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Top Filming Locations in Atlanta, GA

The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, The Hunger Games, and The Avengers…What do they all have in common? Yes, they were filmed in Atlanta! The city has racked up thousands of filmmakers with its both indoor and outdoor iconic locations that make a perfect backdrop. So if you’re about to pursue your filming project, shoot a commercial or music video and you’re looking for an ideal filming location, you will be spoiled with options here. And on Tagvenue, we’ve made things easy by rounding up all the best filming locations in Atlanta that you can discover with just a few clicks! So get ready to shout: Action! as soon you will be in the middle of shooting your cinematic hit!

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Filming Locations Rental Guide

Each year Atlanta attracts creative minds all over the world to pursue their filming projects. With its mild climate, amazing architecture, and iconic landscapes it has a lot to offer to everyone in need of a great filming location. You can find an amazing range of extraordinary locations pretty much everywhere! And we’ve searched high and low to come up with an ultimate list of the best filming locations in Atlanta so that you can quickly cross off "find the location" from your "to do" list and focus on other key elements. Interested? Then hop on our search engine and take a trip through our curated list! 

How to find the ideal filming location in Atlanta?

One of the most important elements of every particular scene in a movie is the location! An ideal one complements the movie plot, effects the movie look, expresses the mood and helps in conveying important plot details to the viewer. So keep in mind that it can either make or break your whole film project! To avoid an unwelcome result and make it a success, we’ve made a short guide on how to find the ideal filming location across Atlanta. Once you take a look at it, you will find one with no fuss! 

Know your script - First things first, read your script! Immerse yourself into the story and try to envision it in your mind. Make notes of every important detail that you would like to show on the screen. Think of colors, lighting, mood. Will the scene be happy or sad? Or maybe you would like it to be intense? Is it going to take place in a house or a public venue, such as a restaurant or banquet hall? Or maybe you need some specific setting and equipment that is available only in certain areas and times? It’s really important to match the location to the storyline. And establishing what you’re looking for will help you filter out all the locations that might not fit well as a backdrop.  

Set your budget - Believe it or not, but your budget is the dominant element that will determine your whole shooting process. Determine how much you can afford on the location rental. Check whether the first-choice location, the equipment, and possible extra charges are within your initial budget. To limit your spending, try looking at the areas outside the core city center. Check out a variety of neighborhoods and even the city’s outskirts where rental fees are relatively lower.   

Have a schedule - Mapping out the schedule will help you determine the whole shooting period. And this will come in handy when you are determining your rental period. It will help you work out whether the exact location is within your budget for that specific amount of time. Also, having a carefully planned-out schedule will be helpful to all your filming crew, so try sending it out early enough for everyone to mark it in their calendars.  

Don’t forget about the amenities - Keep the comfort of your filming crew in mind during your location scout as it can impact the mood on the set. The ideal location should provide facilities such as a separate area for breaks, changing, makeup and hairstyling. Also, it should meet all your technical requirements and have electrical power for all your equipment. A beautiful and remote location that won’t meet all your requirements won’t help you bring your vision to life, but instead hinder the whole process!  

Scan location databases - To get inspiration and visualize how your ideal location could look like, make use of online location databases. They have all the important details about a certain location, as well as a map. Use it as a reference to search around the area if you would like a less popular set. But also try out Tagvenue and our smart filters! Adjust the price range, participant number, and area you’re interested in, and within seconds you’ll have a curated list of top locations across Atlanta! 

Do your scouting in person! - Once you have your locations picked, make sure to check it in person at the exact time you plan to do your filming. Pay attention to factors like light, noise, and if all the crew can fit there. Not having enough light, or a space that is too noisy might cause pain to editors during the post-production process and can ruin the whole scene. On the other hand, a too-small space will make the whole experience unbearable to the crew. So ensure that everything is ideal to have your shooting go smoothly.  

Atlanta really lives up to the hype and is teeming with an amazing range of locations above and beyond! All the great Marvel blockbusters that had been filmed here seem to prove it all. Just try not to rush the process of coming upon the ideal set that will complement your fantastic filming project, and you will find one matching the script without you even expecting it! 

FAQs about Filming Locations in Atlanta, GA

How much does it cost to rent a filming location in Atlanta?

To rent a filming location, expect prices to start at around $100+ per hour. But the rental price may vary depending on the location type, its amenities, facilities, equipment, etc. Also, it might depend on the shooting period, so don’t hesitate to ask venue managers for package offers. (All data from

Do you need a permit to film in public locations in Atlanta?

If you’re planning to film in public spaces, such as parks and other properties that belong to the city, you need a filming permit that you can get in the Mayor’s Office. Unfortunately, filming permits aren't free of charge, so expect to pay a permit fee while applying for one. Generally, we recommend visiting the official Atlanta website for further details.

What are some good filming locations in Atlanta?

Atlanta has many great outdoor locations that made cameos in popular movies and tv series. The iconic Castleberry Hills is one of them. It’s a trendy area where you can find fantastic lofts, houses and warehouses turned into galleries. So we highly recommend taking it into consideration during your location hunt!

What blockbuster movies were filmed in Atlanta?

Woah, the list is very long! But the most recent and popular ones that had been filmed in Atlanta are: Spiderman: No Way Home, Hawkeye, The Suicide Squad, and the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion. If you watch them, then who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to film at the exact location of those films?  Peachtree Street, The Georgian Terrace, and Trillith Studios are only a few of the locations that were used for their production!

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