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Top Corporate Event Venues in Atlanta, GA

Searching for corporate event venues in Atlanta? We’re glad to provide you with a diverse range of event rooms in which you will undoubtedly have a fantastic time. Whatever you're looking for, we're likely to have it. We have both small private corporate event locations and huge corporate event venues available. Do you intend to host a networking event or a casual business meeting? In Atlanta, we provide a variety of meeting spaces to meet your needs. Check Tagvenue’s search engine for corporate event venues in Atlanta and pick your favorite!

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Corporate Event Venues Rental Guide

Do you feel exhausted trying to organize the perfect corporate event?

Event planning, in general, can feel like a burden. There is so much to remember, and even more to organize. But with our help, Tagvenue’s impressive list of locations and your incredible computer skills, you’ll narrow down your hunt to the ideal event space in no time. 

It seems that you’re in luck, because Atlanta is known for being very business-friendly. Meaning that if you’re planning a corporate event, this is the city that people tend to come to. With business travelers coming and going, you’re sure to find locations which are perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Entice your clients, bosses and coworkers with the best corporate event venues in Atlanta.

Which area of Atlanta should I plan my corporate event in?

Atlanta has one main business district, and several others in the area surrounding, which are the headquarters of many major companies. Atlanta’s Downtown is the home of not only major corporations like SunTrust Bank, but it is also the center of great attractions, such as the Fox Theatre. If you require not only a venue, but also to show your clients or bosses around, you can go and see the Centennial Olympic park, the Georgia Aquarium or the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Downtown, of course, also has great venue options, with most of them set between Downtown Atlanta and the Hotel District. With all of the amazing lounges, restaurants and cocktail bars, you’re bound to find something appropriate for your business meeting. 

If you’re looking to go north, then perhaps Midtown will be more convenient for you. Midtown is absolutely crammed with options - the restaurants are brimming with guests who are not just travelers, or residents, but also working professionals. Being a busy commercial area is not easy. So it’s great that Midtown also offers some breathtaking art in the High Museum of Art, which you can visit before going to a corporate dinner in one of Midtown’s fancy venues.

Both of these areas are within a 15-minute car ride journey from the airport, so if you’re dependent on the distance for some long distance clients, then we definitely recommend these districts. 

If distance is not a problem, then we can also suggest Buckhead. This one is about 35 minutes away by car. It is the third-largest business district, and can for sure satisfy your event venue needs, as well as a few others - a shopping center or an art gallery perhaps? If you feel like having a lovely view and seeing the city from above, then you are for sure going to love Buckhead’s amazing rooftop venues! And if you feel like letting your hair down after a long day, this part of the city has fantastic nightclubs (check out the Sanctuary or Havana Club). 

Alright, so we know which direction you should be heading towards, more or less. What about renting the actual venue? Which questions should you ask the corporate event venue manager?

What catering options do you provide? Since the event is probably going to go on for some time. You will probably need some food. Whether it will be a full-blown out dinner, evening cocktails or anything else that you desire, asking for the menu options should be on top of your list. 

What’s included in the cost of the venue? Are there any extra fees which you would have to pay in case anything were to happen? What is the cancellation policy, and when will you have to pay for the space - upfront or after? What happens if the event extends beyond the time limit?

Can we have a private space in your venue? You might be able to get a private space, depending on the amount of people that will be attending with you. Of course, it also depends on the venue type, and what they have in the offer. 

Can I bring my own entertainment to make my company's event more memorable?

Hosting a corporate event doesn’t have to be hard. But hosting one that your co-workers will remember for a long time (in all positive aspects), can be a little difficult. Search for some entertainment and provide it in between or any business conversations. Something personalized according to company guidelines could be the way to go. Maybe some karaoke, or some dress up photo booth options? Depending on the event’s formality, you can go as wild or as low-key as you need. Atlanta also has a lot of options to see in each particular district, so think if you want to bring your coworkers, bosses or clients on an integration trip in the area.

With all that said, it’s time to start planning which venue or venues you are interested in booking, and keep in mind what fun things you want to do after or before the event. Good luck! 

FAQs about Corporate Event Venues in Atlanta, GA

What catering should I have for my corporate event in Atlanta?

It may be a good idea to send e-mails to your fellow co-workers or make a questionnaire about dietary needs and preferences. Once you have that set, it will be a good idea to find out what catering options your venue provides, or if you want to save some cash, if you can bring your own catering. Perhaps you have a friendly caterer who provides for your company daily and can do this for a lower price? Figure out what is the perfect option for you.

How should I choose the perfect corporate event venue?

Decide on the key factors that are needed when picking the right venue. The location will be crucial, as you probably don’t want to make it on the opposite side of town. It would be much better to have the event in a similar area to the working space. The cost - what money can your company provide for this event? What’s the etiquette and theme of the venue, does it match with your company’s values?

Will I require any equipment for my corporate events?

Would you like to show something on a screen? Perhaps a projector or a TV with speakers will be needed? If the venue is quite large, then a microphone and sound system will be required in order to have everyone hear you.

Which corporate event venues in Atlanta can you recommend?

If you can afford to be more laid back, then the first option will suit your needs. Relax and enjoy one of the best thai restaurants in Atlanta at Private Dining Room at Bangkok Station in Buckhead. If you prefer a more strict business setting, then opt for Entire Venue at Park 82, close to Whitewater Creek

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