Birthday Party Venues for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Birthday Party Venues for Rent in Atlanta, GA

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Top Birthday Party Venues in Atlanta, GA

Planning a birthday party? Then why not celebrate it in true Atlanta style! Under the city’s canopy of greenery, you will find many fantastic spaces that can enhance your special day. So no matter if you want to take your guests for an outing to a fine restaurant, organize a bash to smash in one of the rooftop venues, or simply kick back and chill in one of the local bars, be quite sure you will find the ideal space for your birthday celebrations. So hop on our platform and discover the best birthday party venues in Atlanta and book your ideal one with just a few clicks!

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Birthday Party Venues Rental Guide

There’s nothing better than celebrating your special day with your favorite crowd. And we at Tagvenue know that very well. So why not honor your birthday by throwing a party everyone will enjoy? Atlanta boasts diverse and vibrant party spaces so it’s guaranteed that you’ll find the perfect spot that matches your expectations. And with our curated list of party spaces, it’ll be a breeze. So why not start planning your birthday party now!

Tips for organizing a fantastic birthday party 

Decide on the party style - Would you like to host a party everyone will be talking about long after it’s over or just a simple gathering topped with fantastic Southern foods? Or maybe a cocktail party with everyone mingling with a glass of crafted drink in hand? Determine what type of a party is the best for you, as well as for your guests. It will help you work out what type of venue you will go for, as well as the food, drinks, and other entertainment that will match the ambiance and style.  

Set your budget - Determine how much you can afford for the party organization. Generally, setting your budget is one of the most important factors, so it’s best to do it at the beginning stage of your planning. This will come as a huge help during the decision-making process and make you avoid exceeding your initial budget.

Make a guest list - Consider whom you would like to invite, and make a list. Even a rough number of guests will be helpful in the process of finding a venue of the ideal size. Keep in mind that a comfortable space will contribute to the party’s success, so make sure the venue you will go for is neither too big nor too small. So why not make use of our smart filters? Take them for a spin and you will be presented with a list of ideal spaces that matches your number of guests!

Pick the date - Being flexible will double your chances of finding an ideal space at your price range, so consider having some dates for your party in store. Also, keep in mind that peak times, such as holidays and weekends, are the times when the prices tend to be higher. So if you want to save some dollars, we recommend renting a venue off-peak times, as many venues slash their rates then. Have you found an ideal space? Then secure it as soon as possible to avoid someone snatching the space from you!

Find the right location - Location has a great impact on attendance. As Atlanta is known for its all-time traffic, don’t make your guests lose their precious time being stuck in a car to reach the party. So, try looking for the venues close to MARTA access, as well as those with nearby parking lots.  

Pick a theme - There’s nothing more fun than hosting a themed party! It can get your guests a little bit more excited for the celebration, as well as set the mood and make it stand out. Also, it can guide you on what type of food and drinks to serve and what decorations to buy. Don’t have any idea? Make use of Pinterest, or any other website to ignite the spark of creativity in your head and come up with a theme that will let everyone know that it’s your party. On our part, we can recommend our ultimate fav: the Las Vegas Casino party or a Mexican party with delicious burritos and tres leches cake as a dessert. 

Decide on food & drinks - Foods for sure can get everyone excited for a party! Consider whether you would like to serve a full-course meal or simple fingertips topped with cocktail drinks. Or maybe both? Atlanta has a fantastic dining scene (though a bit underrated), so why not use it to your advantage! Many restaurants offer guest packages you can cater to your palate. Or to get a bit more festive and amp up the celebrations, you can spoil yourself and your guests with a fantastic dining experience at one of the Michelin’s star-worthy restaurants. But whatever option you will choose, keep in mind any food restrictions and food allergies of your guests.  

Create a smashin’ playlist - To amp up the atmosphere, as well as to make it more personal, create a special birthday playlist! Nothing gets everyone in the party mood more than good music, so make sure it plays in the background. It will liven up the atmosphere and make the experience even more enjoyable. But don’t forget to share it with other guests so they can add their all-time-favorite hits. They will be humming and bouncing their heads without them even knowing!

Think of entertainment - Is there anything special you have always wanted to have at the party? A birthday party is a fantastic occasion to add some entertainment that will excite your guests, as well as make it even more memorable. Maybe a DIY photo booth that will leave you with fantastic pictures–a keepsake from the great time spent with your favorite crowd? Maybe play a round or two of your favorite game? It’s your special day, so don’t hesitate to do the things you’ve always wanted to do!

How can I organize a great kids' birthday party in Atlanta?

Wondering how you can make your kiddo’s birthday a bit more special? Atlanta has many fantastic kids-friendly places everyone will enjoy no matter the age (yes, adults will also have fun!). So to brighten their special day a bit more, consider taking them somewhere where you know they will love it. If you need some ideas, then take a look at our list of things to do on your kid’s birthday. 

Take them to Stone Mountain Park! - Nothing is more fun than outdoor activities under the shining sun! And Stone Mountain park offers plenty of them. Trust us, kids of all ages will find something to their liking! From climbing, hiking to simply admiring the breathtaking scenery, and many more as the park has season pass attractions. So, when the weather is fantastic, don’t hesitate to take them for an unforgettable trip that will leave them with precious and fun memories.   

Organize a trip to the zoo - Which kid doesn’t love animals? Take them to the zoo and let them meet all the furry friends, from big and distinct lions to friendly gorillas. A day at the Atlanta Zoo will get everyone excited and happy, no matter the age! What’s more, you can top the celebrations with a zoo buyout and organize the birthday party no one won’t soon forget! And if your kid is into the marine world, then consider organizing a surprise escapade to Georgia Aquarium.  

Guarantee a fun museum experience - Is there something more fun and educational at the same time? Yes! A trip to Fernbank Museum! Let everyone travel around the world and back in time while exploring the Nature Gallery. And take a fantastic walk along the immersive trails of WildWoods and Fernbank forest and meet nature through educational programming, hands-on exhibits, lovely scenery, and wildlife.  

Book a theater performance - All theater companies across Atlanta offer magical and engaging family-friendly series. So why not book tickets to a fun performance to entertain your little one on their birthday? It’s a fantastic way to spend some quality time with your loved ones by having lots of fun. And the chances are high that they will immediately fall in love with art so you can make going to a theater a family tradition! 

How can I make an adults-only birthday party fun? 

Birthdays make a perfect excuse to do the things you have always wanted to do. So why not dust off your bucket list and cross out some positions from the list? Now’s the time! And to make it more fun, you can engage your guests in the activities you’ve always wanted to do by incorporating some of them at your birthday party. Below we’ve listed some ideas on how you can celebrate your adults-only birthday party and have the time of your life. So make sure to check it out and come up with your own, extraordinary way of celebrating birthdays with your loved ones. 

Try out wine tasting - Having a dinner topped with fine wine will get everyone in a great mood. Especially in the presence of a professional sommelier who will assist you in picking the wine according to your palate and style, as well as teach you how to distinguish different tastes and aromas. Wineries across Atlanta host weekly wine tastings, but if you would like to guarantee your guests an extraordinary experience, you can book a trip around vineyards and learn how the best Southern wines are crafted.    

Take the party outdoors - Make use of the sunny weather and throw an unforgettable bash to smash in the fresh air! Kicking back and chilling in a garden, patio or even rooftop will add to the guests’ enjoyment, especially when you add some music and good food. Everyone loves spending time in the open air, so having a party outdoors guarantees a successful event. So get a chance to explore all the best outdoor venues in Atlanta on our website and pick one according to your style and budget.  

Go to a game - Grab some beer and hot dogs and take your crowd to a sporting event and have fun cheering on the city’s league team. There’s something special about being a part of the cheering crowd at the Atlanta Falcons, Braves, or Hawks match. So for sure, you will be taken to a whole new level. And when the team wins you will have another reason to celebrate! 

Go bar crawling! - Have you ever gathered your favorite crowd and went from bar to bar in search of the best cocktail or brewery in town? No? Then why not try it for your birthday? Atlanta has many cool bars of any type and size that are worthy to be explored! You can google the best bars in Midtown, Buckhead, or Westside area, or simply go there in search of the best drink! Trust us, bar crawling is an extremely fun way to discover all the best spots in town. 

Book a fine restaurant - Booking a table in an exclusive Atlanta restaurant will guarantee an incredible experience. Just imagine being surrounded by glamorous interiors and upscale ambiance while spoiling your palate with the chef's signature menu. And sharing this experience with your favorite crowd will leave you with fantastic memories for a lifetime. So if you have a chance to splurge on yourself for your birthday, then make sure to check out the central core of the Buckhead area, which leaves you with a plethora of fantastic fine dining options.

FAQs about Birthday Party Venues in Atlanta, GA

How much does it cost to rent a birthday party venue in Atlanta?

It depends on the venue type you will go for. Generally, restaurants, bars, and cafes offer per person packages with prices ranging between $50 - $150 per person. But it is also common for such spaces to charge minimum spend with prices starting at $500. For blank canvas venues, such as lofts, warehouses, studios, the prices vary between $30 to $100+. However, don’t hesitate to ask venue managers for individual offers, as well as discounts. (All data from

How far in advance should I rent a venue for my birthday party in Atlanta?

The general rule of thumb is: the sooner the better! Once you’ve made primary arrangements regarding budget, guest number, and date, you can start your hunt for the best venue. Ideally, it should be at least 4 weeks before the party. It will give you plenty of time to contact managers, compare different offers and pick the best one.

Which Atlanta neighborhoods have the best party venues?

You can discover fantastic party spaces pretty much anywhere around Downtown and the neighboring Peachtree Center, Sweet Auburn, and Sono areas. If Midtown is your first pick, then around Berkeley Park you will also have a wide variety of great party spaces to choose from. For more lavish spaces  Buckhead will be the best pick for you.

Where can I buy some birthday party supplies in Atlanta?

When it comes to finding a store with party supplies, you’re spoiled with options. There are several Party City stores dotted around the city, as well as Dollar Trees. Alternatively, you can order things online from Amazon, eBay, and sites such as or Etsy.

Guest Reviews of Birthday Party Venues on Tagvenue

Meredith W.
Booked Cocktail Lounge 3rd Floor at Pour Taproom: Midtown
It was so easy to book and organize my 40th birthday. We used the restaurant catering and house DJ which was included in the total cost.
Kurt M.
Booked VIP Room at Rock N Taco Roswell
Amanda the manager and Tobias our server, went above and beyond to make my wife's birthday one of the best ever! Tobias was running non-stop and didn't miss a beat! All of our friends were so impressed with the room and the service and are ready for the next big event. Thank you Amanda and Tobias for a night to be remembered for a long time!

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