Small Wedding Venues for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Small Wedding Venues for Rent in Atlanta, GA

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Top Small Wedding Venues in Atlanta, GA

Hosting a small wedding doesn’t mean less fun! So if an intimate wedding reception is your ideal way to celebrate tying the knot, Tagvenue will be more than happy to assist you with finding the ideal, cozy space that will help you bring your vision of the ideal wedding party to life. A romantic terrace in a botanical garden? A speakeasy bar with laidback surroundings? A private lounge with sweeping views over Downtown? Or maybe a classy restaurant in Buckhead? Scroll through our careful selection of small wedding venues in Atlanta and choose your favorite!

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Small Wedding Venues Rental Guide

What are the benefits of a small wedding?

If you’re thinking about throwing an intimate wedding reception, know that you’re not alone! Each year, many couples decide to resign from boisterous parties and embrace smaller and more intimate ones. There are a few reasons behind that. In Georgia, the average price of hosting a wedding is $26,000. Having a small wedding may reduce the costs significantly! Most wedding venues offer per-person wedding packages, so if your wedding list is smaller, you will simply pay less and save some dollars for your post-wedding plans. 

Another advantage is having a chance to spend quality time with all the guests which isn’t possible when having a big wedding. It’s the perfect occasion to catch up with your loved ones and make a toast to the future without fearing someone would be disappointed with not having the time to talk to you. 

A smaller guest list also gives you the excuse to splurge on the elements you care about, such as the designer dress or tuxedo you’ve always wanted to wear, or an extravagant Michelin-star menu to guarantee a memorable culinary experience. It also allows you to skip the wedding traditions you’ve never liked. You can pass on the long-hour celebrations and jump on the plane to your honeymoon after dinner and no one will judge you! 

Overall, a smaller wedding is also easier to plan. So if you want to avoid the stress that comes with organizing a wedding, an intimate reception might be the ideal solution for you and your partner as you don’t need to spend that much of a time planning everything to have a successful event.  

How to organize a small wedding in Atlanta? 

It’s fairly easy! And with our expert tips, the whole process will be short and quick, so make sure to have a quick read! 

Set your budget - Even if you’re going for a smaller reception, you still need to figure out how much you can pay for the whole organization. Take some time to nail down the numbers with your partner. And once you have the ideal budget set, you can start planning! What are the things you’ve always wanted to have at your wedding? Try to prioritize them over less-important elements on your wishlist, so you can still stay within your budget.  

Make a guest list - You can easily get carried away when coming up with a guest list, so if you really intend to have an intimate reception, ask yourself the following questions: who simply must be there on your wedding day? Whose presence would be greatly missed? Write down the names that immediately pop into your mind and you’ll have your guest list!  

Pick a date - Have you already picked your dream date? If not, you’d better hurry! Venues during the wedding season (that falls anywhere between May to October) are highly sought-after. So to have the best options available, it’s best to save the date as soon as possible. A helpful tip: if you want to save some dollars on the venue rental, think of having your wedding during off-peak season. Maybe March or April? Venues often lower their rates then and offer attractive individual offers.   

Think of menu options - Food is by far one of the most exciting elements of any wedding. So how about adding some unexpected twists and turns to your wedding menu? Surprise your guests with that full-course dinner that will leave them yearning for more! Maybe pair fancy lighter fare with world-inspired entrees? Consult with the venue manager your dining options and ask for advice. They’re experts when it comes to the space they manage, so for sure they’ll help you with coming up with a dining experience everyone won’t soon forget.   

Choose the perfect location - By picking the right location, your reception certainly will be a hit! With a small wedding, you’ve got the advantage of picking from a range of spectacular spaces that would be too small for a big, pompous wedding. But keep in mind that whatever catches your eye, make sure to double-check whether it has decent parking options, as well as access to some public transportation. 

Book your favorite vendors - Having a small wedding gives you a lot of freedom to taste the unknown and book popular vendors, or support local businesses you’ve known for years. Maybe you’ve got your favorite local bakery that will be more than happy to provide your wedding with delicious and personalized confectioneries and the wedding cake of your dreams? Nothing stops you from choosing this option, and it will only contribute to the wedding’s unique vibes!

Yes, organizing your wedding comes with lots of decision-making. But don’t stress over it, because what it truly matters is that you will say “I do” in the presence of your dearest family and friends and will make precious memories that you will keep for a lifetime. The process of booking a venue with Tagvenue is really easy! So give our platform the shot and take our smart engines for a spin.

FAQs about Small Wedding Venues in Atlanta, GA

How much does it cost to rent a small wedding venue in Atlanta?

The final price of the rental will depend on the venue type you choose. Some places charge hourly fees with prices ranging from $150 to $300+ per hour. In restaurants, bars, and clubs it is common to pay per person, and rates start at $60+. But most wedding venues work on a minimum spend basis, and the prices vary between $1500 to $10000. (All data from

What is considered a small wedding?

According to wedding experts, a wedding is considered small when the number of guests falls anywhere between 10 to 50 people. Having 75 to 150 guests invited is considered an average wedding. Remember that there is no concrete number of people you should invite. It’s your big day, so ask the amount of people you will feel most comfortable with.

How much does it cost to organize a wedding in Atlanta?

The newest reports on ValuePenguin states that couples spend around $24000 for their wedding in Atlanta. But if such a number gives you a headache, a small wedding can definitely help you reduce final wedding costs and you can still enjoy the big day just as you’ve always wanted.

Where in Atlanta can I find small wedding venues?

You can find fantastic spaces all over the city! But we suggest starting your search Downtown, neighboring Castleberry Hill and the areas near the Atlantic Station. The venues there not only boast fantastic decor but also have great access to public transportation which is one of the key elements you should take into account when picking a venue.

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