Photo Studios for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Photo Studios for Rent in Atlanta, GA

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Want to enhance your photography portfolio with superb pictures taken in a studio? If the answer is positive, then you’ve come to the right place! Photographers in Atlanta are really spoiled with options where they can hone their skills. And here on Tagvenue, we’ve rounded up all the best photo studios in Atlanta in one place! So whether you’re a photography newbie, a veteran, or someone-in-between, on our platform you will find the best space catering to your needs and matching your price range. So take our search engine for a spin and we guarantee that you will discover an ideal photo studio in a moment!

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Photo Studios Rental Guide

If you’re a photographer in Atlanta, then you can’t complain about the lack of fantastic places where you can snap superb pictures. Each area boasts unique, charming, and romantic areas that may add some special touch to your photographs and make them stand out. Epic outdoor spots such as iconic areas of Krog Street Market and Krog Street Tunnel, or Beltline in Inman Park make a perfect backdrop for street photography. The more urban feel of Downtown, or Westside Provisions offer a flexible location with endless backdrop possibilities that you can use for any concept you’ve got in your mind. There is also charming Summerhill/ Georgia Avenue, Piedmont Park, and Woodlands Garden where you can arrange a family or a wedding photo shoot. So you’re definitely in for a treat! 

But taking pictures outside requires flexibility to adjust the camera and setting to the light, shadow as well as patience with passerby getting into the frame. So why not take your next photoshoot to one of the best studios in Atlanta? Taking pictures in a studio has many benefits and at some point of your photography career you will think of renting one (every photographer and videographer does, trust us!), either to develop your skills further or to deal with specific demands of a photoshoot. In case you’re not convinced, below we’ve listed a short list of benefits why you should consider renting a photo studio for a photo shoot.  

Why should you rent a photo studio in Atlanta?

1. It gives you full control over the whole process

We’ve already mentioned it, but outdoor photo shoots require a lot of flexibility. You need to adjust everything to the dynamic weather conditions, as well as light, and let’s face it, Atlanta’s sky is almost always partly covered in clouds! Apart from that, you need to deal with curious bystanders, and traffic noise, which can get stressful to everyone involved in a photo shoot. 

Having a studio photoshoot gives you control pretty much over everything that is essential to take great pictures. Without all the hassles that come with outdoor photo shoots, you will be able to fully focus and be productive throughout the whole process. You won’t have to reschedule because of a sudden break in the weather or wait for all the onlookers to move away from the camera frame. Simply, you will make the most out of the photo shoot that will result in incredible pictures.

2. It’s a comfortable option 

Just imagine not having to find a public restroom, or a seat to catch your breath in-between the session while your models can easily change outfits without feeling overexposed. In a photo studio, you will have everything you need within your reach! Photo studios are incredibly comfortable and filled with amenities and facilities. Most of them have separate changing rooms, as well as make-up stations, and even break areas. And if you pick a blank canvas studio, you will have complete control over the whole setting! 

3. It has necessary equipment you might need 

Photo studios across Atlanta have different offers on equipment, but it’s possible to find one that has all the gear you need. Generally, most studios rentals come with some basics like: 

Tripods - It’s the most basic one, but so helpful for all purposes! Make sure the ones that your first-choice studio offers can be set up quickly to work with different angles. 

Various backdrops - Properly picked backdrops can make the object or person you’re taking pictures of pop. Having a wide range of backdrop options will give you a chance to experiment, as well as guarantee you will find the ideal one that will make your pictures stand out from the crowd. The best photo studios in town also offer cycloramas or cyc walls, so if you’re thinking of wide-angle shots we highly recommend checking them out!  

Props - Each studio might have a different range of props, but generally, the most popular ones are fairy lights, mirrors, books, some clothing items, CDs, or signs. If you’re planning to use your own props, firstly, ask the manager for their list of props. Who knows, maybe they will have it and you won’t need to carry all of them! 

Lighting equipment - Most studios offer continuous lighting kits, speed lights, and strobe lights. They will allow you to modify the light intensity, so you will have full control over the lighting throughout all your photo shoots, unlike the outdoor setting where it’s impossible to predict the light. 

But remember! Always make sure to check the equipment offer of your first-choice studio and whether it is included in your rental fee. 

4. You can go back and make a reshoot

If some of your pictures don’t turn out as you expected, you can always reshoot in the same conditions as during your previous photo shoot. Because you have control basically over every aspect of the photo shoot, it will be fairly easy to go back and snap some more. Reshooting outdoors won’t be that easy like in a studio, because it all depends on the weather and light that no one can control (what a shame, though!). So there is a high chance that pictures you’ve made the other day won’t match with those you do during a reshoot. 

5. You will have all the privacy and silence you need

Photo studio offers a closed-off area that only you and your crew can access. And this means there’ll be no distractions! No noise, no curious bystanders, no traffic… It’s a perfect environment to maintain focus and creativity flow. Trust us, everyone involved will be in the mood for working and getting the best results which means that productivity will be on the highest level throughout the whole photo session.  

How to find an ideal photo studio in Atlanta?

If you’re motivated to rent a photo studio, that’s fantastic! We guarantee that you will have a productive photo shoot that will leave you with an even more great outcome. But how to find ‘the one’ ideal space that will get you all inspired and make you flourish? Fortunately, we’ve got quite a few expert Q&As up our sleeve that will make your hunt for the ideal space short and sweet! So make sure to check them out! 

Is it affordable?

Not many of us have unlimited funds (we’re a bit jealous of those who have!), especially when you’re a rookie that wants to establish your brand on the market. So to find the best studio option in your price range, we recommend setting a budget. Think how much you can spend on the rental and thoroughly check every offer that interests you in terms of equipment that is included in the price, additional charges, and any late fees. This will help you determine if the given studio space won’t break the bank, as well as pick the best option at a given price. Tagvenue filters make it extremely easy to find photo studios within the set price range, so make sure to take our search engine for a spin! 

Will it fit all the crew? 

One of the important factors to get the workflow on the best level is picking a venue that will accommodate all the people present at the photo shoot with no fuss. The workspace has to be spacious enough for everyone – from lighting assistants, makeup artists to models, etc. – to move comfortably. So avoid renting out too small and cramped spaces if the crew is bigger than 5 people. Make an initial list of all the people that will be present at the studio. Keeping it in mind will help you rent a space that will fit everyone and make them feel their best. 

Also, you should check if the desired venue has all the facilities and amenities at your disposal, such as changing rooms, makeup stations, closets, etc. When you’re planning a longer photo shoot that will take hours for preparation and snapping it’d be great if the venue had a separate space for breaks with a kitchen or kitchenette. Remember that everyone needs breaks to keep productivity on the same level. And happy teammates equals fantastic final results!

Does it offer the needed equipment? 

Think of all the equipment you need for your work at the studio. And then check if the list of the desired venue covers all your needs. Some spaces don’t list all of their equipment on the offer, so don’t hesitate to ask venue managers for a complete list, as well as any package offers. At this point, it’s worth checking if the studio also has an editing room where you can immediately retouch your work. An editing room within the studio space is an extremely efficient option, as it will allow you to get your work done in one go. 

Does it have artificial or natural lighting? 

Lighting is one of the most important elements that you need to control. And basically in Atlanta, there are two types of studios you can rent: a daylight studio or a studio with artificial lighting. It is extremely important to know what type of lighting will be essential at the planned out photo shoot so you can filter out the ones that offer the type of lighting you don’t need. If you want the lighting consistent throughout the whole session, then studios with artificial lighting will give you the freedom to keep it at the level you want. But make sure to pick among the best ones that have no access to natural light at all. On the other hand, if you want to play with natural light, make sure the studio has big windows that will allow you to play around with the natural illumination to bring the concept to life. 

Is it in a convenient location?

Most photo shoots engage more than two people in the whole process. So keep in mind your teammates during the hunt for the ideal photo shoot space and pick a location that is easily accessible. Check for its access to public transportation as well as public parking lots. Renting a photo studio in a convenient location guarantees that everyone will make it on time and there’ll be no delays. And if the location has great restaurants, cafes, bars nearby, you can use it to your advantage and grab a lunch in-between the photo shoot and have a little chat. Having a meal together can help you break the ice (especially if you’re working with people for the first time), boost everyone’s moods, as well as make the experience pleasant and memorable.  

Atlanta is a fantastic city for creative photographers, as it is filled with both fantastic outdoor locations, as well as professional photo studios that can cater to the needs of even the most demanding photographers. And we hope that with those tips in mind, your journey to find the ideal photo studio will be a breeze! So grab your camera and essential gear, as soon you’ll be snapping those fantastic photos that will make your portfolio stand out!

FAQs about Photo Studios in Atlanta, GA

How much does it cost to rent a photo studio in Atlanta?

Depending on the studio type, an hourly rental costs from $50 up to $150 per hour. But, it’s also possible to have a studio buyout which starts from $1000+ per day. Also, don’t hesitate to ask venue managers for individual offers, as well as rental packages. (All data from

Which Atlanta neighborhoods have the best photo studios?

You can find fantastic options in South Downtown near the Original Selfie Museum. Another area filled with great photo studios is in Westend and Mechanicsville. You should also check the areas near Atlanta University Center. We are hundred percent sure that you will find an ideal studio there! 

How far in advance should I rent a photo studio in Atlanta?

We always recommend securing the venues as early as possible. But the general rule of thumb states that at least two weeks before the photo shoot takes place. This will give you enough time to compare the offers, pick the best one, as well as inform other crew members about the schedule.

Do I need a permit for a photo shoot in a public space?

If you’re planning a photo shoot for personal use, then you don’t need a permit. However, if it’s a commercial photo shoot, then you should receive a permit that you can get in the Mayor’s Office. But remember that some of the public spaces are owned by Atlanta BeltLine which means that you should request permission from Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

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