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Top Private Screening Rooms in London

Whether you’re hosting a private film screening, movie night, corporate presentation or photography event, the big screen is usually what you’re looking for. And in a perfect scenario, you can have it all to yourself. If that’s precisely what you’re looking for, our platform is ready to help you find it. You can check out the best private screening rooms for hire in London on our platform - you’ll be on the right track to finding just what you need in just a few clicks!

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Private Screening Rooms Hire Guide

Sometimes bigger is better. That’s why the big screen might be just what you’re looking for! London offers a huge variety of private screening rooms of all types and sizes. Planning on presenting a film for a private audience? Perhaps you’re after a state-of-the-art theatre with all the latest technology, or maybe what you need is a contemporary event space with great audio-visual facilities? No matter what you have in mind, Tagvenue takes the headache out of finding the perfect private screening room for your upcoming event.

Wondering what private screening rooms and auditoriums are usually hired for? Here’s some of the most popular events:

  • Film premieres and festivals - whether you are an up-and-coming director, producer, or the president of a film society, you might want to screen a film (or films!) in a premium space that will fit a considerable number of viewers. These events are tailor made for one of our big private screening rooms situated in London!
  • AGMs (annual general meetings) - if you need a professional setting to fit all the members and shareholders of your organisation that also allows you to display information effectively, look no further! Many screening rooms in London will allow you to conduct your business presentations, hold discussions and make important decisions efficiently and comfortably.
  • Training sessions - a private screening room is a great venue to hire for workshops, courses, and coaching sessions. If you are looking to invite an audience from out of town, look for hotels with screening facilities for convenient on-site accommodation.
  • Product launches - when you are presenting your new product, you might want to make it a show. And what better way to do that than on a huge screen in front of a sizable audience? 
  • Birthday parties - private screening rooms can be a great venue for smaller, more personal events too! If you have a film lover in your friend circle, you might want to organise a viewing party in a space that would comfortably fit all their friends and loved ones. And what better way to do that than hire a screening party venue in London?

If you’re still unsure about hiring a private screening venue in London, we might be able to convince you that it’s the right choice! Private screening rooms have an array of advantages, such as:

  1. They’re flexible. If your only association with such a room is a film screening, you are missing out! A big screen in one of London’s venues can be used for diverse purposes - presentations, photo viewing, or even video game playing! 
  2. They come in a variety of styles. In London, you can find screening rooms with just the atmosphere you’re looking for - an elegant theatre, a luxurious hall, a neon-lit private hire cinema, or a small and cosy room.
  3. They’re well-equipped. When hiring a private screening room, you’ll usually find all the equipment and facilities you need to conduct the screening, so you don’t have to worry about providing everything yourself.
  4. They really are private. It might sound like an obvious one, but it’s an advantage worth mentioning - hiring such a venue allows you to escape from the loud chatting and snacking that usually disturbs a public cinema experience.

Tips and Tricks for Hiring a Private Movie Screening Room

  • Think about what type of private screening room would suit your needs best - do you need a small screening room for a corporate presentation? A large cinema for yourself to host a party in? Or perhaps what you are looking for is an outdoor screening venue for a fun movie night? We have a wide range of options that suit many different occasions, varying in capacity, design style, and atmosphere.
  • Choose a private screening room in a convenient location. Are you looking for a space in Central London or somewhere a bit further from the city centre? Don’t forget to decide what you might need to have in the area - a restaurant to go to afterward or perhaps ample parking spaces? Look at the maps included in venue pages to check what you can expect near your screening venue of choice.
  • Work out what facilities you need. Depending on the type of event, useful amenities might be chairs with fold-out tables, a stage and/or speaker’s podium, breakout space, or videoconferencing technology. If you are looking to host a film screening or perhaps just a longer event, make sure the seating is comfortable! It might be a good idea to check if there is a technician onsite or if you have to hire someone yourself to ensure everything runs smoothly. You can use our smart search features to make the search easier and more specific.

What are you waiting for? Whether you want to give a lecture in one of London’s premium private screening venues or kick back and enjoy the show with all your friends, we’d love to help you find the perfect space for your next event. Keep reading to learn more about hosting screenings in London or scroll up and start browsing venues now!

Interactive Screenings

Organising an interactive screening can transform a simple viewing into an engaging, memorable experience for your audience. London's wide selection of excellent private screening rooms offers multiple perfect settings for hosting events that go beyond passive watching, inviting participation and discussion. Whether you're showcasing an indie film, hosting a documentary night, or presenting a corporate project, making your screening interactive can significantly enhance the impact of your event.

Choosing the Right Venue: The first step in organising an interactive screening is selecting a venue that supports your vision. Look for private screening rooms in London equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, such as the Close-Up Cinema or The Little Triangle Studio to ensure a seamless interactive experience. Consider screening venues with flexible seating arrangements to facilitate discussions and spaces that can accommodate breakout sessions or workshops related to your viewing.

Interactive Elements to Consider

  • Q&A Sessions: Schedule a Q&A session post-screening with the filmmakers, actors, or experts on the documentary's subject. This allows the audience to dive deeper into the themes of the screening and engage directly with creators or subject matter experts.
  • Live Polling: Use apps or technologies that allow for live polling during the screening. This can be particularly effective during panel discussions or debates, letting the audience vote on questions or express opinions in real-time.
  • Workshops and Breakout Sessions: Organise workshops or discussions in smaller groups post-screening to discuss themes or learn skills related to the film. This is especially effective for educational screenings or corporate training events in London.
  • Social Media Integration: Encourage live tweeting or the use of event-specific hashtags on social media to engage broader audiences and stimulate conversation around the screening.
  • Interactive Activities: Depending on the theme of your screening, you can include interactive activities such as quizzes, themed games, or even virtual reality (VR) experiences that complement the film or presentation.

Preparing Your Screening

  • Technical Rehearsal: Ensure that all interactive elements are tested beforehand, including sound, projection, and any digital tools used for audience participation.
  • Staff Briefing: Brief your staff or volunteers on their roles during the interactive segments to ensure they can facilitate discussions or manage technology smoothly.
  • Audience Briefing: Inform your audience at the beginning of the event about how they can participate and interact during the screening. This can include instructions on using polling apps, social media guidelines, or timing for Q&A sessions.

Marketing Your Interactive Screening

  • Promote the interactive aspects of your screening in your marketing materials to attract an audience keen on engaging more deeply with content. Highlight special guests, interactive technologies, or special activities that differentiate your event from other screening events in London.

An interactive screening can turn a simple film viewing into a dynamic, engaging event that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. By following these few simple steps, you can create an unforgettable experience that will stay with the attendees for long! After all, not every event can encourage participation, foster discussion, and enrich the viewing experience for everyone involved.

Securing Sponsorships and Partnerships for Private Screening Events in London

Whether showcasing a groundbreaking documentary, an independent film premiere, or a charity event, aligning with the right partners can add value, reduce costs, and enhance the overall experience for attendees. 

Identifying Potential Sponsors and Partners

  • Align with Your Theme: Look for businesses and organisations whose products, services, or mission align with the theme of your screening. This ensures a natural fit and mutual benefit.
  • Leverage Local Businesses: Local businesses in London may be particularly interested in sponsoring events that engage the community. Consider restaurants, tech companies, or local artists and creatives as potential sponsors.
  • Industry Connections: For film premieres or industry-specific screenings, reach out to companies within that sector. They might be interested in the opportunity for exposure to a targeted audience.

Crafting Your Proposal

  • Value Proposition: Clearly articulate the benefits for the sponsor or partner. This could include branding opportunities, exposure to a niche audience, or association with a particular theme or cause.
  • Custom Packages: Offer a range of sponsorship levels or tailor packages to the specific interests of the sponsor. Include options for both financial sponsorships and in-kind contributions, such as catering, tech support, or promotional materials.
  • Audience Demographics: Provide detailed information about your expected audience, including size, demographics, and interests, to help potential sponsors understand the reach and impact of their involvement.

Making the Approach

  • Personal Connections: Utilise your London network or seek introductions to key decision-makers at potential sponsor organisations. A personal connection can make your proposal stand out.
  • Professional Presentation: Create a polished and professional sponsorship proposal document or presentation. This should include details about the event, the audience, sponsorship packages, and the benefits to the sponsor.
  • Follow-Up: Be proactive in following up after sending your proposal. Offer to meet in person or have a call to discuss the potential partnership in more detail.

Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships

  • Collaborate on Promotion: Work with your sponsors and partners to promote the event through their channels, as well as your own. This can include social media mentions, newsletter features, or logo placement on event materials.
  • Engage Sponsors in the Event: Offer opportunities for sponsors to engage with the event, whether through a short presentation, branded materials distributed to attendees, or a stand or display at the venue.
  • Post-Event Follow-Up: After the event, provide sponsors with a summary of the event's success, including attendee feedback and metrics on reach and engagement. Read more about this crucial part right below!

Feedback and Follow-up Post Screening

After the curtains close on your private screening event, the work isn’t over just yet. Gathering feedback and conducting a follow-up can transform a single event into a stepping stone for future successes. Here’s how to effectively engage in feedback and follow-up activities after the screening.

Gathering Feedback

  • Surveys and Questionnaires: Create digital surveys or hand out questionnaires at the end of the event. Ask attendees about their experience, the venue, and any suggestions they have for improvement. Tools like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms offer an easy way to collect responses.
  • Direct Conversations: Take the time to speak directly with guests and sponsors before they leave the venue. Personal insights can be invaluable and offer a deeper understanding of the event's impact.


  • Thank You Notes: Send personalised thank you emails or messages to attendees, sponsors, and partners. Acknowledging their contribution and attendance adds a personal touch and keeps the lines of communication open.
  • Share Highlights: Compile and share event highlights, whether it’s through social media, email newsletters, or a post on your website. Include key moments, audience reactions, and any press coverage the event received.
  • Sponsor and Partner Debriefs: Arrange meetings with sponsors and partners to review the event’s success and discuss potential future collaborations. Sharing analytics, attendee feedback, and photographic evidence of their branding in action can reinforce the value of their investment.

The follow-up and feedback phase is crucial for capitalising on your event's momentum. By engaging with attendees, sponsors, and partners post-event, you not only show appreciation for their involvement but also lay the groundwork for future collaborations and improved event planning. 

FAQs about Private Screening Rooms in London

How much does it cost to hire a private screening room in London?

Most screening venues for hire in London operate on fees per hour or per session. At the most affordable private screening rooms, hourly rates start from around £30, depending on the size, facilities, and location. The largest and most upscale venues, including full buyout cinemas and modern auditoriums, can cost you even £600+ per hourYou can also book a session at one of the rooms for anywhere between £200 and £10,000. Some venues are offered on a full-day basis - the prices for such bookings start at £1,000.

If you are looking for a free private screening room in London, hire one that operates in the minimum spend model. You can expect rates to average around £500-£2,000 per session at London screening spaces with bars and restaurants. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are the capacities of private screening rooms in London?

Depending on your needs, you should be able to find private screening rooms of the perfect capacity in London. The sizes range from small screening rooms that seat 10-20 guests, for example the Upper Lounge at Everyman Hampstead, to vast cinemas and theatres that fit even up to a 500 people or more. If you're looking for a large screening venue for hire, check out the Dolby Auditorium at ODEON Luxe Leicester Square with 800 seats or The Grand Hall at Troxy which can seat even 2,000 guests, depending on the layout.

Where can I find private screening rooms in London?

While there are screening rooms located all over London, you can find the most of them in central locations, especially in Soho and Covent Gardens. There are also a considerable number of these venues in Shoreditch. You can use our map features to look for venues in the area most convenient for you, including checking nearby public transport stations for convenient access!

What are the best rated private screening rooms in London?

Some of the venues most appreciated by Tagvenue users are:

Guests Reviews of Private Screening Rooms on Tagvenue

Kimberley S.
Booked Top Deck at Ludo's
We hired the top deck of Ludo's for a private screening as part of a stag weekend and it was brilliant! It's a fun, quirky venue, with a relaxed atmosphere and excellent craft beer. Owner James couldn't have been more helpful, offering us a tech check the day before, setting up the screening on the day and making sure we were happy with the sound levels and everything. Highly recommend for birthdays or other fun screenings with friends!
Balbeer B.
Booked Whole Venue at Whirled Cinema
Everything. Great venue, terrific preparation communications, excellent, friendly Manager for the evening helping positively and warmly with every request, small or large. Superb. Would highly recommend. We had a screening for a small feature film, for cast and crew and everyone was highly pleased with the evening. Thank you.
Neil C.
Booked Stage space at Streatham Space Project
What a fantastic and vibrant venue, with friendly, incredibly helpful staff, and superb facilities. The venue added such a lot to the feel of the day's activities. I wouldn't hesitate to use this venue again.
Alex H.
Booked Cinema at Close-Up Cinema
Amazing experience - Staff were welcoming and very accommodating! The screening room was comfortable and modern and the actually screening was of high quality - we couldn't have asked for a better place to screen our feature film. The whole vibe of the place is one that makes you want to stay for the day! Can't wait to go back!
Erica S.
Booked Whole Venue at Whirled Cinema
We had my short film screening here and everything just went so well!! The venue was just perfect and the host was great handing out popcorn and prosecco to all my guests. The film screening went without a hitch and Mark did make an effort to accommodate when I asked if I could test out my DVD beforehand on another day. In the initial confirmation it wasn't super clear initially that I had booked but that was really a minor point and everyone was largely reachable by phone and email. Overall it was a great experience and everyone praised the style of the venue. Thanks Whirled Cinema!
Georgina S.
Booked NoSuchPlace Private Speakeasy at No Such Place
All the arrangements before hand were so easy and staff were really helpful at offering everything I could need before and whilst there - really going above and beyond. The venue is so cosy and felt really at home - just what I was looking for, and all my friends loved it too!
David B.
Booked Main Hall at Effraspace
Friendly host. The space was perfect for our screening and the host was very flexible about our needs. All our guests felt welcome and the location was useful for many people travelling all around London. I would highly recommend it for film screenings.
Craig G.
Booked John Lyon's Theatre at City Lit
Lovely, clean space; professional service all round; sound and picture quality excellent (better than the cinema, according to some of the guests); great tech support; comfortable seating; pleased to have the event (which was open to the public) promoted via City Lit's twitter account.

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