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Who doesn’t like cheap party venues? Atlanta is exactly the city where you should go to save some extra cash for more drinks, food, and entertainment! After all, life is a lot merrier when you can spend less and still have fun! If you’ve organized a party or two in Atlanta, you know what the people really care about. Tip: it’s about having a good time, not a luxurious setting! Nevertheless, finding the right budget-friendly space in the capital of Georgia can be quite demanding, which is why we’re here to assist you! Find and book the perfect spot in Atlanta directly online!

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Cheap Party Venues Rental Guide

How to plan an affordable party? 

Found the perfect venue, but still wondering how to host the best party for your mates? If you’re trying to cut costs and still host a memorable event, we’ve got your back. Here are Tagvenue’s tips to beat the odds, aka tight budget, and throw a fantastic party! There are a few things that are key to a successful event: the people, the food, and the atmosphere, which often includes partaking in some fun activities. So let's jump right into it!

Work on that guest list

Having the right people around you on your birthday or any other celebration can seriously improve the whole party experience. For instance, you would have a better time with your favorite people than with our grumpy lawyer, which is why he doesn’t have to make it to your list! If you’re hosting an intimate party or an important life event, it’s best to invite only your favorite people. If you don’t know how to go about it, simply host an event using Facebook events or Google Calendar and see who will attend the event before booking the venue. Once you have a confirmed list of guests, you can proceed to the selection of a cheap venue in the Empire City of the South.

Find the perfect venue

Got your favorite peeps on the list? Now it’s time to pick the best venue for your event. Since Atlanta is on the affordable side, you can find anything from manicured gardens to upbeat bars to throw an immaculate party. You must first choose the type of venue. For example, you can host a magical, intimate wedding reception in a dance studio and ask your friends to help with the decor, or you can simply host an event in the backroom of a pub, which is a great choice for hosting a birthday party or any other type of celebration. With the diversity of music and culture in Atlanta, you’re sure to find some hidden treasures!

Pick delicious food

Whether you’re hosting a small or huge party, there’s one thing that your guests will surely care about, and that’s food. Food can make or break your event. You probably don’t remember tons of events, but you’ll always remember the food! If you’re renting a cheaper party venue, you can always invest a little bit more in the party food or simply organize a potluck or BBQ to make sure everyone enjoys some good homemade food. If you're hosting a movie night for your birthday, get your hands on some delectable finger foods like jalapeno poppers and potato skins to keep your guests satisfied. Don’t forget to ask if the venue provides catering options if you don’t have time to prepare some snacks!

Save up on drinks

Drinks can be crazy expensive at pubs and restaurants. While these venues typically don’t allow you to bring your drinks, other spaces will let you BYOB, particularly if they don’t serve any and you’re only renting out the venue. But you could always save up by serving mocktails instead of cocktails, and if your guests are unhappy with that, you could always pop a few bottles of champagne if needed. Or you could stick to the old college signature cocktail pitcher. This would allow you to save time on preparing the drinks and cut back on your party spending. Sounds like a lot of trouble? Working with the venue to limit the number of drinks and options so that the staff may consult you before uncorking that 10th bottle of Prosecco!

Make it fun with games

Thinking about how to upgrade your host skills up a notch? Why not add a couple of games to your event? Boardgames like Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Risk will not only stimulate your guests but will also liven up the atmosphere in case everyone runs out of conversation. Board games can bring everyone together and make them laugh. It doesn’t matter whether people are good or bad at board games as long as everyone is having fun. Don’t want to spend cash on board games? Look for free alternatives such as Never Have I Ever, Charades, or Truth or Dare games; these will surely double the amount of fun at your next event.

What are some cheap party locations in Atlanta?

If you're planning a fun night out, Atlanta is the perfect location. It features an amazing nightlife scene, which means you can rent out a range of unique bars and pubs for any type of event. More of an introvert? Host your party in the back room or upstairs room of the venue. Dance studios are excellent if you’re hosting a larger event and need ample space for partying. Plus, hire fees are usually cheaper than in other venues since they don’t offer catering. Restaurants never get old. These classic venues bring universal joy to anyone who enjoys tasty food. If you’re thinking about saving up but want to keep the event classy, this is the place to host your event. To stay within your budget, simply keep your guest list short or ask everyone to chip in if you’re planning the event with a few friends. Among other reasonable options are gardens, cafes, and even creative spaces, if you’re hosting a low-key corporate party.

Cheap Party Venues in Atlanta FAQ

Is it expensive to host a party in Atlanta?

Thankfully, Atlanta is an affordable location as compared to many other cities. It’s a lot cheaper than New York City or Washington, DC. Living in ATL, however, requires you and your guests to have a car since transportation is not at its best in this part of Georgia. Yet, it’s still worth hosting a party in the city since venues are on the cheaper side and you can easily find the best spots for anything big, like a wedding reception or a 60th birthday bash.

What are the best places to host a party in Atlanta?

Atlanta is an attractive city for anyone who loves modern architecture and history. Known as the epicenter of the civil rights movement, this city is the perfect place for your guests to discover a bit of history and enjoy the best nightlife in the U.S. If you're looking for mouthwatering Southern food, your wish will surely be granted in Decatur, where scrumptious food is abundant. Buckhead is probably one of the top places to host a party in Atlanta since it’s known for its nightlife, drinks, and food joints. Inman Park is the place to be if you want to throw a party at some laid-back pub or fantastic watering holes. You can also consider other neighborhoods like Midtown, East Town, or Kirkwood if you're looking for great food, tourist attractions, and fantastic nightlife.

Do all venues provide catering?

No, all venues do not provide catering. You may have on-site catering at most eateries, pubs, or bars, but other venues such as dance studios or gardens might not be able to cater to your needs. 

Can I decorate the venue for the event?

Depending on the venue, you may be able to decorate your venue as you like. However, many places have rules in place regarding glitter and glue. Some spots may even help you with your event, so it’s always a good idea to discuss your options with the venue manager.

How can I find a cheap party space in an upscale location like Buckhead?

You can consult your friends or run a quick search on Google to find some cheap venues in the area. You can also browse for listings on online marketplaces and check the reviews for some insight before choosing your preferred venue.



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