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Are you looking for engagement party venues in Atlanta? Do you need a special place for one of the most amazing days of your life? Discover Atlanta’s best places to celebrate your  engagement and your love in one of the most charming locations of the city. You can expect anything from chic restaurants, and elegant lounges to contemporary bars. So why not take a stroll through our listings and discover the perfect place to celebrate your decision to finally say ‘I do’.

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Engagement Party Venues Rental Guide

Congratulations! You bagged yourself a hottie, and now you’re looking for some engagement party venues in Atlanta that will make everyone else jealous. Whether you’re looking for restaurants, bars or clubs – we come to you with the hottest event spaces in town. If this is your first time throwing an engagement party, you may have some questions. And we are here to provide you with answers. So kick your feet up and let us show you around some affordable venues in Atlanta.

Here at Tagvenue we specialize in making your engagement party venue dreams come true. We have the locations, we have the fancy offers, and we’ve also got some dos and don'ts of planning engagement parties. Make sure not to miss out on any amazing party spaces which are just waiting to be booked by you. So start scrolling for the best engagement party venues Atlanta has to offer!


Engagement party tips and tricks

When should I throw an engagement party?

With so many things ahead of you, it’s more fun to plan it sooner rather than later. Pick a venue, invite your friends and family, and get to celebrating. Putting the party off for later could potentially stress you out and collide with future plans. But of course, do as you feel best!


Help! Both of these locales look good!

Which venue should I choose for my engagement party?

You can have more than one engagement party, and it’s actually quite common to do so. If you’re stuck on deciding between two venues, then maybe this is a nice way to settle and choose both. One party can have more of a formal feel – think cocktail parties, black tie or sophisticated dinner. The other can be more laid-back – perhaps in a more outdoorsy venue. One event could be just for the family, the other just for friends. It’s a fun way to plan something in order to celebrate, and not feel exhausted with all the engagement party etiquette rules.


Hmm… It looks so good, but I’m worried it will be expensive. 

Can I throw an affordable engagement party in Atlanta?

Sure thing!

First of all, consider if it’s more profitable for you to pay for each individual person, or to rent the whole space. If you’re having a more low-key get together with just a couple of people, then maybe the first option could make more sense. If you’re planning a party for around 30 or more guests, then look for the options which are price per venue.


Ok, but that still might cost a lot.

Can I find a really cheap engagement party venue?

Hold on. We have a few more ideas coming.

Not all, but some places give you the option to bring your own food or drinks. This makes it much more affordable, although you may need to talk to the manager if there are no hidden fees like the corkage fee (which basically charges you for bringing your own alcohol, but it can still be less expensive than ordering at the event space).

And we’ll add just one more funky idea to the mix. How about hosting a brunch engagement party? It’s modern, it’s creative, and it shouldn’t break the bank (well, it’s one way to save up on alcohol – no judgment on those mimosas though).


Awesome, thanks! 

What else should I remember about when hiring engagement party venues?

If you decide to plan something a little more extravagant, then perhaps having a person in charge of everything is one more thing we can suggest. If you decide on a wedding planner, then maybe it’s a good idea to bring them into the action a little earlier. And if that’s something totally not your style, then have a good friend or a member of the family help you. Trust us, when we say you’re going to be busy, the less you worry the better!


Do I sign a contract for my engagement party venue?

It’s a possibility, every venue is different. There is one gold rule here, and it is this: read before you sign. We know that you know, we’re just here to remind you. The contract should include everything you are paying for, including extra fees. Notice what it says about the payment schedules, if there is a need for a deposit or if you have to pay in full straight away. Is the tip included in this fee, or will you have to add an extra ten or twenty percent? Also, are there any restrictions in the venue, is anything prohibited?

If you decide to have a beautiful engagement party, you can certainly find one in Atlanta. There are many options for both affordable engagement party venues, as well as more lavish ones. No matter what you choose, you should always talk to the manager, and not be afraid to ask for some help.

Now go and book the venue of your dreams!

FAQs about Engagement Party Venues in Atlanta, GA

Why should I have an engagement party?

An engagement party is a great idea to celebrate your love. It’s a fantastic way to meet your future family from both sides, and reduce any awkward introductions on your wedding day. It is also a chance to see who will get along with whom, so you’re able to plan a better seating chart for next time.

Where in Atlanta can I have an engagement party?

There are many options in the center of the city, as well as on the outskirts of town. If you prefer more of an outdoorsy climate - then look for a venue like the Jordan Crossing in Lakewood Heights. And if you want to feel like a descendant of Picasso, and have the ceremony in an artistic venue - perhaps a renovated warehouse gallery would be your pick. Check out the iconic and amazing Westside Arts Center in West Midtown.

Who is supposed to plan the engagement party?

If you want to be traditional, then you should know that the engagement party is hosted by the bride’s parents. However, if anyone else steps up for the job, they can also organize the celebration. Some couples decide to throw a party by themselves, so it’s your choice really.

Which areas in Atlanta are the best for hosting engagement parties?

It’s nice to be near beautiful spots. Atlanta has gorgeous locations all over. Before or after the party, you can enjoy yourself in Piedmont Park, which is a true green oasis. Lake Lanier has the most romantic scenery, and it’s perfect for a stroll, or for some recreational activities. Want to escape for a brief moment and enjoy Atlanta from the sky? Go on the SkyView Ferris wheel and enjoy the panoramic setting.

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