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London is where industrial becomes the new sophisticated. Lofts in London are now in more demand than ever and it’s no surprise. These designer spaces are popular for all kinds of celebrations, as well as for photo shoots and filming sessions. If you’re looking for a unique venue then look no further than our collection of lofts in London. From fabulous apartments to converted warehouses, we have something to suit every taste and budget. Find out how fast and easy it is to find a gorgeous loft with Tagvenue!

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Lofts Hire Guide

London lofts are the first choice for all creatives, including event planners. A function taking place in such a stunning venue is bound to succeed. Here’s our selection of events that match perfectly with lofts:

  • Weddings. Forget cookie-cutter weddings! A London loft bridal bash is an utterly marvellous option. So, what makes loft weddings so exceptional? These simple, often post-industrial venues, allow you to show off your talents, creativity and unique personality. If you’re a couple passionate about design and all things minimal, a loft wedding reception is your best bet.

  • Pop-up events. Be it a pop-up restaurant, art exhibition, temporary design store or anything you can imagine and organise – our London lofts are more than happy to host your creative event. We’re here to help you find the perfect loft space, no matter if you’re looking for something in W1, Brixton, Shoreditch, Camden Town or other hip districts off the beaten path.

  • Corporate functions. Planning a product launch? Consider hiring one of our carefully picked lofts for hire in London. Lots of space, high ceilings and a minimal environment make lofts perfect for showing off your new creation to the public. Lofts in London are also ideal for corporate off-site events or parties.

  • Photo shoots and filming. Many studios are based in London lofts and it’s not without reason. Large windows often allow artists to create using natural light only. Creative loft interior design can be a nice addition to the photo shoot or the movie set, too. To top it all off, elevated ceilings make it possible to shoot or film from multiple perspectives.

We know what good things hide on the top floors of London’s buildings. No matter if you’re searching for a loft for hire in north, south, east or west London – with Tagvenue you’re sure to find the perfect spot.

From Day to Night: Transitioning Your Loft Event

Crafting an event that seamlessly transitions from day to night in a London loft requires a bit of planning and creative flair. Here’s a guide to ensure your loft event shines brightly, captivating your guests from the first ray of sunlight until the stars take over the sky!

  • Understand the Loft’s Natural Light: Begin by getting acquainted with the natural light in your chosen loft. Visit at different times to understand how sunlight fills the space. This knowledge allows you to plan activities that make the most of daylight and anticipate the shift to evening aura.
  • Daytime Decor with an Evening Twist: Select decor that dazzles in daylight and easily adopts an evening persona. Use reflective surfaces and translucent materials that catch daylight and later make lovely interactions with artificial lights. Consider elements like fairy lights entwined with sheer fabrics or centrepieces that glow when backlit.
  • Lighting: The Day-to-Night Transformer: Lighting is pivotal in transitioning your event. Think layered lighting solutions with natural light for the day, enhanced with soft, ambient lighting as evening approaches, and dynamic lighting for night-time festivities. Dimmer switches can magically transition the mood, while spotlights can highlight performances or speeches!
  • Flexible Furniture Layouts: Choose furniture that can be easily rearranged. Lightweight, modular pieces allow for a quick transformation from a formal daytime setup to a more relaxed evening layout. Think of grouping lounge furniture to create cosy nooks for evening socialising.
  • Evening Entertainment: Plan for entertainment that evolves with your event. A daytime speaker or workshop can give way to a live band or DJ as the sun sets. The change in entertainment will naturally shift the energy and encourage guests to transition into evening mode.
  • Temperature Control: Comfort is key for guest satisfaction. Ensure your loft venue can adapt to the cooling temperatures of the evening. Portable heaters, or even a change from breezy, open windows to a more enclosed setup, can keep guests comfortable.
  • Catering that Transitions: Offer catering that reflects the time of day. Light, fresh menus are perfect for the day, while richer, more indulgent options suit the evening. Why not consider a cocktail that transforms in appearance or flavour from day to night, providing an interesting talking point for guests.
  • Attire Recommendations: Advise guests on attire that transitions well from day to night, or offer a themed change to signify the shift. This not only adds an element of fun but also helps guests feel comfortable and included in the event’s evolution.
  • Scent the Scene: Scent is a subtle yet powerful tool for altering the atmosphere! Daytime freshness can transition to evening sophistication with the careful selection of scents. Consider diffusers or candles that can be introduced as evening approaches.
  • Communication is Key: Ensure guests are aware of the event’s progression. If the transition is an important point of your event, a well-designed outline will keep everyone excited for what’s to come and make sure they’re prepared for this fascinating change in atmosphere!

By meticulously planning each aspect of your loft event, you can create a seamless transition from the vibrant energy of the day to the intimate allure of the night, leaving your guests with a memorable experience that celebrates the best of both worlds.

FAQs about Lofts in London

How much does it cost to hire a loft in London?

The cost of renting a loft depends on the capacity and location. If you want to hire a loft in the City, then it would cost approximately £100-£300 per hour. However, if you are interested in hiring a loft in Shoreditch (a trendy area with lots of bars), then it would cost about £70-£180 per hour for a similar space with the same capacity. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas of London are the best to hire a loft?

If you're looking to hire a loft in central London, your best bet is to look in older buildings in "brownfield" areas. These are often found in the parts of London that have been around for centuries—in the heart of the city where the action is and where it's easy to find everything you need.

The first area to consider is Shoreditch. This part of town is full of industrial lofts, and it also features a lot of hip restaurants and bars. There's plenty to do here, but it's not too busy or loud—it's got a nice balance between city bustle and urban quiet.

If you want something quieter, consider hiring a loft in Battersea or Brixton. Both areas are great options if you're looking for something with lots of green space and great access to public transportation to central London.

If you want to hire a loft near the water and be close to everything else in London, try hiring a loft in Westminster. This neighbourhood has lots going on around it while still being quiet enough to host an event like a wedding.

What are some of the best lofts in London?

  • Dalston Cosy & Stylish Loft. If you're looking for an east London loft that's modern, cushy, and just a minute's walking distance from the tube station, then look no further. The space is perfect for small events of up to 25-30 guests and is located in the heart of Dalston with easy access to the rest of London and its surrounding areas. The loft has a cosy, vintage feel with lots of rustic charm and character, making it the perfect space for your next event.
  • The Loft with Epic Roof Terrace & Views. With this loft, you can enjoy a drink on the rooftop with up to 10 guests and take in the panoramic views of London. This space is the perfect setting for any small event. Whether it's filming, product launches, corporate away days or meeting space—you may have everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Lumiere London Shoreditch Loft. Are you looking for a space with lots of natural light and exposed brickwork? A place where creativity and sustainability are encouraged? The Lumiere London Shoreditch Loft has everything you're looking for: an exciting, engaging new space to relax and rejuvenate. Located on the third floor of Charlotte House, this loft is within the sought-after Shoreditch Triangle. You can host up to 80 people for a reception event, 60 in theatre style and 50 in a cabaret style set up. It's ideal for workshops, board meetings, private dining events, champagne receptions, filming and Christmas parties.

Can I organise an event in a loft in London on a budget?

Yes, organising a cost-effective event in a loft in London is definitely possible! Here are some handy tips to help you make it happen:

  • Off-Peak Timing: Consider booking the loft during off-peak hours or days, such as weekdays or Sunday afternoons, when prices may be lower due to lower demand.
  • Minimal Decor: Choose a loft space that already has a unique or industrial decor, minimising the need for elaborate decorations. This can help you save on decorating costs while still creating a stylish atmosphere.
  • DIY Catering: Opt for self-catering or DIY catering options to save on food and beverage expenses. You can bring in your own snacks or drinks, or even host a potluck-style event where guests contribute dishes.
  • Simple Entertainment: Plan entertainment that doesn't require a large budget, such as a DIY photo booth, playlist curated by you, or interactive activities like board games or karaoke.
  • Flexible Booking: Look for lofts that offer flexible booking options, such as hourly rates, so you only pay for the time you need. This can be more cost-effective than paying for a full day or evening rental.

By following these tips and considering budget-friendly event spaces in London like the Multi-use 50 sqm Space at Create Destroy Studios - Willesden, starting from just £10 per hour, you can successfully organise a fantastic party in a loft in London without breaking the bank!

Guests Reviews of Lofts on Tagvenue

Booked Atelier 2 at Mama Shelter London
Amazing food and friendly staff. Everyone was very pleased with the venue and we definitely will come back to visit their restaurant
Elizabeth C.
Booked Cocktail Cabinet at Dirty Martini Monument
Excellent helpful staff, quickly answered any questions we had and were always there to help. Even pushing out food back repeatedly as guests arrived late. Would highly recommend hiring for a private party.
Norah T.
Booked Private Room at The Prince Regent
Excellent service! Had a murder mystery themed reunion in the Private Dining Room, particular requests (e.g. turning off the lights) alongside food and air conditioning requests were met with such patience and efficient service. The room and other facilities were also well maintained and comfortable. The food and drinks were also delicious. Overall, would definitely recommend!
Mary O.
Booked The Lounge at The Hearth
Had a bridal shower event at the Heath and Angie was really helpful from the beginning. She even gave me great ideas when i nearly had a break down (Thanks Angie ?) The venue is so clean; we didnt have do so much on decoration as the setting was so beautiful on its own. The location was a bit far from where we lived back in SE however everyone enjoyed as we felt safe and parking was available.
Maggie S.
Booked Entire Venue at Warren Centre
Great venue, modern outlook with all the tech facilities one needs. Staff were so lovely, accommodating and welcoming - will highly recommend!
Jeremy M.
Booked Screen 1 at Vue Piccadilly
It has a good-sized reception and theatre space, ideal for the group size we had. The projection and sound quality was excellent.
Hope M.
Booked Entire Venue at Dehav Studios
A beautiful studio very spacious and perfect for my photoshoot I did, lots of lovely plants and cool furniture!!
Shay D.
Booked Studio at 3 Perseverance Works
Communication Friendly & Welcoming Perfect facilities Perfect location for a birthday Highly recommend

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