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Top Special Occasion Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Are you searching for the best special occasion restaurants in Atlanta? You've definitely come to the right place. If you're looking for an ideal location to remember your special night, Atlanta has it all. From fancy restaurants with opulent decor and delectable cuisine, to laid-back and budget-friendly eateries, brimming with a lively atmosphere and delicious food. Explore our website, put those search engines to the test and find your perfect special occasion venue. Our website makes it simple to locate a fantastic eating experience that will add a special touch to your event. Check out Atlanta's greatest special occasion restaurants and make a reservation right away!

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Special Occasion Restaurants Rental Guide

Looking for a place to honor that special occasion? Fabulous! You know, this is exactly what we specialize in. Here at Tagvenue we know that life is best spent when focused on celebrating your happiest moments. If you're stuck for ideas, then you've come to the perfect place to ask for help. We’ve searched far and wide for the best restaurants that Atlanta has to offer, and found ones which you are sure to love. Make your memories last forever by arranging a lavishing dinner in one of the special occasion venues in Atlanta. We are happy to assist you with locating the perfect event space that will stay in your head for a long time. 

We have locations with one-of-a kind decor, as well as delectable menu options especially for you. The best part? You can come in, no mess, no fuss, and no cleaning up after. Everything is already taken care of, so you can enjoy your special occasion. What more could you possibly ask for? With so many amazing events celebrated daily in Atlanta, you won’t want to miss out. Plan the biggest extravaganza and make everyone jealous with your breathtaking venue in Atlanta. 

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Perhaps you wonder what type of special occasions you can celebrate in a venue in Atlanta?

Any occasion is special if it is special to you. Is it somebody’s birthday, and you’d like to savor the moment with them in a beautiful space? Perhaps an anniversary with that special someone is slowly approaching, and you’re looking for a romantic dinner setting. A bridal or a baby shower is a great way to celebrate a new stage in life. It is certain to bring tears of joy, and make that wonderful woman in your life feel seen before big changes start to happen.

There are so many holidays and depending on your nationality and beliefs, you can celebrate the thing that’s most important to you whether you’re looking for a big Christmas family get together, a bright and happy Easter celebration, a New Year’s party or a huge Thanksgiving dinner. 

Is anyone in your family about to hit that big milestone and graduate from high school or college? The never ending schoolwork is about to be over, and it’s time to pop open the champagne.

Ok, so we have special occasion restaurants, but what makes a restaurant special?

And just to clarify, all of our restaurants offer an amazing experience. But for every person, different qualities matter. So what makes a restaurant special to you

Here are some of the criteria on which to base your choice:

Location - decide if the venue should be close to where you live. Is it important for you that the venue is within walking distance? If not, then you might still want to consider if it’s easily accessible, and what means of transportation you will be using. If the backdrop of the venue plays a bigger role, think if you prefer to be in the center of Atlanta or in the suburbs. Would you rather be set near a park, or a forest? Or maybe that is totally not your vibe, and you prefer to stay cozy within the city streets. Decide what setting is the most special for you. 

Atmosphere, decor - decide on a mood that would suit your special occasion. Would you like a bright-colored space, or is a toned, dimmed restaurant more up your street? A romantic setting, or more Victorian style? Perhaps you’d like to see some unique details or hear some live music? Try to match the special occasion with the restaurant's theme.

Culinary preference - what food does the restaurant specialize in? Is it paired with the right alcohol? Perhaps you would like a vegetarian or a vegan restaurant. Is it sushi that you love, or would you prefer to share some delicious tapas with your guests? Sometimes restaurants have special dishes, which they offer seasonally. Maybe you prefer traditional cuisine? Check with the manager, or the cook, about what you should be on the lookout for.

Reviews and opinions - have you been secretly wanting to go to this five-star restaurant, but never got round to booking a table? It could finally be time to make a reservation. The timing is just right. You checked the opinions, read the reviews, and your friends are raving about this one special space. Even the service is exceptional. Don’t hold yourself back and use Tagvenue’s platform to make your booking easier. 

And last but not least, check out the prices. Atlanta can be quite affordable, but you will also find some more expensive special occasion venues. Check your budget, don’t forget about tipping and get ready to put Tagvenue’s search engines to the test, and find the best event space you could possibly ever want!

FAQs about Special Occasion Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Where can I celebrate my special occasion in Atlanta?

If you’re in need of a large space, want to dance or put on an art show - then book the The Westside Warehouse. Prefer something more elegant? Pour Taproom: Midtown will be the venue for you. It's located close to the Arts Center MARTA station and offers one of the best selections of drinks in town!

Should I tell the restaurant what special occasion I’m celebrating?

It might be a good idea to tell the restaurant what you are planning to celebrate, as some restaurants may acknowledge the special occasion. Of course, don’t expect anything additional from them, but if the venue is known for doing something extravagant for someone’s birthday, for example, then it may be a cherry-on-top for your special occasion.

Do I need to check if there are any extra facilities when booking a special occasion restaurant?

Will you need wheelchair access? Maybe a parking that’s easily accessible and close to the venue? Perhaps you would feel more comfortable with air conditioning, or lack of one. Would you like to bring something of your own to the venue, for it to be a part of the evening.? Check with the manager before making your decision.

How many people are you inviting?

Be thoughtful of factors like your budget and who is appropriate to invite. Is it just going to be family, or will you also be inviting friends? Depending on the occasion, you might have certain people who are customary to invite; like parents. When thinking about this, check the capacity of the venue so that it’s not going to turn out to be  too small.

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