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Top Large Event Venues in London

London is the go-to city for large event venues. Want your party to be as stunning and monumental as the capital itself? Well, if you’re searching for large spaces in London, you’re in the right place. Whether you're trying to organise a wedding, a conference, or a banquet, Tagvenue can help you find a spectacular venue fit for your needs. Everything is handled online, with no additional fees. See how quick and easy it is to find the perfect space with us!

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Large Event Venues Hire Guide

Sometimes you need to go all-out for a large-scale event that will leave an impression on your guests. Large events need a lot of planning, but they also need a venue that will help you turn your plans into reality. But what kind of venue are you going to need? You need to figure this out. Here’s some elements you should think of before choosing a venue:

  • Location - Are you looking for Central London venues? Or maybe a venue on the outskirts with plenty of large outside areas would be ideal? With Tagvenue, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From Camden Town to Greenwich, we know the best event venues in every part of London. Also, make sure to check if your preferred event venue has convenient transport links.
  • Purpose - Adults or children, retro or modern, private or corporate - what is your event targeting? The variety of our event venues is extensive, from exhibition venues to large party houses - so you’re sure to find something that’ll fit the mood perfectly. Don’t forget to top it all off with splendid decorations!
  • Accessibility - If you’re dreaming of a large, open event or conference, you should think about meeting the basic accessibility standards. The absolute minimum would include ramps or elevators for wheelchair users, signs with text in Braille, and service people who can help them out in case they need it.
  • Parking - In order to accommodate everyone who wants to go to your event by car, you’re going to need a large venue with ample parking. Get in touch with your venue and ask how many spots they have available. It’s going to be especially important if you’re organising an event involving lots of guests from outside the city (such as a wedding).
  • Sound - It’s not only large conference venues that need a powerful state of the art A/V system. Be sure to check the event venue’s acoustics before it all starts. Many event venues are designed especially for live music, but it’s always better to have one more soundcheck – just in case.
  • Facilities - Looking for a large venue with a 4k projector, a whiteboard, or a flipchart? It’s quite likely that your event venue will provide it for you. Make a list of the extra equipment you might need and speak to the venue manager to see if they can help you find a solution that fits your needs.

If you have any problems determining what you’re looking for, you can take a couple of approaches. For example, you can try to check out several venues before choosing your hire. That way, you’ll have an easier time comparing all the details and have a better idea of the true size of the space. You can also use that opportunity to ask additional questions about the venue and its terms and conditions. Also, try to use the search tools on Tagvenue to your advantage. If you already have some requirements when it comes to space, budget or facilities, you can use filters to see only the venues that are fit for your needs.

How to plan a successful conference

Do you have a huge idea or passion and you want to bring people together to make something happen? Organising an open conference is no small feat, but if you keep your expectations in check and follow our advice, you should be able to make your next event a success! Here's some tips on how to start out with conference planning:

If you want to schedule a conference, you should start planning and looking for large conference venues at least 6-8 months in advance. This will mostly depend on the scope of your event, as catering services and venue managers will need to start preparing months in advance. And since you’re most likely to schedule your hire for a weekend (as this option would be most convenient for the guests), they may have their services scheduled for months on end. Even those attending will need to book their hotels early.

As we already mentioned, if you’re looking for the most amount of traffic, you should plan your conference for the weekend instead of the weekdays. Unless your conference is specifically business related, then you could get away with doing it in the middle of the week. That way you can have a higher chance to get the venue you want for a lower fee. 

What is your conference about? You should find a way to reach your target audience and convince them to attend. One of the best ways to do that is to take advantage of Internet communities for your niche. People who are active in such forums or platforms are the most likely to be passionate enough to sign up for your conference. This applies both for business or marketing professionals and hobby enthusiasts. Depending on who you’re looking for, you should focus your efforts on LinkedIn (for business people and professionals), Reddit (smaller “hobby” communities) or Facebook (a mix of both).

Maximising Attendee Engagement in Large Spaces: A Guide for Event Planners

Organising an event in one of the large event venues with the biggest capacities in London presents a specific set of challenges and opportunities, especially when it comes to ensuring every attendee feels involved and engaged. Large spaces, while impressive, can sometimes create a sense of detachment among participants. This guide offers strategic insights into overcoming these challenges and making your large event a memorable experience for every guest.

  • Interactive Technologies: Leverage the power of technology to create interactive experiences that can engage attendees across large spaces. If you’re organising a big conference or a gala dinner, you can consider incorporating audience response systems, live polling, and Q&A sessions facilitated through event apps. These tools not only make participants feel involved but also provide valuable feedback and data.
  • Engaging Layouts: Move beyond traditional seating arrangements and experiment with layouts that encourage interaction. Think lounge areas, interactive stations, and networking zones strategically placed around the venue to facilitate movement and conversation. Circular seating arrangements for panels or talks can also make large groups feel more intimate.
  • Visual and Auditory Enhancements: Utilise state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to ensure messages are clearly communicated across the venue. Large LED screens, clear and evenly distributed sound systems, and visually captivating presentations can hold attendees' attention and make their experience great, regardless of their location in the venue.
  • Personalisation Elements: Add personal touches that make the large space feel welcoming. This could be as simple as personalised welcome messages on screens, interactive name badges, or apps that suggest custom agendas based on attendees' interests. Such details can make a large event feel tailored to each participant.
  • Themed Breakout Areas: Create themed zones or breakout areas around the venue that align with different aspects of your event's agenda or theme. These areas can host smaller, focused discussions, networking, or relaxation zones, offering attendees a choice of engagement according to their interests.
  • Gamification: Incorporate elements of gamification to encourage exploration and interaction within the large space. Scavenger hunts, location-based challenges, or leaderboards for participation can add an element of fun and competition to events like large weddings, motivating attendees to engage more deeply with the event and each other.
  • Dynamic Scheduling: Plan your agenda to include dynamic, short-format presentations, panel discussions, and performances that capture and sustain attendee interest. Allow time for movement and exploration between sessions to keep energy levels high and encourage attendees to engage with different parts of the venue!
  • Expert Facilitation: Employ skilled facilitators or MCs who can guide the event, keeping the audience engaged and informed. A charismatic presenter can effectively bridge the physical distance in a large space, creating a cohesive atmosphere for everybody on board.
  • Follow-up and Continued Engagement: Extend the engagement beyond the corporate event through follow-up communications that recap highlights, share content from sessions attendees might have missed, and invite feedback. Offering ways for attendees to connect post-event, such as online forums or social media groups, can maintain the momentum generated at your large event.

By integrating these strategies, you can turn any large event venue in London into a dynamic environment where every attendee feels valued, engaged, and connected!

Sustainable Practices for Large-Scale Events: A Green Guide for Event Organisers

Hosting a large-scale event in one of London's event venues offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a positive environmental statement. With climate change and sustainability at the forefront of public consciousness, implementing green practices is not just ethical but can also enhance your event's reputation and appeal. This guide provides practical tips on making your large event more sustainable, without compromising on the grandeur and experience.

  • Venue Selection: Choose a venue with a strong commitment to sustainability. Look for venues with green certifications such as BREEAM, energy-efficient lighting, and heating systems, water-saving facilities, and those that use renewable energy sources. London boasts several eco-friendly venues that prioritise environmental responsibility alongside luxury and size.
  • Digital Documentation: Reduce paper waste by opting for digital invitations, tickets, and event materials. Utilising event apps or websites where attendees can access information, schedules, and maps not only cuts down on paper use but also enhances the attendee experience with real-time updates and interactive features.
  • Sustainable Catering: Partner with caterers who source local, seasonal, and organic produce to minimise carbon footprint. Ensure that your menu includes vegetarian and vegan options, as plant-based foods are generally more sustainable than meat and dairy. Also, inquire about the caterer's policies on food waste management and composting.
  • Eco-Friendly Decor and Materials: Decorate responsibly by using materials that are either biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable. Avoid single-use plastics and opt for decorations that can be composted or repurposed. Consider digital or LED lighting for dynamic and energy-efficient decor.
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling: Implement comprehensive recycling and waste management systems at your event. Clearly label recycling, composting, and waste bins, and consider hiring a waste management team to ensure proper disposal. Encourage attendees to participate by making recycling easy and accessible.
  • Carbon Offsetting and Transportation: Encourage the use of Tube or Overground, cycling, or car-sharing among attendees to reduce the event's carbon footprint. Provide information on the most eco-friendly routes and options. For unavoidable emissions, such as those from international travel, you could consider investing in carbon offsetting projects.
  • Sustainable Event Merchandise: If event merchandise is necessary, opt for products made from sustainable materials. Offer items that are practical, durable, and environmentally friendly, such as bamboo lanyards, recycled notebooks, or reusable water bottles. This not only minimises waste but also spreads a message of sustainability beyond your event.
  • Energy Efficiency: Use energy-efficient equipment and lighting throughout your event. LED lighting, energy-saving appliances, and timed systems can significantly reduce energy consumption. Coordinate with the venue to ensure that all possible measures are taken to minimise energy waste.
  • Water Conservation: Reduce water usage by selecting venues with efficient fixtures and encouraging conservation among attendees. Consider water stations with glassware or compostable cups instead of bottled water to minimise plastic waste. That little detail will make your event more classy!
  • Communicate Your Commitment: Make your event's commitment to sustainability visible and engaging. Inform attendees about the green initiatives in place and encourage their participation. It would be a great favour for our planet if you managed to inspire others to adopt similar practices!

Just by following these few super simple steps, you can significantly reduce environmental impact while delivering an unforgettable large event in London. Embracing sustainability demonstrates leadership and commitment to a better future, aligning your event with the values of an increasingly eco-conscious public!

FAQs about Large Event Venues in London

Can I host a large venue for multiple days?

Yes! It’s quite normal to hire large venues for 2 or more days, especially for weddings and events. Remember to contact your venue way in advance so that the managers can fit your event into the venue’s schedule.

Where in London can I find the best large wedding venues?

If you’re looking for a stunning venue to organise a large wedding or engagement party, you’re in luck! Venues suitable for 150 or more people can be found in all parts of Central London. Multiple wedding spaces can be found between Green Park and the Embankment. If you’re looking for luxury wedding venues with at least 500 seats, you can’t go wrong with the historic halls and ballrooms, such as the one in Holborn or Marylebone.

You can also just check out our list of large wedding venues.

How much do large venues in London cost?

The price tag for large venues in London depends on how big you want to go, and how close to the city centre the venue is located. The target purpose of the venue will also play a big part. If all you want to do is a seminar or lecture, you can get a conference room for around 200 people for as little as £100 per hour, but venues for weddings, conferences and showcase events will start at around £500 per day. (All data from Tagvenue.) Make sure to research all your options before hiring your large venue.

What types of events can I host in a large venue?

Depending on the layout of the space, you can carry out all sorts of events in a large venue. Weddings, corporate events, conferences, concerts and showcase events would be the most common uses for large venues.

Guests Reviews of Large Event Venues on Tagvenue

Nat R.
Booked Main Room at Great Guns Social
I had an outstanding experience at Great Guns Social. The staff, particularly Pepa, demonstrated excellent communication leading up to the event. Beni and the team ensured everything ran smoothly on the night, from well-set tables with name tags to prompt service of delicious starters and mains. The tiramisu was a delightful finale, and overall, guests thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Sarah A.
Booked The Bedouin Tent & Garden at St Ethelburga's Centre
Second time hiring this venue for a birthday! Great venue, beautiful vibe, super warm heating, lovely lighting. Blankets and cushions provided and tables and everything was perfectly clean. Kitchen was so useful and we were able to make tea coffees and refill waters etc. Staff were really friendly and helpful. Everyone had a wonderful time! Thank you.
Jessica H.
Booked Meeting Room - Elton at 56 Greek Street, London W1
Everyone was super friendly, helpful and attentive The location was great, very central. The venue itself is aesthetically pleasing and dynamic - you can do a lot in this room. We hosted a hen party there, played games, ate a big meal and it worked - so even though it's a meeting room, it doesn't feel too corporate-y. It's warm and quirky.
Tom M.
Booked The Games Room at Heist Bank
Everything about Heist Bank was great - the organisers were extremely helpful and accommodating guiding me through the process, which I was terrible at. On the day the rep was brilliant, helping me to set up beforehand and always around to help out and answer questions. I thoroughly recommend The Games Room.
Talisa W.
Booked Events Space at Timber Lodge
Everything was wonderful! Gigi the manager was extremely accommodating and ensured everything went smoothly. He made the effort when it came to the ambience and room set-up. There were many comments concerning how friendly and generous the staff were and people were raving about the food from the BBQ menu. A great choice for an event.
Booked Whole Venue at LOVER STUDIOS
Simon was amazing. From booking, viewing, all the way through to the day of the event. And even at the event itself. He is very attentive and ensured every request we had was met. The venue itself was perfect, good size and adaptable for what we needed.
Ellie R.
Booked Red Lounge at Jak's Mayfair
Perfect room for our all day team meeting! Really great attentive service all day. Communication was fantastic and very flexible to our needs. Lovely relaxed atmosphere which is what we were after. Thank you!
Una D.
Booked Dining Room at ICEBAR London
The Moose Room at Icebar London exceeded our expectations. The staff looked after us from the moment of arrival. Even with two other parties nearby, the level of service was sustained from start to finish. The food was excellent and the service - the staff brought trays of drinks around all evening and topped up drinks, etc. - incomparable. I would definitely use this venue again.

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