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Function Rooms for Hire in Edinburgh

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Finding the right function room in Edinburgh (or really pretty much anywhere in Scotland) can be a very labor intensive process. Or it was, until we put together a list of some of the best private function rooms, conference and meeting rooms, hotels, halls and even pubs with private rooms for hire. All you need to do is plug your preferences into our search bar to get started. Regardless of whether you’re looking for function venues in Edinburgh’s city centre, New Town, Old Town, Leith, West End, Southside or Fountainbridge we’ve got you covered.

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Function Rooms Hire Guide

As you might imagine, Edinburgh has a great deal of variety when it comes to function rooms so you’re really only limited by your needs and your budget. Smaller function spaces, such as for a small party, can be found everywhere but generally you’ll want to stick to hotels (there’s a variety of space formats and price points, especially if you head towards West End), pubs/bars/clubs (huge selection of décor and amenities depending on whether you want something trendy in New Town or something quieter towards Leith) or community halls and municipal buildings (generally very cheap and willing to work with you, such as the Quaker Meeting House to give just one example). 

If you need a larger private function space or just something a bit out of the ordinary, you’ve still got a few options. Hosting something larger, such as a conference, can be done on a budget if you check into the City Chambers or a local university. You’ll also be able to find a few larger venues such as converted auditoriums or theatres that can seat a good sized crowd (but often require a bit of configuration before the space is set up as you like it).

FAQs about Function Rooms in Edinburgh

Where should I start looking for the best function rooms in Edinburgh?

A good place to start would be anywhere along North Bridge, starting in Newington and heading north towards New Town. For larger functions, you’ll want to head west towards Fountainbridge and West End, particularly looking along the B700. If you don’t mind a bit of a drive and are looking for slightly cheaper function rooms, head north towards Leith.

What should I look for when hiring a function room?

Your event's success depends on your ability to select the ideal venue. Choosing the perfect function room is crucial, whether you're organising a corporate conference, wedding reception, or any kind of social event. There are several vital elements to bear in mind when looking for an event space, and luckily for you, we've compiled a short guide to help you navigate this exciting process.

  • An important consideration to take into account when choosing an event space is its capacity. You should estimate the number of people you expect and verify that the function room can comfortably accommodate them. Also, it's crucial to consider the seating arrangements and whether there is enough room for your guests to stand and mingle.
  • Choose a location that is convenient for your guests and has enough parking spaces available.
  • The amenities and equipment that a function room offers are also very important. Verify that the venue has necessities such as Wi-Fi, a sound system, various lighting options if needed, and audiovisual equipment. You may need to confirm that the venue can provide or allow you bring in any additional equipment depending on your event. Of course, such amenities may not be on your list at all, but it might still be a good idea to know all your options before making any booking. 
  • It’s all about the decor! The success of any event can be significantly influenced by the decorations you select and the overall ambiance. The room's decorations should complement the theme and style of your event. Setting the perfect mood and tone for your special day will make it more memorable. Ensure the function room you select can either provide you with all that you need or offers the perfect backdrop for you to bring in additional decorations.
  • Selecting a function room also requires making decisions about  the catering possibilities. Verify that the location offers in-house catering or accepts outside vendors. Always ensure that your and your guests' dietary needs will be met.
  • When choosing any kind of venue, cost is another important aspect to take into account. Be sure that the venue's hire fee, including any additional fees or hidden costs, is within your budget. Function rooms, especially in Edinburg, can be quite expensive. 

These are just a few ideas to take into account. Also, we suggest that when you search for function rooms, you select one that possesses a distinguishing feature that makes it stand out from the rest. Tagvenue has a wonderful selection of incredible function rooms in Edinburgh that will dazzle you after the first look, so make sure to check out our recommendations.

How far in advance should I hire a function room in Edinburgh?

Booking as far in advance as possible is usually a smart idea when hiring a function room in Edinburgh. The size of the event you're planning, as well as the popularity of the venue you want to hire, will affect the precise timeline between hiring and hosting. You might be able to hire a function room a few weeks in advance for smaller events like meetings or creative workshops. Nonetheless, we highly advise you to hire your venue at least six months to a year in advance for bigger occasions like weddings or business conferences. This will give you plenty of time to arrange every additional detail about your celebration.

Guests Reviews of Function Rooms on Tagvenue

Kerry T.
Booked Versatile Space at Slow Progress Records and Coffee
Great communication with Connie and she was so warm and welcoming. Beautiful space lots of light, will definitely use again :) thanks Connie!
Pauline G.
Booked Wee Tap at Hanover Tap, Edinburgh
Great space for a small staff event (circa 35), intimate but not too small. Friendly, accommodating staff, nothing too much trouble. Buffet was delicious and excellent value for money. The house red was a pleasant surprise. Overall, would definitely recommend it

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