Meeting Spaces for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Meeting Spaces for Rent in Atlanta, GA

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Meeting spaces make it easier for people to connect with each other and collaborate on all types of projects. Atlanta is an exciting city that boasts numerous meeting spaces that are ideal for away days and conferences. With Tagvenue's help, you can discover any type of meeting room in the heartland suburbs of this sprawling metropolis, whether it's a unique location above a cozy cafe, a private place in an eccentric restaurant, or a brightly lit room with French windows. 

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Meeting Spaces Rental Guide

Made up of 20 counties and cities, Atlanta has been dubbed the city in the forest and is known as one of the United States' most heavily forested urban areas. So, no matter where you rent a spot in this place, your attendees will be sure to see some lush scenery. Whether it’s the famous Olympic Park, the Skyview Ferris wheel, or the Summit Skyride, you’ll find plenty of relaxation spots to offer to your guests in the city whilst hosting a meeting. Moreover, since most of the deals are sealed at the most unexpected locations, you could arrange for some sightseeing for your guests and make sure you’ll lead that next big project!

How to pick the right meeting room for an event?

When hosting an internal meeting or holding a conference to impress potential clients, finding the right space can have a huge impact on your attendees. In other words, to wow your guests and enhance your image as a business partner, you need to choose a comfortable and well-equipped venue. Meeting rooms come in different forms and sizes, and they can be found in the most convenient locations—many of them are near hotels and restaurants where your guests can get everything they need while on a business trip. Whether you need a room in a cafe for a presentation or a large room in a luxury hotel for a product launch, there are a few things you should know about how to choose the proper event space when faced with a variety of room types. So, how can you know which location is ideal for your gathering? We've compiled a list of things to think about while choosing a location for your next meeting.


The last thing you want to do is make your guests undertake long and painful journeys simply to attend your event. The proximity of a place to your event is critical to its success. Since Atlanta's public transit is inadequate, it's critical to choose a venue that is accessible to all participants; otherwise, you risk having a lower attendance than anticipated. When deciding on a place, factors such as direct flights, the distance between your guests and the venue, and the meeting time should all be taken into account.

For instance, if your partners are visiting Atlanta for the first time and you want to create a positive impression with your new product, it's advisable to book a venue near Jackson Airport or their hotel for your clients' convenience. In any case, booking a venue in a less popular neighborhood such as Fulton or Douglas is not a good idea. It’s best to steer clear from faraway meeting rooms unless your guests live in the region. Extended travel times or multiple flight changes might deter people from attending your meeting. So keep in mind to choose a location that is easily accessible to everyone. If you don't want your guests to grumble about the location or travel costs, book an appropriate venue ASAP once they confirm their availability.

Technical amenities

If you're planning a product launch or simply celebrating a recent accomplishment with your partners, the audio/visual equipment provided by the venue is critical. If everyone is traveling light, it's critical to choose a venue that has all of the necessary amenities for a successful event. You must make sure that the meeting place can handle your needs, from a good WIFI connection to projectors. For instance, you may ask for other equipment such as speakers or a large screen at an additional cost if needed. If inviting a major stakeholder, or a major speaker, make sure to have a teleprompter and a microphone if you’re planning a high-stakes event. The last thing you would want is an impromptu tech failure. Fortunately, most meeting rooms are built with cutting-edge audiovisual equipment that is both reliable and simple to operate.

Venue capacity 

Have you heard the adage,' size matters'? This is undoubtedly true in terms of venue capacity. Found a sweet spot in Buckhead that’s way too small for 25 guests? Simply, don’t rent it. Regardless of how much you enjoy a meeting space, you should prioritize the comfort of your visitors. At the end of the day, you want them to cut a deal with you, and you'll have a better chance if you demonstrate that you genuinely care about your clients or partners. For instance, if you’re celebrating a milestone with a group of people, you’ll probably opt for on-site catering and therefore need to have enough space for your guests to move around. As a result, you should ensure that the location can keep your guests comfortable and relaxed throughout the event. An alternative to solely renting a meeting room would be to book a venue with an outdoor area, which would be convenient for some chit-chat after the meeting or for breaks in between the meeting.

The layout of the room 

Meetings are mostly held for interaction and networking. Internal meetings allow you to strengthen internal relationships and brainstorm ideas, whilst business meetings can help your brand establish a stronger market reputation if everything goes according to plan. This is why you should consider all of the factors that influence your company's image. The layout of venues is very often neglected when it’s an important aspect for people to get to know each other across the table. The layout isn’t merely about the seating arrangement, it’s also about the overall set-up of the room. Much ado about nothing? You might want to think twice. Squashing your guests in a room is a no-no. Hosting a big event? Make sure you don’t have any empty areas. If you’re planning a rather relaxed meeting, ask the venue manager to make use of the space by adding furniture, a couch, or simply one of your event banners. Creating a balance within the room will give an overall sense of unity to the room and this plays a huge role when it comes to photographs. Elements like the right amount of people on both sides of the table or across the whole venue or the furniture in the room can directly influence the overall feel of the room. You could also add thoughtful touches like a buffet table in an adjoining room for your guests to serve themselves during the breaks or provide every guest with a bottle of water before the event. It’s the little gestures that shape people’s perception of your business. What about windows? Windows not only bring light and create the idea of space within the room, but they also allow your listeners to look away from the screen from time to time!

Venue rates

CEO of a start-up and still struggling to pay the bills? We get you! It’s pretty tough hosting regular meetings where you’ve just started your business and don’t have a permanent location yet. However, by collaborating with the right venue on many occasions, you might be able to benefit from some special room packages or simply pay a lower fee for your room. Many meeting venues have varying room sizes for small and large events, so it's best to talk to the venue manager about your alternatives before making a decision. Some venues also offer all-inclusive packages that include AV facilities and on-site catering- that’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Such flexible options make it easier for hosts to save some money by renting a single location instead of two. Meeting venues have years of experience in hosting all types of meetings and can offer different options to keep your event cost-effective and within the set budget.

Allure of the place

Last but not least, are how the venue looks. They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, that’s pretty accurate when it comes to being the host of an event and having to select a space that will be visually appealing to your guests. Look for modern spaces with sufficient light and space for any meeting. It’s also best to try different venues to see what suits your guests’ tastes over a length of time. What may have worked five years ago might now be seen as old-fashioned and unappealing to your clients. As a result, when choosing a site, it's critical to consider your company's image. If you’re a market leader or want to acquire a strong reputation on the market, think of renting venues in top locations such as Buckhead or Midtown, where the urban landscape and green spaces will delight your guests and make them feel that your business will go places! Whether it’s the rustic furniture or telly, every aspect of the meeting room is important to the overall experience of your guests.

Catering options

Food is always de rigueur at any event. No matter whether you’re hosting a corporate meeting or a major conference, having on-site catering options is always a good idea. If the selected venue cannot assist you with some delicious appetizers, think about renting a meeting room that is close to many top-notch restaurants so that you can host a lunch or dinner after the formal event. Knowing that they’ll be rewarded with some delicious Southern cuisine will surely increase your guests’ desire to join the event. Food is one of the things that can take your event from being average to being amazing. Most people won’t remember the words spoken during a presentation, but they’ll certainly remember the taste of those fine French pastries or that scrumptious Cesar salad. Planning an early meeting, make sure to provide some breakfast snacks like sandwiches and coffee or tea for your guests. You won’t want to hear some stomachs growling during your meeting, right? To have one less thing to worry about, simply host the event at a venue that provides catering options!

What are some common types of meeting spaces that I can find in Atlanta?

From annexes to conference rooms, you can find an array of meeting rooms to choose from that will surely make a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you’re planning a product launch or simply hosting a monthly internal meeting, you can find collaboration, conference, and annex rooms everywhere in the city. If you’re simply meeting with a bunch of creatives, consider coworking stations or creative spaces to host your meeting. Looking for a classy venue for the whole day, consider spots like the Conference Room - No. 18 in Buckhead, for its equipment and stunning decor that will take your attendees’ breath away. Planning an annual meeting with some business partners? Why not host the event at a window conference room? Like the Boardroom at Serendipity Labs Atlanta, where you can benefit from its convenient position and affordable prices. Planning a fashion-based training session? Carmichael Garden Group is the place to go. The creative space features a garden of Eden theme wall and a white-walled stage, this place will pump up your guests’ energy and make them enjoy every moment of the session. It’s not hard finding the right venue once you identify the goal of the meeting. 

FAQs about Meeting Spaces in Atlanta, GA

Can I find affordable meeting spaces in ATL?

Yes! Atlanta is an affordable location therefore, you won’t have any trouble in finding an inexpensive space for your event. Prices start around $35 per hour in areas like Oakland and Cabbagetown and can go up to $450+ for a whole day, which is much cheaper than other places like New York or Los Angeles. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are some common amenities offered by meeting venues?

Along with the service of their staff, numerous venues will provide on-site catering and other facilities such as the rental of audiovisual equipment. In addition, you may ask for extra chairs to be added or for the layout to be in a specific way for your meeting for instance, in a classroom-style seating or a horse-shoe style seating arrangement.  

Will the venue manager help me with accommodation when renting a meeting space?

Many venue organizers will go out of their way to ensure a great experience for your guests. They might suggest a list of accommodation options around the venue. If your guests are new to the area, you might consider renting a meeting room at a hotel itself to offer a trouble-free experience to your guests.

What are some of the upscale areas to host a meeting in Atlanta?

Buckhead is one of the top places in Atlanta if you’re looking for ritzy shops, spas, and fantastic restaurants to impress your guests. You can also visit the famous Legoland Discovery Center there! Midtown and Downtown Atlanta are known as the heart of the city and are great places for your first-timers to enjoy some sightseeing and stay at some of the best hotels such as Four Seasons or Loews Atlanta Hotel. The Midtown neighborhood is known as an art center due to its numerous museums such as the High Museum of Art and its numerous galleries.

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