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From the West End to the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), the capital has always had one of the world’s most exciting theatre scenes. Need to hire a theatre space in London but aren’t quite sure where to start? Whether you’re planning a casting call, audition, movie night, musical or comedy show, our round-up of London’s top theatres for hire is sure to come in handy. From community halls and movie theatres to state-of-the-art auditoriums and outdoor performance venues, we’re sure to have a space that suits.

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Theatres Hire Guide

All the world’s a stage… This quote has a special meaning in London: the city of Shakespeare and his Globe. The capital has always been an important centre for theatre, dramatic writing and other related arts. This movement is still alive and buzzing – no wonder theatre venues for hire are in such big demand.

There are few places in the world that offer as many theatre spaces for hire as London does. As you may expect from a historical city, finding an old theatre to hire is no trouble. England’s capital has a remarkable academic background, too, which means it has a lot of school and university theatres for rent.

When hosting an event in a theatre, the venue’s location is really important. Many people search for theatre spaces in London's West End, but venues in Soho, Fitzrovia, Covent Garden and Mayfair, are often expensive. Why not look further afield? Tagvenue is here to help you with cheap theatre hire in London.

Theatre hire tips and tricks:

  • Having the right space is crucial, but don’t forget about other important factors, such as lighting, props, costumes, proper theatre drapes and other equipment. Make sure it’s all geared up!

  • For events involving public speaking, you might like to hire a modern lecture theatre – especially when you have a huge audience and a special message to convey. Let your guests sit comfortably and listen attentively.

  • Pop-up events are a trend in London right now. New drama pop-ups are literally popping up like mushrooms, and they obviously require a great pop-up space. If you find a special place, it may require a special licence. Avoid surprises and double-check if you’ve sorted everything before the event.

  • Fringe theatre groups are alternative, informal troupes. They usually hire venues intended for other uses, like bars, shops or cafes. Therefore, pub theatre hire isn’t something unusual when it comes to fringe performances. Fringe festivals are an essentially British phenomenon, originating from the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Big-name fringe events in London include the East London Fringe Festival and the Camden Fringe.

  • Music is closely connected with the drama. When preparing for some plays, you may need a piano room or a rehearsal studio. When hiring rehearsal rooms, make sure they have all the facilities you need, for example, enough space for dancing and other elements of the rehearsal.

  • Have you ever thought about having a theatre wedding? This idea may seem unconventional, but at the same time, it’s absolutely spectacular. If the bride and the groom are theatre employees, actors or simply drama lovers, it makes even more sense. Your guests will be talking about it for a long time afterwards.

London is full of drama studios and theatres for hire, but choosing the right one for your event can be challenging. Tagvenue is here to make the process fast, easy and effective. With us you can choose from a wide variety of unusual theatre venues and get the best possible rate.

Theatres in London FAQ

What are the different kinds of theatres in London?

London offers some of the most exquisite theatres in the entire world, and you will be able to find a variety of different kinds of theatres from grand halls to smaller spaces with a stage. If you are hosting a large business event or a conference, then a centrally located theatre is what you will be looking for. On the other hand, if you have a small creative project in mind or a small product launch, then seek a small theatre to showcase your idea.

Which are the best theatres in London?

London is known for having amazing theatres all over the city. Here are a few of our favourites:

The People’s Palace Here is a modern theatre designed for lectures and performances. This can seat over 700 people and will provide your project with stellar acoustics and plenty of room for all in attendance. 

Dolby Theatre – If you are planning on offering a world-class audio-visual experience, then the Dolby Theatre is the place for you. You will find incredibly comfortable seats for the guests and crystal clear audio and visuals, which Dolby is known for.

The Etcetera Theatre  – This is one of the premier small theatres in all of London. Despite its small size and affordability, you will find top-of-the-line AV equipment and professional lighting to make sure that your message comes through loud as day.

How do I plan a theatre event in London?

Theatres are places to showcase your work, whether it is a business idea or the performing arts. The biggest thing you have to keep in mind is being properly prepared for the venue, not just in the content, but also making sure that the guests will be comfortable and the logistics of the event will be in order so everyone has a pleasant time in the theatre.

Guests Reviews of Theatres on Tagvenue

Emma Gillespie
Booked The Keynote Lecture Theatre at David Game College
This was a fantastic venue for our event; from the start Serena was welcoming, accommodating and positive, and despite us using the space in an unusual way and needing to come in and test things out, the staff were helpful and understanding at every stage. Would definitely come back! Thank you from us all.
Nicola Guido
Booked John Lyon's Theatre at City Lit
A good small theatre in Central London. The price is really competitive. Good lights, projectors. Very clean. Amazing location. Use exclusive of the box office. Carys, the technical manager, is lovely <3
Booked Auditorium at Canada Water Theatre
It has been a real pleasure to deal with web. Very quick response and effective... It has saved me lots of time...
Beverly Andrews
Booked John Lyon's Theatre at City Lit
It was just wonderful from start to finish!!!
SJ Brady
Booked Main Arch plus Bar/Cafe at Sunshine International Arts
Communication was easy, clear and friendly. The venue is opposite a train station, so easily accessible. Very spacious and great acoustics in the rooms. The staff were really friendly, helpful and welcoming.
Daniel Holley
Booked Theatre at The Calder Theatre Bookshop
Very efficient, and supportive of the whole process! No matter how minimal!

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