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Top Photo Shoot Locations in Atlanta, GA

On the lookout for a unique location for your next photo shoot in Atlanta?! We’ve got great news! The city has a number of incredible spots where your creative vision will be brought to life, no matter what it is! There are many hidden gems and other not-so-secret unique places that you can rent, all listed on Tagvenue! So don’t wait any longer! Start your search by browsing our curated selection of photo shoot locations in Atlanta and book your favorite in no time!

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Photo Shoot Locations Rental Guide

It’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to find photography locations around Atlanta. In order to help you even a bit with planning your upcoming photo shoot, we’ve jotted down some tips and tricks about various locations and how to choose the perfect one for your project!

What types of photo shoot locations can I find in Atlanta?

The photo shoot location can either make or break your project, so before making the final decision, think over what space would suit your shoot best and where your vision could come to life!

  • Photo and film studios. These are usually spacious rooms that feature professional equipment, such as various backdrops, lighting gear, softboxes, as well as facilities that will make the shoot comfortable for everyone. There are many kinds of photo and film studios, so when looking for the perfect one, make sure it gives you good vibes and suits your creative vision.
  • Cafes and restaurants. The city’s numerous eateries and charming coffee shops boast unusual decor which makes them a great choice for your next photo shoot! Whether you’re planning to snap lifestyle photos or shots of food, we suggest you check out Atlanta’s watering holes at the start and organize the session in the one that steals your heart.
  • Meeting rooms. It may happen that your project is all about business. That’s when meeting rooms come in handy! They offer a professional setting where any business photo shoot will be a smashing success!
  • Function rooms. Versatile spaces that can be found in various venues, such as restaurants, hotels or community centers, are usually available for private use. In case you’re in need of a place that offers lots of privacy and unique decor, have a look at Atlanta’s function rooms and organize your upcoming photo session in one of them.
  • Outdoor locations. If you’re looking for an urban setting, natural light or plenty of greenery, there is no better place to shoot than outdoors! Besides open spaces, in Atlanta you’ll also find amazing outdoor locations that can be rented out for photo sessions, such as rooftops, backyards and terraces.

The best outdoor photo shoot locations around Atlanta

If you’re looking for a street-style setting, there is no better way to shoot your project than Downtown! Thanks to the large buildings, you’ll get a mix of different backgrounds, as well as a decent amount of shade. We recommend you go there in the morning to get the best light and if you want to avoid traffic, plan your photo shoot for the weekend.

Summerhill is a cute little neighborhood near the former Turner Field. The area has the best lighting in the morning or in the afternoon once the sun isn’t too harsh. Go to Summerhill if you’re up for a small challenge - there isn’t a lot of open shade, so you’ll have to work around that.

Connecting West Midtown with Downtown along the railroad tracks you will find Marietta Street. If you’re organizing a fun and colorful photo shoot, you’ll be pleased with the strip of brightly colored buildings about a mile north of Downtown. When the sun is out, you’ll find lots of harsh light there!

The High Museum is a perfect backdrop for all of those projects where you want your subject to pop! The building’s front, boasting a neutral facade, is nice and bright with interesting lines. Even though you can’t shoot everywhere at the museum, the best spots are all accessible and allowed.

Also, Inman Park has a lot to offer, from Krog Street Market to Beltline and all the way up to the fantastic spots around the intersection of North Highland and Elizabeth Street. Hit them at any time of the day and snap great shots in direct sun or with the stars above your head. We suggest you plan the shoot on a weekday as on weekends Inman Park tends to get crowded - especially when the weather is nice.

How do I choose the perfect photo shoot location?

  • Mood. Each photo shoot is a unique project that has its own vibe, and you should bear this in mind when browsing various locations. What mood do you want your images to evoke? What is the style of photos you’ll be shooting? Whether you’re thinking of urban chic, elegant minimalism or a laid-back feel, you’ll find somewhere ideal in Atlanta! Just remember that the place should correspond with your subject and allow you to tell the story behind it.
  • Decor. Are you looking for somewhere eclectic or a blank canvas space with no props? Is your shoot’s color scheme neutral or do you want vibrant colors to be the star? Think carefully about your vision and the color palette that will work best for your project.
  • Lighting. Think through what kind of lighting you want to work with for your project: do you prefer natural light or studio light? If you’re set on the first option, plan everything thoroughly and adapt the whole photo shoot to weather conditions. Studio light, on the other hand, gives you more control over the lighting and, in turn, the final effect.

FAQs about Photo Shoot Locations in Atlanta, GA

How do I find a photo shoot location in Atlanta?

Tagvenue is more than happy to help you with your search, whether you need an indoor or outdoor location! Atlanta is a fantastic city with plenty of amazing spots where any photo shoot will turn out to be successful! So hop on our platform, choose your size, price range and location, and check out your options - we promise, your booking will be a matter of minutes!

How do I rent a photo shoot location in Atlanta?

First things first, decide on the location you will be shooting in! Once that’s done, you’ll need to apply for a filming permit if your photo shoot falls into certain categories. In Atlanta, a permit is only required for some filming activities, so contact the Office of Entertainment to learn about the process and the different fees you’ll have to pay.

How much does it cost to rent a photo shoot location in Atlanta?

It doesn’t matter if you choose a private or public location for your photo shoot, you’ll still need to pay extra for a filming permit, liability insurance and other fees. Most of the private photo shoot locations in Atlanta charge hourly rates. Prices range from $25 up to $200 per hour, but keep in mind that the use of certain equipment available on-site might change your final fee. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

What is typically included in the rental price of a photo studio?

Most photo studios in Atlanta include basic equipment in the rental fee, such as various backdrops, Coloramas, reflectors, softboxes or camera stands. Depending on the studio, you might also find there a kitchen, changing rooms, as well as hair and make-up stations. To be certain what you’ll find in the studio, always ask the studio manager about what is included in the price and whether there’ll be any extra fees.

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