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This authentic Indian and Italian restaurant is situated just on the outskirts of the Birmingham city center, Duet Cuisine is the transformed Indian and Italian restaurant in West Midlands at the refurbished Fort Dunlop retail development site. Having opened to the public in 2007 with its concept of Indian Food and Italian Food dining all under one roof, Duet Cuisine makes its presence felt on the torso of one of the most historical iconic monuments in Birmingham. This fact alone makes Duet Cuisine a restaurant in West Midlands like no other.

Duet Cuisine was the innovative genesis of two distinguished culinary artists wishing to create a dining experience with a difference. With more than forty years of experience in creating succulent edible masterpieces between them, Duet Cuisine married the idea of Italian and Indian restaurants in Birmingham together and settled it in a city of rich cultural diversity and open-minded food lovers. The restaurant has since enjoyed the company of many diverse guests who find Duet Cuisine is able to cater to their needs, lives up its namesake and delivers as it promises; it is not a restaurant that dissolves two very individual cuisine types but presents them in juxtaposition. Duet Cuisine is fast becoming one of many thriving Indian restaurants in West Midlands but also a successful Italian restaurant too.

Dining at Duet Cuisine allows guests to enjoy high-quality cuisine in tranquillity as it is stationed away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham’s progressive city whilst still providing easy access to the city center and the motorway. In addition to the restaurant’s assurance of a peaceful ambiance, there are also expansive secure car parking facilities which mean it is a welcoming place for families and those wishing to spend time with their loved ones.

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