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Have you been on the hunt for restaurants with private rooms in Atlanta? Are you tired of searching the internet for something fascinating, but coming away empty-handed? Well, you’re in luck because here at Tagvenue we pride ourselves on having the perfect tools for discovering ideal event locations. If you're looking for the best restaurants with private rooms Atlanta has to offer, look no further. We come to you with suggestions, we come to you with extra information, and in general we are just great! Book a restaurant with a private room today.

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Restaurants with Private Rooms Rental Guide

Searching for restaurants with private rooms in Atlanta? If you keep reading, we promise we have the answers you’re looking for. With so many beautiful spaces to choose from, we know that you’re going to love the top venues we have found. Whether 1920s leather sofas are totally up your street, or if you prefer to spend your time in bright and airy gardens - we are ready to delight you. We’ll let you in on a secret, we even have a private space where you can play a mix of Bowling and Football. Have we got your attention yet? Read on to find out more.

Tired of sharing a space with strangers when going out? We feel you. There is no better feeling, then feeling like a VIP, and renting a private room in a restaurant. Atlanta has many options, and you’ll definitely have the chance to choose exactly what you like - whatever the reason for your event. After all, we know that there are many fantastic occasions that you can celebrate in such spaces.  

But if you want to ask “Why should I rent a restaurant with a private room?” the answer may be long, yet so simple. 

First and foremost. You’re going to be so comfortable having your party or event away from other people. You won’t believe how great it feels. Actually, you’re probably going to want to have all your parties and special events booked this way in the future. So consider yourself warned - you are about to have an amazing time

With the experience of private dining, be prepared for the staff to be focused only on you. You’re going to be the center of attention, and it is certainly going to make you feel very good. And to be fair, you’re also more likely to have the option of customizing your menu. So, if memorable and personal cuisine options are your thing, we recommend booking a private room in a restaurant. Are your guests picky? Or do they, or you, have some extra dietary needs? With private dining in Atlanta, you are sure to feel comfortable and taken care of. 

Would you like to have some beautiful decorations in your private dining area? Ask the manager and the staff if it’s a possibility. Whether it will be you who brings the decorations, or if the restaurant will take care of it for you, you could have the option to customize your surroundings during your private event. It’s a great way to personalize your event. 

Still feeling unsure? We haven’t finished just yet.

As lovely as dining at home really is, cooking for a lot of people can be quite tiring. Going out to eat in Atlanta is a much more relaxing way to spend your weekends, and even weekdays if that’s your jam. Whether you are planning something special, or just need to escape the homemade dinner shenanigans. Remember that people are more productive if they spend less time doing chores. Save yourself the time you spend on cooking, and enjoy the day doing the things you love. 

Do the words “cleaning” and “dishes” bring a shiver down your spine? Well, when booking restaurants with private rooms, you won’t have to worry about that dreadful feeling for at least one night. Don’t think about the mess, the restaurant will gladly take care of it for you. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you get home to a clean apartment and your belly full.

We know that choosing a perfect location can be quite a burden, but with a little help from us, you’re bound to choose a cool venue in no time. Have you also thought about what you want to visit in the area? Atlanta has a fantastic choice of parks, museums and a world-class Georgia Aquarium. If you want to rent a space in Midtown, be prepared for some comedy, bars and vibrant arts. Before you dine, why not go to the High Museum of Art? We heard that there’s some amazing works inside. Check them out, and let us know if it’s true! 

If Downtown is more your vibe, then you’re in for a treat. Go and see the College Football Hall of Fame, take a walk in the Centennial Olympic Park or check out some multimedia exhibits at the Center of Human and Civil Rights. And if you have guests flying in from different parts of the country, or even the world, then both of these districts are within a perfectly good distance of the airport. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed with any long car journeys! Would you like to enjoy a top-notch sports bar, or want to be surrounded by your large group of friends? We have lovely spaces that offer exactly that. Perhaps The Owner's Suite at Hudson Grille will be your favorite choice?

Last but not least, make sure to check out your options in the Buckhead district. Known for its stylish malls, and art galleries, as well as regional history. Make sure not to miss the Atlanta History Center while you’re in the area.

Restaurants with Private Rooms in Atlanta FAQ

What types of menus do Atlanta’s restaurants have to offer?

You can expect a fantastic variety in Atlanta’s restaurants. Prepare yourself for some amazing pasta dishes, steak and wonderful seafood in Wahoo!Grill. Would you like some burger and fries? Visit Battle and Brew. And if you fancy something sweet, then take a peek in Sky Lounge Cafe.

Can I dine in a private space outside in Atlanta?

Yes you can. With many options to choose from, you have venues with gardens and terraces. In the warmer evenings, these are wonderful spaces to sit back, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the lovely food.

How much does it cost to rent a private room in a restaurant in Atlanta?

Restaurants with private rooms in Atlanta have a minimum spend price range starting from $800 and averaging upwards of around $3000. Of course, there are also some more expensive options. If you’re tight with your budget, ask the manager if they accept any BYOB options.

What restaurants with private rooms in Atlanta can you recommend?

Take a look at the Rooftop Patio Bar at Mutation Brewing Company, which is located in Sandy Springs, and if you don’t want to sit outside then they also offer the Main U-Bar inside. Fancy something with Japanese vibes? Check out the Entire Venue at Nagomiya in Midtown.

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