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Our guide to Nottingham venue hire

The popular tourist city of Nottingham is a great location for any event. With an easy transport system, historic beauty and great atmosphere, this city is perfect for your next great event. From business to pleasure, Nottingham has it all. Start your search in the centre of the city, but don’t neglect the outer districts and you are sure to be pleased.

Meeting rooms, conference centres and professional event spaces are quite easy to find in Nottingham’s centre as well as scattered throughout its many districts. If you are searching for large-scale spaces, don’t neglect to take a look at the city’s numerous universities as they offer ready blank canvas spaces for hire. As a prime tourist spot, the city is also rich in hotel venues of all standards, as well as excellent restaurants and pubs. Check out a few of the city’s famous districts below:

  • Cornerhouse & Trinity Square - situated in the north of Nottingham town centre, this area is filled with great dining and drinking options, whether you are hunting for a restaurant or pub. A traditional meeting place for residents, Trinity Square also is great in the summer, with numerous outdoor options. For professionals, Cornerhouse is a popular area for meeting spaces.
  • Standard Hill - Picturesque Nottingham Castle helps lend some ambience to the scene here. A slightly quieter area, you can find many fine restaurants and pubs along its streets.
  • Chapel Bar - The city’s financial district, this area still has a great range of bars and restaurants that reflect the buzzing energy common for after-hours establishments, especially around Maid Marion Way and Upper Parliament Street.
  • Hockley - This area is known for its more eclectic vibe - a bit Bohemian perhaps, and definitely worth a visit. Head over here for the latest in cafe and pub culture.
  • Lace Market - one of the city’s oldest districts, this is a very upscale area. Excellent for private dining, and somewhat more staid pubs, bistros and restaurants, don’t be surprised by the posh atmosphere. Hotels are quite easy to find here as well.
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