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Organising a wedding can be an amazing experience, but also an incredibly stressful one. Birmingham’s wedding packages, whether they be posh all-inclusive affairs over at Brindleyplace or cheaper ones in Edgbaston, help take some of the legwork out of planning. We know that for every person who wants to plan their wedding down to the minute, there are others that just want to relax a bit. This is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best wedding packages in Birmingham. Have a look and see what works best for you!

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Wedding Packages Hire Guide

Choosing to book an all-inclusive wedding package in Birmingham comes with a few good perks:

  • Savings – Planning any wedding is incredibly time-consuming. If you’d rather put that time somewhere else, having the venue do most of the work has a certain appeal. You’ll usually get an even better deal than if you booked all aspects of the package individually!
  • Simplicity – No need to hire an accountant to keep track of who needs to be paid and when. Having an all-inclusive wedding package lets you just pay once without having to worry about any surprises.
  • Packages are customisable – Many wedding packages come with a wedding coordinator who can help you add some unique elements into your reception. This makes planning simple but still lets you have a hand in putting together your special day.

Wedding packages are quite popular in Birmingham. The variety is impressive, so it’s good to consider these things when making your selection:

  • Package level – Many Birmingham venues which sell package deals offer levels of inclusivity, with a correspondingly growing price tag as you go up each tier. Have a closer look at what is included in each option. Maybe you can get away with not paying for the napkin swans and save a bit of money by taking a cheaper wedding package.
  • Wedding size – While most packages can be accommodated to a certain number of guests, it is very important to set your guest number in stone rather early when it comes to meals, hotel rooms, etc.

As you might imagine, the price tag attached to a wedding package varies wildly based on how many guests you have and how many services you’ll be paying for. That said, the majority of places around the city will charge the equivalent of £60-120 per head (with some outliers). The price tag per person will decrease if your wedding is particularly large.

Wedding Packages in Birmingham FAQ

How much do wedding packages in Birmingham cost?

The price of wedding packages per person averages around £30–which is pretty affordable! The packages include different things, depending on what you're searching for. You can find deals that provide various amenities, food, room hire, a DJ, lighting, and other important things for your special day. But the cost of your wedding package does depend on the number of people you invite and the amount of time you wish to spend there. Some wedding packages cost around £2000–but that’s the price per evening. So make sure to check out what offer is the most budget-friendly for you!

What are some of the best wedding packages in Birmingham?

You simply have to check out our page for the best wedding packages available in the city! But for now, let’s take a look at some of our favourites:

  • Grand Hall at The Grand Station - the wedding package includes grand hall room hire (from 6pm till Midnight), waiter service, a cake table and a cake stand, a dance floor, a five buffet menu, in-house DJ and lighting, and a projector, all for the price of £1995 in total. And that’s only the gold evening reception package–make sure to check out the other, more exclusive ones!
  • Imperial Suite at National Motorcycle Museum - and what can you expect from the cheapest package (£39.50 per person) in this venue? Well, you’ll be sure to receive support before and during your Big Day from an experienced wedding planner, a pre-event photo shoot, a menu tasting for the bride and groom before the wedding, a red carpet, white linen on tables, personalised menus, wedding breakfast room hire and so much more!

Where in Birmingham can I find the best wedding packages?

We already mentioned some of the best spaces for wedding packages in Birmingham, but which areas of the city have the most offers? Well, for sure you have to check out Birmingham’s City Centre, which is just brimming with options! Next in line, we have quite a few venues located in Edgbaston, and the third most popular area will be Digbeth. And if you’re not too fussed about whether the actual ceremony and reception takes place in the city, you can always check out nearby locations such as Wolverhampton, which also offers a few sweet deals!

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