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Top Luxury Venues in London

Searching for luxury venues to hire in London? Sometimes it’s nice to splash out a little. The capital has an array of exclusive venues, from elegant Kensington hotels and posh Mayfair restaurants to Chelsea celebrity haunts and private clubs in Notting Hill. Here at #tagvenue, we list a range of exclusive venues in London. So, it's easy for you to find an impressive hire space (that’ll be sure to wow your VIPs) or just an indulgent spot (where you can treat yourself to a little TLC).

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Luxury Venues Hire Guide

Home to world heritage sites, architectural gems and other celeb-worthy spots, London is the perfect city for a posh event that will leave your guests talking for months. We know all the fancy private clubs, five-star hotels and other luxury venues that are fit for kings and queens.

What to consider when choosing the perfect space from London’s luxury venues:

  • Event type – throwing an extravagant Great Gatsby style party or hosting an afternoon dedicated to high tea time? No matter the size or theme of your prestigious event, we have luxury venues for any occasion you can think of.
  • Style – splendour has many shades. London’s rich historical heritage allows you to choose from many stunning Georgian and Victorian luxury venues. Or maybe something modern is what you’re after? Have a look at our designer spaces. And the best part? Many of them boast marvellous views over London. Now, that’s what we call luxury.
  • Catering – when you already have the perfect luxury venue, food selection is the cherry on top of your event. Some of our luxury venues offer world-class fine dining experiences, while others are happy to help you find the perfect caterer.

Here are some of the best events to hold in a London luxury venue:

Elegant Dinner Parties – these luxurious venues will come equipped with menus that will take your party to the next level. Having a dinner party at a luxury venue is sure to impress your guests and create an amazing evening they will never forget. Explore the venue's extensive food and wine menus and create outstanding pairings with the help of the venue managers and sommeliers. What is more luxurious than a five course dinner paired with some of the best wines the world has to offer?

Cocktail Parties – these types of venues are fantastic locations for  cocktail parties. Luxury venues often also feature world-class bartenders and bars who are ready to provide your party with some amazing cocktails. Cocktail parties are an excellent opportunity for everyone to dress to the nines and celebrate in style. 

Rehearsal Dinners – Your big day is finally here and before you walk down the aisle, have your rehearsal dinner in one of London’s stunning luxury venues. This is one of the best ways to get ready for the ceremony after a long day of rehearsing. Get the speeches and thanks ready and start your wedding on the right foot.

Wedding Receptions – After the ceremony wraps up, a luxury venue in London is an excellent choice for your reception. Some of the spaces are large enough to accommodate all of your guests from the ceremony and then some. The larger spaces are designed to host hundreds of people and they have professional event managers and front-of-house staff to make sure your party goes off without a hitch. Be sure to hire a DJ or band, and then get ready to celebrate the new chapter of your lives!

Luxurious Birthday Parties – If you have a big birthday coming up, celebrate it in a premier luxury venue in London. There is a lot to celebrate every birthday, but be sure to welcome in your 18th or decade milestones with a party to remember. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join you for an unforgettable night out. Make the party all about welcoming in your next year and all you have to look forward to with the people you care about the most in the world.

Wine Tasting Night – Prepare some hors d'oeuvres and order some wines from around the world. These are fun and easy nights to organise at a luxury venue. Who doesn’t love having a bunch of the world’s finest wines to try? Pair some small dishes and bites to pair with each vintage that you are tasting. Consult a sommelier to get the best spread of wines and even make a wine tasting class out of the event, where someone who knows their vintages guides you through all of the notes of each wine.

Monte Carlo Nights – Any excuse to wear a tuxedo or gown is a good time. All you need for a Monte Carlo night are some card tables, maybe a roulette wheel, professional dealers, and some good company. And don’t worry, you don't have to play with real money. These are great fundraising events as well, because it is easy for everyone to get involved in the fun.

Luxury venues are great places for a variety of parties and events. They can be anything from small and unique venues all the way to luxurious ballrooms for an unforgettable soiree. There are plenty of options to choose from in London, and fortunately for you, Tagvenue has curated a list of the best that London has to offer. Use our smart filtering tools to find the perfect luxury venue and book today!

Elevating Events with Bespoke Services and Amenities

Planning an event in a luxury venue in London offers an unparalleled opportunity to impress and indulge your guests. To truly enhance your event, incorporating bespoke services and amenities is key. These customised offerings transform a standard gathering into an extraordinary experience, showcasing attention to detail and personalisation that will be remembered long after the event concludes. Here’s a guide on tuning your event with ideal services and amenities at luxury venues in London.

  • Personalised Culinary Experiences: Grand venues in London boast some of the finest culinary teams in the world. Elevate your event by collaborating with these culinary experts to create a lovely menu that reflects your theme or personal taste. Whether it’s a fusion of international cuisines, a menu inspired by your favourite travel destinations, or dishes that cater to specific dietary requirements, a personalised culinary experience will delight your guests and make your event stand out.
  • Customised Decor and Theming: Work with the venue's design team or bring in your own event stylists to transform the space to match your vision. Suitable decor elements such as custom table settings, personalised centrepieces, and unique lighting installations can change the atmosphere of the venue to align with your event's theme, whether it’s an opulent ball, an avant-garde anniversary celebration, or a sophisticated corporate gala.
  • Exclusive Entertainment Options: Enhance the entertainment factor by arranging engaging performances. Luxury venues in London have the connections to book top-notch entertainers, from world-class musicians and bands to magicians and circus performers. Tailor the entertainment to complement the theme of your event, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.
  • Bespoke Beverage Creations: Elevate your event with a custom cocktail menu crafted by skilled mixologists. Incorporate your preferences or event theme into the drinks, from signature cocktails named after the occasion to non-alcoholic creations that surprise and delight. Luxury venues can also arrange exclusive wine and champagne selections, including rare finds and private tastings.
  • Personal Concierge Services for Guests: Offer your guests the ultimate luxury with personal concierge services. This could include anything from a dedicated event butler, special transportation arrangements, to personalised gift bags. Ensuring your guests’ every need is catered to with utmost care and attention will leave a lasting impression.
  • Tech Customisation for Corporate Events: For corporate events, luxury venues can provide technological setups tailored to your needs. From custom staging and lighting to branded presentations and high-tech audio-visual equipment, ensure your corporate message is delivered with impact and elegance.
  • Experiential Workshops and Activities: Add an interactive element to your event with interesting workshops or activities. Luxury venues can often arrange exclusive experiences such as perfume making, jewellery workshops, or gourmet cooking classes, providing a unique opportunity for guests to engage and participate actively.
  • Wellness and Relaxation Amenities: For multi-day events or weddings, incorporate wellness and relaxation amenities for your guests. Luxury venues can arrange top spa treatments, yoga sessions, or relaxation lounges, ensuring your guests are pampered and refreshed.

Incorporating dedicated services and amenities becomes handy if you coordinate with the chosen exclusive venue in London. Communicate your vision clearly and work closely with the venue's team to bring your ideas to life. By personalising every aspect of your event, from the culinary offerings to the entertainment, you create an unforgettable experience that celebrates luxury at its finest!

Dress Codes Decoded: Styling Your Event for the Ultimate Luxury Experience

Selecting the perfect dress code for your luxury event in London is crucial in setting the tone and ensuring your guests immerse fully in the opulent experience you've envisioned. An apt dress code complements the grandeur of the venue and elevates the overall atmosphere, making the event exceptional for all attendees! Here's a guide to decoding dress codes to style your event with sophistication and flair.

Understanding Dress Codes

  • Black Tie: Synonymous with elegance, a black tie dress code calls for men to don tuxedos and women to grace floor-length evening gowns. It's perfect for corporate events, opulent weddings, and high-profile charity galas at London's most prestigious venues.
  • White Tie: The essence of formality, white tie is the most formal dress code, requiring tailcoats for men and ball gowns for women. Select this for ultra-luxurious events where you aim to impress, such as state dinners or royal receptions.
  • Cocktail Attire: A blend of formal and casual, cocktail attire encourages stylish, sophisticated outfits that are not overly formal. Men can opt for dark suits, while women can dazzle in elegant cocktail dresses. Ideal for evening cocktail parties and corporate gatherings in chic London venues in areas like South Bank or Canary Wharf.
  • Smart Casual: Offering a balance of comfort and style, smart casual invites a polished yet relaxed look. Think blazers and chinos for men, and chic dresses or sophisticated separates for women. Suitable for daytime events, breakfast meetings, and informal gatherings in luxury spaces in London.
  • Themed Attire: Inviting guests to dress according to a specific theme adds an element of fun and creativity to your event. From Great Gatsby glamour to Venetian masquerade, themed attire can transform your luxury venue into an immersive world, enhancing the overall experience.

Tips for Communicating Dress Codes

  • Clarity is Key: Clearly state the dress code on your invitations to avoid confusion. Provide a brief explanation or examples if opting for less common dress codes or themed attire.
  • Consider Your Venue: Let the style of your luxury venue guide your dress code choice. A grand banquet hall may lend itself to more formal attire, while a modern rooftop may suit cocktail or smart casual.
  • Offer Inspiration: For themed events, include mood boards or style guides in your invitation or event website to inspire your guests and set the creative tone.
  • Accessibility and Comfort: While aiming for luxury, consider the comfort of your guests. Offer suggestions for varying weather conditions, especially for outdoor venues, and note if the event will involve standing or walking on uneven surfaces.
  • Dress Code Etiquette: Encourage guests to respect the dress code as a way to honour the occasion and contribute to the event's success. However, be understanding and accommodating of individual circumstances.
  • Lead by Example: As the host, set the standard with your own attire. Your commitment to the dress code will inspire your guests to follow suit, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning event.

By thoughtfully selecting and communicating the dress code, you not only elevate the elegance of your exclusive event in London but also ensure your guests feel part of something big.

FAQs about Luxury Venues in London

How do you celebrate in a luxury venue?

Luxury venues require extravagant celebrations. Don’t hold back with what you provide for your guests. Have amazing food, great music, fun party favours, and invite your closest friends and family for the time of your lives. These are amazing venues for birthdays and wedding ceremonies and receptions alike!

What are some of the best luxury venues in London?

Some of our favourite luxury venues in London are:

116 Pall Mall - If you're looking for luxury with a touch of classy elegance, this Grade I listed building should be on your shortlist! It can be hired for grand weddings, drinks receptions, and even large corporate events.

Penthouse at Raddison Blu Edwardian Hampshire – This centrally located elegant penthouse, will surely impress your guests with its amazing views and cuisine. This venue is meant for banquets and business meetings and lunches.

The May Fair Hotel – The terrace in this hotel is great for many reasons. It has great drinks and is perfect for luxurious cocktail parties. Not only this, it is attached to a stunning hotel that your out of town guests  can stay in.

Where are the best areas for luxury venues in London?

You will be able to find some special luxury venues in  London’s most fashionable neighbourhoods such as Soho and Westminster. These locations are centrally located and easy to access for all of your guests, with tons of public transport stations available. If you are looking for something a bit more quiet, seek a venue in a place like Belsize Park.

How do you plan a luxury birthday party?

Luxury venues are some of the best places to host a birthday party in. Planning a birthday party in one of these venues requires just a few things:

  • Invitations with RSVPs
  • An elegant dress code
  • Delicious menu
  • Creative cocktails, fine wines, and craft beers
  • A great playlist
  • Party favours

Once you have these things, your party is guaranteed to be a hit.

Guests Reviews of Luxury Venues on Tagvenue

Nathania R.
Booked Beach Room & Distillery at Laki Kane
Laki Kane accommodated as expected. I’d like to thank the bartenders that allowed us to enjoy my special evening, providing great service to us all. I did have a Spotify playlist ready but the music played by the DJ/club itself was enough. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 30th birthday and couldn’t have done it without Laki Kane.
Kean S.
Booked Caspers Restaurant at Loop Bar
The team was unbelievably helpful, friendly, well organised and had prepared exactly what we asked for. They were even helpful in assisting in last minute requests on the night. The venue is great, music not too loud but still a great atmosphere in our own space away from the rest of the bar. Excellent value for money and highly recommend!
Abi P.
Booked Basement Bar at Apples & Pears
I had the best night for my birthday at Apples & Pears! Kim’s communication before the event was excellent - the staff that were on during my night were incredible - all of my friends commented on how accommodating they were and it meant I could enjoy my night without worrying about anything! The space is great and the cocktails were delicious. Thank you all for such a good night I would recommend to anyone & would definitely come back!
Booked Main Space at Late Night Railway Arch in Hackney
Great venue! Facilities and the space were perfect for my 30th birthday gathering. Communication was good throughout my booking, with clear instructions and questions happily answered. I had everything I needed and they were able accommodate to my needs. The venue went down really well with all my guests and we had a fun night! Really memorable evening. Thank you so much, would recommend.
Jean-Pierre G.
Booked Whole Venue at Amelie's Wine House
Great small venue which was perfect for our team to get together after day one of a two-day event. Intimate setting great for networking and getting the team to mingle. Great plates of delicious food and an amazing selection of drinks (particularly wine) Fantastic service throughout the evening, and very accommodating for needs on the night.
Booked Xxxx at xxxx
Was an amazing experience! Laura was a lovely host and made everyone feel comfortable and at welcome, will most definitely recommend.
Booked Studio at Ample Space - Hackney Wick at Wallis Road
Clean large soo ok ave, easy to get to, had the lighting I needed to set the mood, fan etc will definitely use again
Janine M.
Booked The Terrace at Studio48 Bar & Kitchen
Loved the space/ decor for this rooftop terrace. Tash was a great event manager and was really helpful with all my enquiries. Staff were attentive to us as a group of around 27.

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