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Affordable Venues for Hire in London

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Top Affordable Venues in London

London offers numerous affordable venues, even though it is often considered to be an expensive city! If you’re looking for some great deals for venues in London, you’re in the right place! Tagvenue allows you to compare venues all over Greater London from the comfort of your home. No matter the occasion, with our help you’ll be able to find yourself a fantastic cheap event space in no time! Book with us today and see how much you can save in just a few clicks!

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Affordable Venues Hire Guide

Organising a proper party or event in London for cheap may seem like a daunting task. If you think you won’t be able to find a venue cheap enough to fit your budget, we’re happy to give you a helping hand. Thanks to Tagvenue, you can find the best affordable event space for you, contact venue managers directly, and pay online. If you need any tips on how to set yourself up for success with your London venue hire, feel free to follow this guide.

How to Find Affordable Venues in London

If you want to find yourself a great London venue on a budget, you will have to think outside the box. There are many different tips and tricks on how to save money on venue hunting and we know all of them. Here are some of the approaches you can use when searching for your dream cheap venue in London:

  • Go off the beaten path - Search the less popular districts and discover hidden gems. Not only are many of them one of a kind, they’re usually much cheaper. The rule of thumb is: the further you are from London’s centre, the more affordable deals for the event spaces you can find. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a deal so great that it’ll be worth the extra drive?
  • Minimum spend - Which basically means free venue hire. Sounds too good to be true? Instead of paying a hire fee, you just have to spend a minimum amount on food and drinks at your event. It's a great option for all types of parties and celebrations, making them truly cheap!
  • Focus on alternative venues - Looking for a budget wedding venue in London? Try thinking outside the box. More and more people are celebrating special occasions in pubs. Their owners are often more than happy to hire out their affordable venues for events, especially midweek. Depending on what you’re going for, you can also opt for cheap meeting spaces, creative studios, or warehouses if you find something that interests you.
  • Choose a smaller venue for hire - What’s the point of hiring a huge space for 300 people when you only expect 100 guests to show up? Usually, the more space you hire, the more you pay. Focus on a perfect party venue that’s not too big for your event if you’re working with a tight budget. To do that, you can ask the guests to RSVP to your event way in advance. That way you’ll get the maximum amount of seats you’re going to need. Remember to think about how many guests you can host before you send out the invitations.
  • Decorate the venue yourself - This is a no-brainer, especially if you want to go for an unfurnished affordable venue. Bring some basic furniture (or ask the venue if they could provide it), check out some DIY decoration ideas on Pinterest and see where your imagination is going to take you!
  • Handle the food and drinks yourself - In-house catering can get quite expensive at times, so why not do it yourself? Preparing a feast for over 50 people may just be too difficult, but smaller dishes and hors d'oeuvres are perfectly approachable for you or people willing to help you.

The Best Types of Cheap Venues for Hire in London

  • Warehouses - If you need a unique budget party location with a high ceiling and a cool, industrial vibe, warehouses are the ultimate choice. Converted factories, lofts and railway arches are usually an affordable option for private parties, wedding receptions and many other occasions.
  • Halls - Another versatile and cheap venue hire option, perfect for partying on a budget in London. And the best thing? There are plenty of cheap halls to choose from in every district of London. No matter which part of the city you live in, Tagvenue will help you find a location that meets both your needs and your budget.
  • Blank canvases - These are truly affordable spaces that can do it all. Weddings, meetings, or parties can be arranged in an appropriately sized blank canvas space. And they’re pretty cheap and common in central London.
  • Art galleries - Feeling a little artsy? London is full of affordable art galleries for hire. While they’re most commonly used for exhibitions or artist collaborations, you can ask them to set up for many different types of events or parties.
  • Creative spaces - If you’re looking for an alternative to a typical photo or art venue, creative spaces offer just that. They are very versatile in their use cases and facilities, so you may be able to find a cheap venue that fits your creative project or event.

When you manage to pick the best venue for your budget, closing the deal will be as easy as pie. Just head on to the venue page on Tagvenue, fill out your event details and send the enquiry. Your venue manager will soon reach out to you and provide you with all the details. You can even pay off the hire fee online, with no additional costs!

Venue Selection and Event Planning Process on a Budget

Selecting the right venue for an event in London involves several crucial steps to ensure that the location meets everyone’s requirements. Here's a breakdown of the typical process:

  1. Define the Event Requirements: Start by using the smart filters on our platform to search for a venue according to your event requirements. Input details such as the number of attendees, event type, preferred location within London, budget constraints, and any specific amenities. 
  2. Explore Venue Options: Search Tagvenue's extensive database of venues for rent to explore spaces that match your criteria. Browse through our listings, review their profiles, and use the platform's filters to narrow down your options. 
  3. Shortlist Potential Venues: Create a shortlist of potential affordable venues based on your search results. Evaluate each venue's profile, including photos, floor plans, amenities, and reviews from previous clients, to determine which ones best fit your needs. 
  4. Compare and Contrast: Use our platform to compare and contrast the shortlisted venues. Compare key factors such as rental fees, additional charges, contract terms, and available amenities to make an informed decision. 
  5. Book the Venue: Once you've identified the ideal venue for your event on a budget, directly contact the venue or request a quote. Communicate with the venue staff to finalise the booking details, sign the contract, and make necessary payments. 
  6. Coordinate Logistics: Work closely with the venue staff to coordinate logistics leading up to the event, such as setup and breakdown, audiovisual equipment setup, catering arrangements, and any other specific requirements. 
  7. Communicate with Attendees: Provide attendees with clear information about the venue location, directions, parking options, and other relevant details to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Amenities and Facilities Found in Affordable Venues in London

Affordable venues in London can offer a range of amenities and facilities to enhance your event experience without exceeding your budget. 

  1. Audiovisual Equipment: Many affordable venues offer basic audiovisual equipment such as projectors, screens, microphones, and sound systems. These amenities are essential for presentations, speeches, and entertainment, allowing organisers to deliver engaging content to attendees without needing costly external rentals.
  2. Stage Setup: Some affordable spaces come equipped with a stage or platform, which can elevate the event experience by providing a focal point for speakers or performers. A stage setup enhances visibility and professionalism, making it easier for presenters to connect with the audience and leave a lasting impression on attendees. 
  3. Wi-Fi access is increasingly becoming a standard amenity in venues of all price ranges. London's affordable venues that offer reliable Wi-Fi connectivity enable attendees to stay connected, access online resources, and engage in interactive activities such as live polling or social media sharing. This enhances the overall event experience by promoting connectivity and collaboration among participants. 
  4. Parking: Budget-friendly venues that provide on-site or nearby parking options alleviate concerns about transportation logistics and make it convenient for guests to attend the event. This ensures a smooth arrival and departure process, contributing to a positive overall experience. 
  5. Catering Services: Some cheap venues offer in-house catering services or allow external caterers to operate on-site. Access to affordable catering options ensures that organisers can provide refreshments and meals to attendees without overspending on food and beverage expenses. This convenience adds value to the event and enhances guest satisfaction. 
  6. Flexible Layout Options: Many affordable event venues have flexible layout options that can be customised to suit different event configurations and seating arrangements. This versatility allows organisers to maximise space utilisation and accommodate varying attendance numbers, ensuring that the venue can adapt to the specific needs of each event without incurring additional costs. 
  7. Unique Features: Affordable venues may boast unique or standout features that set them apart from traditional event spaces. Whether it's a historic landmark, a trendy warehouse conversion, or a community centre with cultural significance, these venues offer a distinctive ambience that adds character and charm to the event. Choosing an affordable venue with unique features can create memorable experiences for attendees while staying within budget constraints. 

Event organisers can create engaging and memorable experiences for attendees without breaking the bank by utilising the amenities and facilities available in affordable venues. Whether through basic audiovisual equipment, stage setups, Wi-Fi access, parking facilities, catering services, flexible layouts, or unique features, affordable venues offer practical solutions that enhance the overall event experience and deliver exceptional value for money.

Areas in London Where You Can Find Affordable Venues

London has a variety of affordable venues for hire located across different neighbourhoods, each having its unique charm and amenities. 

  1. East London: Known for its vibrant arts scene and industrial heritage, East London offers many affordable venue options. Areas like Shoreditch, Hackney, and Bethnal Green feature converted warehouses, art galleries, community centres, and cheap creative spaces that cater to different events, from pop-up markets to live performances. 
  2. South London: South London has a mix of historic venues and modern event spaces at affordable rates. Neighbourhoods like Peckham, Brixton, and Deptford offer a variety of venues, including affordable party pubs, community halls, and cultural centres, ideal for everything from small gatherings to larger functions. 
  3. North London: North London has several neighbourhoods with affordable venue options, such as Camden, Islington, and Stoke Newington. Here, you can find budget-friendly venues like function rooms, church halls, and local community centres, perfect for hosting meetings, workshops, and social events. 
  4. Outer London Boroughs: Beyond central London, the outer boroughs offer more affordable venue options without sacrificing convenience or accessibility. Areas like Croydon, Walthamstow, and Stratford provide a range of venues, including conference centres, sports halls, and educational institutions, suitable for events of all sizes and budgets.
  5. Suburban Areas: Suburban areas surrounding London, such as Richmond, Wimbledon, and Twickenham, offer a tranquil setting with affordable venue options. Here, you can find venues like village halls, leisure centres, and parks that provide a relaxed atmosphere for weddings, family gatherings, and community events. 
  6. Academic Institutions: London is home to numerous universities and colleges that offer affordable venue hire options for events and conferences. Universities such as Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), and King's College London often rent lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and event spaces at competitive rates. 
  7. Cultural Institutions: Museums, galleries, and cultural institutions throughout London may offer affordable venue hire options for events, exhibitions, and performances. Places like the Museum of London, the Tate Modern, and the Barbican Centre often have event spaces available for hire at reasonable prices. 

FAQs about Affordable Venues in London

How can I hire an affordable venue in London?

Even though London belongs to one of the most expensive cities in the world, you shouldn’t lose hope when it comes to hiring an affordable venue for any occasion. Start on a venue hire marketplace like Tagvenue, where you can use smart search filters to easily browse through venues that fit both your needs and your budget. This way, you can find some amazing hidden gems! There are many smaller spaces for lower prices or you can opt for booking a minimum spend space. This means you only commit to spending a set amount of money on drinks and food, but don’t need to pay anything for the venue hire itself! 

How much should I expect to pay for an affordable venue in London?

The final prices of venues differ from spot to spot, but in general, the hire fee for the cheapest party venues in London starts at around £12 per hour. You can find affordable event packages priced as low as £10 per person. Minimum spend is a great option for free venue hire in London, with requirements starting from £50 per session. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How can I save money on venue hire in London?

There are several ways to stay on a budget while hiring a venue in London. Make sure your guest list is as short as possible, because small event venues tend to be the cheapest. If your event requires catering, you can decide to hire a party venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol and food, which will also help you save some money. Many cheap party halls and dry hire spaces allow this option - just make sure there are no additional buyout fees! Alternatively, go for an affordable minimum spend venue in London and pay only for the food!

What’s the best time for booking affordable venues?

If you want to get a venue for cheap, you should consider hiring outside peak hours. Weekday evenings and weekends are usually the most saturated (and expensive) timeframes for event space hire in London. Weekday mornings (8:00-13:00) will usually be your best bet for short-term venue hire.

Guests Reviews of Affordable Venues on Tagvenue

Noelyne G.
Booked Kitchen For Photoshoot at KitchenVerse Studio
Recently had the pleasure of renting this kitchen space, and it exceeded all expectations. The cleanliness and organisation were impressive, making it easy to focus on my masterclass. The kitchen was well-equipped with top-notch appliances and utensils, ensuring a seamless experience. What truly set this rental apart was the owner's exceptional hospitality and flexibility. They were accommodating to my schedule and provided helpful insights, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere. Overall, a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a reliable and well-maintained kitchen space.
Amy C.
Booked The Bar at Temper Shoreditch
We recently had the pleasure of experiencing a fantastic evening at Temper Shoreditch for our staff party. The ambiance of the bar was great. The dim lighting and stylish decor created an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere and was ideal for a group of our size. What really set this venue apart was the impeccable service. The staff were not only professional but also genuinely friendly and attentive. They went above and beyond to ensure that everyone felt welcome and taken care of, from recommending cocktails to promptly addressing any requests. We had a few guests in the group with allergies and this was dealt with diligently. The staff's commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. The food was outstanding and the bar had an impressive selection of drinks that catered to all preferences. The presentation of the cocktails was great, it's clear that the team behind the venue takes pride in delivering a top-level experience.
Lumbini A.
Booked Whole Venue at The Travel Cafe Waterloo
The venue was absolutely perfect for a ceramic painting activity for 9-10 people. It was very clean and private. You can bring your own decorations, catering, drinks and whatever you need but the cafe is beautiful all on its own. The plants add a fantastic touch and the ability to play your own music really adds to the ambience. It is also centrally located for accessibility, plenty of food options on Deliveroo and small supermarkets nearby for any snacks or alcoholic beverages. The service was second to none. Kevin and his colleague were incredibly kind and helpful; no request was too much and they really took the initiative to go the extra mile to ensure we were looked after. They gave us plenty of privacy but were always on hand when needed. The plants and terrariums make lovely mementos too. 10/10!
Ciara L.
Booked Mary Read Boat at Studio 92 & 94
Lee was amazing at coordinating everything and helped for the perfect surprise for my boyfriends 30th. Highly recommended the venue, the photos definitely don’t do it justice. We had awful weather the day of the party but had the best evening downstairs on the boat and made use of the terrace afterwards. They were super flexible on decorations and even lent us some DJ equipment when we had forgotten some parts. 10/10 night, location is spot on and can make your way into studio 90 for the rest of the evening ⭐️ Huge thanks to Lee and the team!
Kiyah C.
Booked Big Space at Hackney Showroom
I recently had the pleasure of visiting hackney showroom HQ for a Bridal shower - it is a great space that left me thoroughly impressed. From its spacious layout to the attentive staff, every aspect of my experience surpassed my expectations, making it an outstanding choice for any event. One of the venue's greatest assets was its staff. The staff provided were not only helpful but also incredibly kind. From the moment I arrived they were readily available to help me with my needs. The tables and chairs are easy to find and set up also the kitchen and other facilities were clean and well maintained. I recommend this venue for any occasion. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, you can trust that this venue will exceed your expectations. I applaud the management and staff for their outstanding dedication to providing a memorable experience for myself and all my guests. Thankyou
Rebecca C.
Booked Basement Cocktail Parlour at Bell & Viv
The team were all incredibly accomodating, responsive, and friendly. Areanging the evening was easy, as the bookings team reply to messages so quickly. In terms of the space, the venue was really clean and decorated nicely - the team had really good music playing when we arrived, so we didn’t even need our own playlist in the end (but still had the option if we needed!). Drinks and service were also amazing, and good value considering how close the venue is to kings cross. Thank you again for such a great experience - you made a 30th birthday feel very special!
Ella-Leigh P.
Booked Venue Room at The Cavendish Arms
I hosted a scratch night for around 50/60 people at the Cavendish Arms yesterday and it was such a fantastic venue. Booking it was so easy, with shriley answering all questions i had very quickly and with so much detail. The staff were so friendly and helpful. I came to the venue a few times before the evnt and staff were happy for me to look at the space. On the day of the event, the technican was fantastic and with literally no rehersal time made all the sound and lighting ques with so issue. Everyone said to me how amazing this space was and i couldmt agree more. The value for money is crazy good. I will be hosting again here in a heart beat!
Booked Function Suite at The Dickens Inn
We organised our engagement party there on a Friday evening till late in the Pickwick room and I think about 80 people turned out! Agata and then Bogdan and Jack and Julia were the MOST helpful and organised people to work with! They made the organisation so seamless and easy and stress free! We had a DJ with live musicians - they lended the venue's dj booth cover without asking. We had a private open bar and Jack came to ask for a briefing before we started. We had flowers and decorations and they helped us put it up. We had a HUGE cake which they received and kept in the fridge and then served at the desired time, cut and served. They had many staff serving champagne to all of our guests. Agata and the team also designed and printed posters to show the way to the venue for our guests which was in line with our theme. The food served was delicious! I was skeptical at first as I thought it'd be pub food but omg it was just amazing! Guests loved it! The venue itself was just beautiful and the balcony was much loved by our guest for a breath of fresh air! It was honestly the most fun, engaging and relaxed party we ever threw. Guests didn't want to leave!

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