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Top Beer Gardens in Atlanta, GA

Planning a summer party in Hotlanta? Known for its warm weather and lush tree canopy, the city makes the perfect location for all kinds of outdoor events. Luckily for all beer amateurs and connoisseurs, Atlanta also abounds in breweries and beer gardens. And what’s better on a hot summer day than a refreshing pint of delicious, cold beer? No matter the occasion, beer gardens are great spaces to gather with your favorite crowd and have a fabulous time. Scroll through our selection below and find the perfect spot for your celebration!

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Beer Gardens Rental Guide

Birds are chirping, people flock to the city’s urban parks that are now in full bloom, and restaurant patios are lively with conversations and laughter. What better time for a summer party than now, when days in Atlanta are filled with sunshine and good vibes? With its summery climate and abundance of trees, the city lends itself to alfresco celebrations! Hop on Tagvenue to see our list of the best beer gardens in Atlanta and check out our tips and advice below.

The tradition of beer gardens goes back to 19th-century Bavaria. Typically found at breweries, beer halls, pubs or restaurants, they’re outdoor areas with shared tables, where people can sip on their favorite ales, munch on some food and have a good time together. If this sounds like something right up your alley, you’ll be pleased to know that Atlanta has been voted one of the country’s 10 best beer cities. And when you look at the city’s selection of breweries with beer gardens and patios, the title is definitely justified.

There are a few authentic, German-style Biergartens ready to transport you straight to Munich. Some of the most popular ones include the appropriately named Die Biergarten in the heart of Downtown or Georgia Beer Garden located on the iconic Edgewood Avenue. Besides those original places, the city boasts countless other locations inspired by the concept.

Sounds appealing? Then gather your friends, pick a place and grab a pint of your favorite liquid gold!

Things to know when booking a beer garden for your event

So, you want to host an event in one of Atlanta’s fab beer gardens. Before you make up your mind, let’s go over some party-planning details to keep in mind.

What are you celebrating?

First of all, what’s the occasion? Are you celebrating someone’s birthday, organizing a company outing or just hosting a casual gathering? Maybe you want to rent a beer garden for a wedding reception? Or have an outdoor engagement party? Beer gardens can work for a broad variety of events. That being said, each space will have its own distinct character and ambiance. Some may offer romantic scenery surrounded by verdant plants and festooned with lights, while others will boast more of a rugged yet still unique vibe. Since the right atmosphere is half the success of a party, try to find a beer garden whose mood matches the occasion!

What type of beer do you want to drink?

Pilsner? IPA? Or Porter? Whatever your preference, you’re going to be spoiled by the variety of options available! All the breweries and beer gardens do a great job in maintaining Atlanta’s title as one of the best beer cities in the US. So, while browsing different locations, pay attention to what types of beers they specialize in. But be prepared to be dazed by the amount of choices!

Weather check!

Open-air events are amazing, but because they’re so dependent on the weather – something you can only predict to a certain extent – they have a higher chance of going south. We’re not trying to kill the vibe here, just making sure you think of all possible scenarios to stack the odds in your favor! So, besides checking the weather forecasts and choosing the most suitable time for your summer party, have a Plan B just in case! For example, some beer gardens have roofs and sheltered areas that can protect you from the rain. Even during the hot and sunny days, some shade may feel like salvation. And as beer gardens are typically attached to a pub or a brewery, you can ask the manager if there’s a possibility of moving your event indoors if necessary.

How many guests are you expecting?

Atlanta’s beer gardens are ready to host parties of all shapes and sizes. Some of them are huge backyards, while others boast a more intimate vibe. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a lavish celebration, we’re sure you’ll find a spot that suits your needs. To book the perfect beer garden fast and easy, make a guest list and estimate the number of people you’re expecting to show up. Once you have this data, you can easily filter venues by capacity.

What is your budget?

Last but not least, one of the key things to consider when planning any type of event is the budget. Do you have to stick to a very tight budget or can you allow yourself to splurge? Of course, the budget is also tied to the size of your event – the bigger the celebration, the more money you’ll spend. If you’re looking for cheap beer gardens, Tagvenue offers a bunch of spaces whose prices stay below $50 per person. It also helps if you can be flexible with the date and time of your party. Some beer gardens offer lower rates on weekdays (while in some cases you can be charged twice as much if you book the space on a weekend night!).

FAQs about Beer Gardens in Atlanta, GA

Can I order other drinks at a beer garden?

If you’re not a huge fan of beer or just don’t feel like drinking alcohol, beer gardens usually offer a selection of other beverages. For starters, you can try a Radler, which is half beer and half lemon soda. Some beer gardens that are attached to restaurants sell wine. And if you wish to lay off the booze, all beer gardens should also have a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, such as Coke, juice or lemonade.

Do beer gardens also serve food?

Absolutely! Most beer gardens will pair up their delicious beer with some great food. Classic snacks include giant pretzels that go especially well with obatzda (a creamy cheese spread), bratwursts (German sausages) and sauerkraut. Depending on the venue, you can also expect a selection of meats and cheeses, as well as things such as smoked salmon, calamari, salads, potato pancakes and more. Beer gardens that do it really well will have brewmasters who will happily advise you on which beer goes with what food.

Where in Atlanta can I find the best beer gardens?

There are more than 40 breweries and brewpubs within the Atlanta metropolitan area, plus many restaurants also have their own beer gardens. So, you can imagine that the options are quite numerous. Start your search from one of the city’s three busiest areas: Downtown, Midtown or Buckhead. Those are packed with pubs, eateries and other venues with patios and beer gardens. Little Five Points, described as the hippest of Atnalta’s hip neighborhoods, is also a good place to look.

Which Atlanta beer gardens are good for an elegant celebration?

If your party is a little bit more than a casual gathering, check out some of our picks:

  • Semi-Private Space at Willow Bar – A spacious courtyard with a couple of lantern-lit semi-private areas. Whether you’re celebrating an engagement or throwing a birthday party, this will be the perfect fit. Located in Buckhead Village.
  • The B Suite - Located in the Historic Downtown District, you will find a unique and intimate street-level venue for every type of celebration. It provides an exceptional customer service, free parking and an impeccable décor that will charm all of your guests!
  • The Rooftop Terrace at Terminus 330 - Ever dreamt of a beer garden celebration with the Atlanta skyline sparkling in the background? This one lends itself perfectly to special occasions such as small wedding receptions and corporate parties. It's located in Downtown Atlanta.

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