Dance Studios for Hire in Birmingham

Dance Studios for Hire in Birmingham

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Top Dance Studios in Birmingham

Ready to find the perfect spot to nail your dance choreography or learn some new moves? Birmingham has plenty of fantastic and spacious dance studios that you can hire right on the spot! And we list them all on Tagvenue. From airy and spacious rooms at the heart of the city centre to more intimate and cosy spots in Digbeth and the Jewellery Quarter, we have them all. So why not check out our selection of spaces now? We guarantee that you’ll be booking your favourite with no fuss!

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Dance Studios Hire Guide

Dance studios are popular for many activities, including dance classes and rehearsals, fitness classes as well as yoga or mindfulness classes. Expect most studios to come equipped with the large mirror and sound system that you will need for these activities. Extra equipment such as barres, poles, weights, and mats may be available in particular studios or can be made available on request. Birmingham has great options of all sorts across the city, so get your hunt started today.

FAQs about Dance Studios in Birmingham

How much does it cost to hire a dance studio in Birmingham?

Many studios will offer studio hire by the hour. Expect to discover studios for hire starting around £18 per hour and ranging upwards to £75 per hour. If you wish to pay a flat hire fee, expect prices from around £200 to £500 per day. If you are a member of an independent dance company or a student, you may find some studios that will offer discounted rates. It is always best to ask before booking. (All data from

Which Birmingham districts have the best dance studios?

There are plenty of dance studios available in Bimingham’s city centre, particularly around Hurst Street leading towards Gay Village. Also, look around Digbeth, and some of the great studios around renovated urban developments such as Minerva Worksor Custard Factory. Outside the downtown, be sure to check options around Highgate, such as The Vault Studios in the Belgrave Industrial Estate. Other options in the outskirts can be found in the Birmingham City University campus and outside the ring road towards Handsworth.

What equipment should a dance studio have?

When hiring a dance studio, it is best practice to make sure that the studio you choose covers all the basics. The floor of the studio should be slip-resistant and suitable for every type of activity. Also, while the studio likely includes a sound system, if you will be speaking during the event, you should make sure that you can use a mic if necessary. Also, although mirrors and a barre are quite standard for dance studio spaces, it is always best to confirm their availability ahead of time, it is best practice to request current pictures of the space before booking. Also, if you will be having numerous attendees who might be arriving in cars, you may check out parking options beforehand.

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