Birthday Restaurants for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Birthday Restaurants for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Add some zing to your party by renting one of these remarkable spaces

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Top Birthday Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Birthdays call for epic celebrations, and what better way to enjoy your special day than throwing a party at one of the best birthday restaurants in Atlanta. The city is a famous destination for its vibrant nightlife, amazing cuisine, and captivating atmosphere.  Rich in history and entertainment, this place is bound to become your favorite birthday spot after a single visit particularly if you’re a foodie. Known for its Southern delicacies, you’ll surely be the happiest person alive if you celebrate your birthday at one of Tagvenue’s best spots in ATL!

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Birthday Restaurants Rental Guide

Why should you host a birthday party at a restaurant?

On-site catering

Do you know how good it feels to dress up for a party and not have to worry about the pie baking in the oven? One of the major benefits of having your birthday party at a restaurant is the food selection. If you have a favorite Atlanta restaurant or a five-star restaurant on your culinary wish list, now is the time to make a reservation and experience that black truffle or anything that you fancy. Are you new to Atlanta and unsure where to hold your event?   Use online marketplaces such as Tagvenue to find the perfect restaurant for your celebration. We suggest getting in touch with the venue host to discuss the menu. Some restaurants also provide a range of catering options, such as family-style dinners and buffets. Don't forget to ask your visitors about any allergies or dietary limitations they may have!

Ideal for all guest sizes 

When you’re planning a party, you can conveniently choose between renting the whole place or simply a private room if you are hosting your event at a restaurant. For intimate gatherings, it’s best to pick private or semi-private rooms where you can spend quality time with your favorite folks.  So start working on your guest list and decide on the size of venue that will suit you best. Even if you're organizing a smaller celebration, keep in mind that you can always reserve the entire venue—it all depends on your budget and party style. Make sure you reserve your place as soon as possible and incorporate a few extra hours to ensure that you won't have to rush things and everyone can have a good time.  Once you’ve made up your mind, reserve your spot and relax until your jamboree!

Ready-made backgrounds

Restaurants are ideal for intimate as well as fun events. Equipped with delicious food and top-notch drinks, these venues can effortlessly provide you with all the essentials of a party. Whether you’re planning a discreet evening or a big bash, restaurants can cater to all your event needs.  In addition, many restaurants have a specific theme. For example, if you're planning a vintage-themed celebration, renting a restaurant with a classic atmosphere could save you time setting up the venue and give you more time to select the ideal tux. In other words, restaurants provide a ready-made backdrop for your event! With one thing less to worry about, these venues are sure to make it onto your list of potential party locations. 

Assistance at hand

Most reputable restaurants will go out of their way to make all of their guests feel welcome. Restaurants have years of expertise in event planning, guaranteeing the success of your event. You'll most likely be treated like royalty since it's your birthday! Plus, you can go through every detail of the event with the staff, such as when the cake will be served or when the private room or venue will be cleared for a karaoke session or a little dance party. If you don't have time to prepare a party from scratch or don't want to worry about hosting an event in your home, restaurants are a terrific option!

What are some entertainment options for a restaurant birthday party?

The second most significant feature of a birthday celebration is arguably the entertainment. Celebrating your birthday at a restaurant doesn't have to be synonymous with boredom. You can add some pizzazz to your celebration by organizing a dance party on a makeshift dance floor. If dancing isn't your thing, there are always the following options:


Love singing? Why not throw a karaoke night party at your favorite restaurant for your B-day? You could simply reserve a private room at a restaurant and have your crew sing your favorite songs all night long!

Wine Tasting

Wine is always a brilliant idea! And so is wine tasting! If you’re anything like us, you probably enjoy a decent bottle of Chardonnay on your birthday! So why not host a wine tasting party at your favorite winery restaurant where you can enjoy some charcuterie with the finest assortment of wine.

Trivia Night 

Like everyone else, you are probably eager to reminisce about some fun memories on your birthday. And what better way to remember special moments than birthday trivia? It’s also a fun way to test how much your guests know about the birthday girl/boy or simply an occasion for your guests to discover some fun facts about you! What would they win? Probably the honor of having you as a lifelong friend, or simply an extra piece of cake!

Choose a theme for your dinner party

Gathering your friends and family at a restaurant every year can be monotonous; nevertheless, by using your imagination, you can quickly spice up your celebration and turn it into an epic night. There are hundreds of birthday themes to opt for, such as a Jazz Age or 1970s pop music party. Once everyone shows up in their costumes, you can be sure to have a good time!

FAQs about Birthday Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Do restaurants allow outdoor catering in Atlanta?

Most of them will not allow outdoor catering if they provide on-site catering. Other than the birthday cake and some birthday treats, you will probably not be able to bring any other food from outside to the venue. 

What are some of the best neighborhoods for hosting a birthday party at a restaurant?

Virginia-Highland, Kirwood, Old Fourth Ward, Inman Park are some great less popular locations for a restaurant dining experience. While Buckhead is famous for its eateries, there’s plenty to explore in other parts of Atlanta. From Virginia to Inman Park, you will find a variety of restaurants serving excellent drinks and food. Whether you’re looking for the best pizzas, craft beers, caviar, or simply great entertainment, Atlanta has it all! Just remember to think of the accessibility of the location when selecting the venue. 

What’s the minimum number of guests to get the party package rate?

Each restaurant will have a minimum number of guests required for those package rates. Venues frequently mention all details regarding guest size and packages in their description sections on most online sources. If you’re uncertain about the venue capacity, it’s best to get in touch with the venue host to clarify these details.

Will I be allowed to decorate the venue for a kid’s birthday party?

Probably yes! Whether you’re hiring the whole venue or a private room, you can always ask for assistance when it comes to the decor or you can hire a venue decorator to help you with everything. Some restaurants can even personalize the venue for your event with birthday centerpieces, balloon bouquets, or other decorations. However, some rules may be applicable such as no glue or glitter allowed. In any case, it’s best to consult with the venue manager before bringing any party supplies to the location.

How can I find a birthday restaurant with a private room in Atlanta?

Start with the reviews! If you’re looking for a particular type of venue but are unsure where to look for information, we highly recommend taking your search online. A quick search on Google or marketplaces will walk you through hundreds of options in the neighborhood of your choice. Depending on your budget and the type of event you are having, you can quickly compare prices and find the best venue for your event. Remember to look for private or semi-private options in the venue descriptions to ensure you find what you are searching for. From them, you can shortlist your favorite venues. 

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