibly sad that it got cut short early and suddenly with no explanation [until following up severally, will touch on this in the negatives]
Amandip P.
Booked Roof Terrace Uncommon Borough at Uncommon Borough
We held our wedding Anniversary Drinks at Uncommon Borough and the venue was amazing! Perfect for what we wanted and the night was enjoyed by all! We had the whole place to ourselves and could order our own bar and DJ. The venue itself is stunning and has amazing views of the Shard and is the perfect size for a drinks event with cool seating and room for a dancefloor. The uncommon staff were amazing and helped us with planning everything, we can't thank them enough! It took so much stress of our heads, we didn't have to do anything but turn up and enjoy our night! We can't recommend Uncommon highly enough! Thanks for everything!
Lienda K.
Booked Roof Top Terrace at Bow Street Tavern
Excellent venue and was perfect in the sunshine! The staff were incredible and I appreciated the autonomy we had in the space (own decor, own bday cake etc...). I was also incredibly pleased to have found the place already set up in the way I had asked, and I credit this to the amazing staff who were super attentive.
Quadri J.
Booked Roof Top Terrace at Bow Street Tavern
everything ?Big shout out to Mireia, Andy, and other staff members present on the day of my event, Birthday/Listening party of my single with my friends and fam on 19th of this month at the Rooftop. superb service, superb venue, superb night... if there is 100 I'm giving... no complaints or anything just great care so I could have the best night. Thank you so much Bow Street Tavern
Rachael G.
Booked Grand Saloon Terrace at Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Absolutely outstanding, could not recommend enough as a venue. Beautiful venue. The food was amazing. Service was excellent - they really went above and beyond to ensure that everything was perfect. Great value too

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