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With Tagvenue you’re sure to find the perfect private dining room in Birmingham in a snap. Is there a better way to celebrate special moments than throwing a fantastic feast? Well, the answer seems obvious. Birmingham boasts an acclaimed culinary scene, so it's hardly a surprise then that private dining rooms are in huge demand in the city. Planning a company lunch in Colmore Business District, a laid back pub dinner or a formal reception with a wine tasting? Whatever it is, we're happy to help, so start browsing now!

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Private Dining Rooms Hire Guide

Birmingham, the birthplace of Cadbury’s chocolate and HP sauce, is a world-famous foodie destination. The city has been awarded five Michelin stars so far – which is truly impressive – but there’s much more to its restaurant scene.

When it comes to private dining, Birmingham is trendsetting. Want to know the talk of the town right now? Here are the most popular private dining ideas in Birmingham:

  • Supper clubs – This trend has been taking over Birmingham lately, and it’s hardly a surprise. The main idea behind a supper club is to combine the best parts of a fine dining experience and a laid-back dinner with your mates into one event. This means you can indulge in top-notch nosh in a relaxed atmosphere and spend much less than in an upscale restaurant by booking a private dining room. What’s not to love?
  • Going local – Restaurants that use local produce are an extremely trendy choice right now, so why not book a private room at one of them? The lion’s share of the West Midlands is used for agriculture, so there’s plenty of Birmingham dining spots that make use of it. It makes a lot of sense to choose a dining venue that sources seasonally and locally. This option is environmentally friendly, delicious and, to top it all off, usually created with consciousness and passion.
  • Victorian pubs - Another way to experience Birmingham’s authenticity is to head to one of its historical public houses. Many of these venues offer private rooms and semi-private dining areas where you can enjoy the hearty fare and delicious ales. If you’re looking for a place with an unmatched atmosphere and filling food, there’s no better place to go!

Don’t private dining rooms sound like an amazing option? If you’re enticed by these convenient event spaces, but unsure if what you have in mind can be hosted there, keep on reading! Some of our favourite events that are a great fit for dining rooms include:

  • Birthday parties. If you’re looking for a space to feast, drink, and celebrate the passing of yet another year, private dining is for you!
  • Anniversaries. Whether it’s your wedding, an important milestone, or any other kind of anniversary, there’s no better way to celebrate than eat a mouth watering meal with your loved ones!
  • Get-togethers. Sometimes you just want to gather all of your friends and have a good time, and we totally understand that! Whether it’s a large group or intimate dining for two, restaurants with private dining rooms are always a good place to spend a pleasant evening.
  • Tasting events. If you want to try some new foods and explore cuisines you never have before, there’s no better place to do that than Birmingham’s private dining rooms!
  • Office parties. Taking your coworkers to a dining room to celebrate a company success or throw an unforgettable Christmas party is always a good idea! 
  • Business meetings. Private dining rooms are good for formal events, too! You can discuss important matters with your clients or board members in privacy while enjoying a hearty meal.

Looking for an ideal private dining room for hire in Birmingham? All the searching and planning can be challenging. We’ll make it easier for you – here’s a short list of the most important things you should consider:

  • The type of cuisine – Are you after an Indian restaurant specialising in aromatic curry dishes (don’t forget Birmingham is famous for balti and boasts the best balti houses in the UK), a buttery five-star French spot or a quaint Mexican cantina serving tasty tacos and quesadillas? With the wide choice of private dining venues in Birmingham and our insider knowledge you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect space.
  • The size of the space – Organising a dining party for 20, 30 or maybe just for 2 people? Make sure the private dining room you’ve picked is able to accommodate all the guests. On the other hand, if you’re organising a dinner for 10, there’s no point in hiring a space that’s able to accommodate twice as many. Luckily, with Tagvenue finding the perfectly sized spot for your event is as easy as pie. We’re listing both small private dining rooms and big, spacious ones.
  • The special dietary requirements – It’s crucial to get to know your guests before the event. Ask in advance if any of them will need halal, kosher, gluten-free or vegan fare. If yes, then make sure the private dining venue (or the external caterer, in the case of dry hire private dining venues) is able to fulfil their needs. You can use our smart search filters to check what the restaurants are offering!
  • Convenient location - You don’t want your guests to have trouble reaching the dining room. We recommend checking the public transport links available in the area and making sure there’s enough parking space if anyone is coming by car. In some cases, you might also want to check the entrance to the venue itself. Would any of your guests struggle with walking up a long flight of stairs? 

Are you ready to enjoy your time and dine in a private space in the UK’s Second City? We know you won’t regret it! Start browsing the listings, compare photos, read guest reviews and find an option that suits your budget. The perfect private dining room might be just a few clicks away!

Private Dining Rooms in Birmingham FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a private dining room in Birmingham?

Many private dining rooms in Birmingham operate on minimum spend, which ranges between £150 and £3,000. With this option, you're not paying for using the space and just agreeing to spend a set amount of money on food and drinks during your event, so it's very convenient and affordable! Hire fees are another very common pricing method in the city, with prices ranging anywhere from £60 up to £4,000 per session. If you want your dinner event to have a set menu for all the guests, you should consider booking package deals. In Birmingham, they begin at £15 per person and usually stay under £50. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How can I make private dining room hire in Birmingham more affordable?

Being on a tight budget doesn’t have to stop you from organising an amazing private dining event! If you’re struggling to figure out a way to make it cheaper, that’s totally okay. We’ve prepared some ideas to help you save money when hiring a private space:

  • Look for minimum spend venues. As we’ve mentioned before, these spaces don’t require any hire fees! Spend your money on a good meal and don’t worry about anything else. Just remember to make sure there are no additional costs involved!
  • Find special offers. Many restaurants, pubs, and bars in Birmingham offer food packages for specific occasions, including birthday parties or Christmas parties. These options are very convenient, because use of the space and a set menu are included in the price!
  • Get off the beaten track. This might include hiring a private room on an off-peak date and time or branching out to some unconventional options. Another good way of saving some cash is to choose a spot a bit further away from the city centre, in less-frequented locations!

Which areas of Birmingham are best for private dining room hire?

As soon as you mention private dining in Birmingham, Brindleyplace immediately springs to mind! This famous canalside street is renowned for its array of dining and leisure options, filled with restaurants offering international cuisine. If you want to head to a well-loved and popular area, it’s your best choice! The City Centre is always a great destination, with its buzzing Temple Row that offers amazing food hotspots. There are many amazing restaurants and other private dining spaces in Digbeth and Gas Street Basin. For those looking to try some delicious Asian cuisine, head to Chinese Quarter! Central locations in Birmingham are the richest in dining options, but you’ll also have plenty of choice if you choose to move a bit further away from the hustle and bustle. There are some great options in Jewellery Quarter, Newtown, and the Gun Quarter.

Are there any large private dining rooms in Birmingham?

If you need a space to fit a crowd in Birmingham, you’re in for a treat! Some of our favourite private dining rooms perfect for large group dining include:

  • Private Room Hire at Gusto Italian - located in the heart of the city, just a couple of minutes away from Birmingham Snow Hill railway station, this cosy and charming space can fit up to 90 guests for a sit-down event or 100 for a standing reception. It’s an amazing choice for Italian cuisine lovers and fresh food enjoyers!
  • Garden Suite at Birmingham Botanical Gardens - the Edgbaston suburb is home to this vast room perfect for large dining events! It can seat up to 432 guests or fit 500 standing. If you’re looking for an elegant space in stunning and calm surroundings, it’s your go-to!
  • The Bierkeller - doesn’t digging into authentic regional food and beer straight from Germany sound wonderful? This atmospheric space in the Chinese Quarter can fit up to 250 people, so gather your dining crowd and enjoy!

Guests Reviews of Private Dining Rooms on Tagvenue

Angela Riches-Heed
Booked Full Venue Hire at Gusto Italian, Birmingham
All the staff were friendly and attentive to our large group of over 40 people. For me personally, in our very busy private room a server noticed I wasn't drinking alcohol and got me a soft drink - it was very much appreciated. The food was excellent, full of flavour and good portions. Our guests were very happy.

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