Recording Studios for Hire in Birmingham

Recording Studios for Hire in Birmingham

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Top Recording Studios in Birmingham

Are you looking for recording studios for your next creative session? Well, you’re in the right place because Birmingham resonates with musical greatness. And with Tagvenue, you're steps away from tapping into this rich legacy with our extensive selection of spaces. Whether you're laying down tracks close to the Mailbox or producing an album in the historic Jewellery Quarter, our platform makes your quest straightforward. Skim through our options, pinpoint your ideal studio, and let your creativity flow in Birmingham's sound sanctuaries.

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FAQs about Recording Studios in Birmingham

Where can I find the best recording studios for hire in Birmingham?

  • Jewellery Quarter: Known for its rich heritage and artistic flair, the Jewellery Quarter houses several high-end recording studios. These studios usually come equipped with top-tier equipment, making them perfect for those looking for quality production.
  • Digbeth: Often referred to as Birmingham's creative and digital business quarter, Digbeth offers a range of contemporary and stylish studios. They are perfect for budding artists and bands looking to discover their unique sound.
  • Edgbaston: Close to Birmingham's central university area, Edgbaston boasts numerous versatile studios catering to students and professionals. Whether you're looking to record a podcast, music track, or even voiceover, this area has covered you.

Can you recommend some small recording studios in Birmingham?

Certainly! Here are a couple of small studio options:

  • Nipsey Hussle/Music Studio at Eloquent Centre: Situated close to the lively Aston neighbourhood, this studio caters to up to 5 people. With a hire fee of just £20 per hour, it earned a Supervenue title with its perfect response time and magnificent customer experience. The space is ideal for capturing pristine vocals with its dedicated isolated booth and multiple channel inputs suitable for various instruments.
  • The Studio at Making Change Studios: Found in Bournville, this space can accommodate around 6 people, making it ideal for intimate sessions, such as podcasts or interviews. At £40 per hour, the studio provides an engineer on-site, top-notch soundproofing, and a wide range of professional equipment. Plus, they offer editing and distribution services, ensuring you get end-to-end solutions. And let's not forget the complimentary tea and coffee!

What equipment and amenities are not included with a recording studio hire?

While many recording studios in Birmingham come packed with top-tier equipment and amenities, some elements are not included in the standard hire fee. It's common for studios to charge extra for specialised equipment like vintage microphones, rare instruments, or specific software plugins. Also, while an engineer might be present, specialised production or mastering services can come at an additional charge. Lastly, while basic amenities like tea and coffee are usually free, refreshments or catering usually need  to be organised independently. It's always best to clarify inclusions and exclusions with the venue before booking.

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